4 Key Benefits of Using a Property Management Software

Property managers juggle responsibilities from property maintenance, rent collection, and accounting to lead generation. These responsibilities are time-consuming and require property managers to stay on their toes all the time. In a nutshell, the job of a property manager is not easy. And that’s where property management software comes into the picture. It is a great tool that reduces the administrative burden of property managers and helps improve the tenant experience. So let us read on to find out how Communication/CRM property management software helps property managers manage properties better. 

1). It helps automate and streamline rent collection

Property management CRM saves property managers the hassle of going to a renter’s home to collect rent. It allows property managers to collect rent and other fees online. All a renter needs to do is pay through a website or a mobile app. Renters can also enroll for an autopay facility wherein the rent automatically gets debited from their account on a fixed date every month.

2). It speeds up the accounting process.

Accounting is not just complicated, but it also takes a lot of time when done manually. Property management accounting software helps property managers and owners save time on accounting and allows them to close their books faster. The entries get logged automatically, and the system instantly generates a report. 

3). It helps resolve maintenance tickets faster.

It is one of the best advantages of a property management CRM. The CRM not only sends an instant notification to a property manager as soon as a new ticket is raised, but it also allows property managers to access the maintenance requests wherever they are. It, therefore, helps property managers reduce their response time to a maintenance issue raised by the tenants, thereby improving tenants’ experience. The property management CRM also allows better organizing and tracking of tickets and their statuses. 

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4). It helps amplify marketing campaign reach.

A property management CRM not just helps property managers effectively manage a property and related tenant issues. Still, it also helps them generate more leads by amplifying the reach of their marketing campaigns. It is therefore advisable to buy a property management CRM from a reputable property management software company that has tie-ups with leading brands such as Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads as their online rental advertising partner.  

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