Must-Have Top 10 Marketing Certifications 2022

There are hundreds of marketing certifications out there! It is only wise to get a good certification to further advance in one’s career, especially with the abundance of digital programs! Everyone has internet now so why not get certified? I’m glad I used my Cox internet plans to get plenty of these certifications! But which ones are the best in 2022? This blog will help you find the answer to this question! Here we go!

1. Google Analytics IQ Certification

Google is the world’s leading search engine. To excel in the digital world, you must be well aware of how to measure metrics and keep an eye on KPIs to better marketing strategies. This course will teach you to do just that! Moreover, it will also allow you to master effective ways to increase your online traffic. Thankfully, participants can attend the exam for free. There’s just a single Google Analytics Exam that you need to pass. And you can get the certification.

2. Google Ads Marketing Certification

Google search engine can make or break one’s business. Therefore, to develop a good understanding of how to deal with online ads, setting up campaigns, and optimizing keywords, this certification is a crucial one. You can qualify for the fundamental exam if you manage to correctly answer more than 80%! However, do note that the final exam is quite tough so prepare well. Once you complete the certification, you can effectively manage display, search, ad, mobile, video, and shopping advertising!

3. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

This course is all about marketing and will allow the participants to improve their abilities to develop marketing strategies. If you choose to enroll in this program, you will be able to generate traffic to your business, generate leads, and convert them to sales. It is only a 5-hour course. Topics such as promotion on social media, creation of content, and conversion of leads are parts of it! It is a valuable addition to one’s resume, no doubt!

4. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification will require you to master three levels, namely: introduction, intermediate, and advanced. This program will boost your understanding of social media management. After getting the certification you will experience a visible improvement in your capabilities as a marketing strategist. This is a paid certification and will enhance your resume as well!

5. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

This certification stands out as one of the most popular ones of 2020. Ideal for writers, the certification helps them improve on their original content to generate sales and leads. New marketers in this certification can easily improve on many facets such as content ideas, framework, promotion, and analysis. Many companies want their resources to get this certification.

6. Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook is indeed the best platform for social media marketing. Therefore, by getting this certification, you can improve your abilities to market more effectively on the platform. Learn to create marketing campaigns, business ads, and more! Thankfully, with only 8 certifications in total, you can easily become a pro at Facebook marketing in no time!

7. Content Marketing Institute Online Certification

CMI is regarded as one of the best institutes for content marketers. This certification will allow you to understand content from a variety of facets. You can master the art of how to plan, create, curate, and launch your content to attract customers. The program costs $995 and you can register yourself at their CMI University.

8. Marketing Certification by Digital Garage

This is a comprehensive certification from Google. It will enable you to become apt at SEO, online marketing, email marketing, and ad management. The topics in the course focus on analytics and advertising. The good news is that this course is free of cost and also accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and the Open University.

9. Stanford University Machine Learning Certification Course

It is very important to understand how search engine algorithms work since they are based on AI and machine learning. By getting this certification you can enhance your abilities to easily understand them and as a result, effectively market your brand or company!

10. YouTube Certification

YouTube enjoys a lot of audiences and it is the second most popular search engine. Do note that if you get this certification, you can garner the attention of your prospective clients by effective marketing on YouTube. This course will allow you to master key techniques in improving your channel visibility, content creation, and monetization of assets! You can get this certification for free!

Do note that all of these certifications are online. It is very important to have a stable internet connection to get them. If you do not already have a good ISP, then dial the Cox customer service number or of some good ISP to get it! It is the era of digital today and to surpass others, superior internet is necessary! Once you have it, get ready to get all of these certifications! Good luck!

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