The Future of EdTech

The impact technology on doing things in this modern world cannot be overemphasized. No sector has been left out in this technology revolution, talk of agriculture, business, education, healthcare, governance, and media. Many people are know thinking about the future of EdTech.

That said, the technology revolution in education was a bit slow, as the academia in one way of the other seems content with the old methods. However, things are changing with the inception of EdTech (Education Technology). But how long will EdTech stay with us, and what is its impact?

Top 5 Technologies expected to change the future of EdTech

With the emergence of new technologies, people are gradually shifting away from the old ways of learning and methods. The book and contact base methods of education are metamorphosing to the web base, which is more futuristic.

Below are the top 5 gadgets that will change the future of EdTech, is designed by Mypaperwriter.com experts.

1. 3D printing technology

Computer-aided design (CAD) has come to stay, and its presence already being felt in several sectors. This has paved the way for the use of 3D printing in illustrative learning. 3D enables students, especially technology engineering students, to give visual narrations of their designed prototypes, a sharp contrast from previous norms of describing in words.

2. Cloud Computing

The old ways of storing files and documents are gradually fading out, thanks to innovations like cloud computing. Currently, you can save and retrieve information anywhere you are and on any device. It is revolutionizing the educational sector as well as many other industries. There is no need for bulky books and educational materials when attending a class as you can access all these on the go through cloud storage. Undoubtedly, cloud computing plays a significant role in the futuristic education.

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is another technology that can improve the learning experience, including in the physical classroom. Already used in game-based learning, the technology can give you an almost real experience on what you are learning. The technology can soon make its way in astronomy classrooms, biology, chemistry, medical laboratories, history classes, and physics experiments.

4. Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) blends digital elements into the real world. This helps users to explore the world no matter where they are, including the classroom. So being it a field trip, experiments, and exploration, it can be done using AR.

5. Game-based learning

Game-based learning is one of the best and easily memorized methods of education. It is the gaming principles to teach students and has been in the system for quite some time now. However, with innovations in technology, it is reaching another height. With game-based learning, students learn through winning and failing as they repeat tasks. Each failure comes with the opportunity to map out a different strategy to conquer the level.


Technology is gradually making its way into the educational sector, and it is time we begin to adapt to these changes. These changes would make access to education and learning materials easier and convenient. For sure, a bright future for the educational sector through technology is closer than before.

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