3 Reasons why TikTok is Popular

Until recently, most people thought that only schoolchildren use this social network, now everything has changed. Today the service is so popular among different social groups that content makers don’t even buy TikTok followers because they don’t have to. Why such an increase in popularity? Let’s figure it out. Here is your handy guide to go viral on tiktok.

Reason 1. The main interface is a feed of recommendations. Something new all the time

TikTok was able to understand very well that people like to watch other people, and our brain rejoices in receiving something new that has not been seen before. In the main interface, the recommendations feed, you as a viewer constantly see new people that you do not follow. Something new every time. Yes, there are also those bloggers that you are already subscribed to, but the balance of the new and the familiar is perfectly observed. By the way, thanks to this work of algorithms, small accounts are recommended to different people and content makers may not buy followers on TikTok.

Therefore, the audience of viewers on the platform has grown to a billion users in just 3 years. It is also worth noting the political differences between China and India, due to which TikTok is still blocked in India. If it were not for this problem, there would be even more viewers. And the main nuance: the recommendations feed is individual for everyone!

Reason 2: Powerful AI recommendation engine. You will receive content that is interesting to you

The programmers made an excellent recommendation engine and then tested it in China with a wide audience. If you spend only a couple of weeks on TikTok, being active, like, comment, subscribe to bloggers you are interested in through the search, then the feed will very quickly adapt to you and be filled with content that is interesting to you.

Another plus is that in the settings you can set what you want to see the content in English, and watch bloggers from around the world. And so, in terms of time spent on the app, TikTok overtakes YouTube in the US and UK.

Reason 3. Video shooting is easily done right on TikTok. Functional video editor

Of course, the content that everyone is interested in is dancing and music, this is where TikTok started. However, now there is more and more demand for expert content, for storytelling. And, if you want to make a video, you will be offered a convenient shooting mode.

The service appeared just in time, when everyone has a smartphone with a camera capable of making quite high-quality videos. And the in-app video editor is the best option. There you can use filters, masks, effects, subtitles and even basic editing. Everything you need to make content and publish it as easy as possible.

The main difference among popular bloggers of this platform is perseverance. They systematically make 3 videos a day. This makes sense because all they need is a smartphone, a story idea, and good lighting and sound.

No matter how you feel about TikTok, the fact that vertical videos are a trend and can be used for business is not going anywhere. If you get triggered by the amount of low-quality content, just start making videos yourself.

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