Tips for getting your pdf files optimized for SEO

As we know pdf file format is the most commonly used file format all over the world. This file format is commonly used by government facilities, academics, businesses and organizations. Before 2001 pdf pages or files were not indexed by google. But after 2001 year google started indexing pdf files and pages for ranking purpose. So pdf files on your website play very important role in SEO of your website.

If your pdf pages or files are optimized then it will help your site in getting on top ranked by google. In this writing we will discuss about some of the tips that should be kept in mind while doing SEO.

Text-Based Content

Text-Based content is very effective if it should be in your pdf files. As we know text is more understandable by search engines instead of images and scanned files. So while creating a pdf file must add text along with the images. If you don’t add text to them then it will be very difficult for a search engine to get file signals.

Adding Links

As we know link building is an important SEO factor. Internal and external links affect the ranking, so must add the links of your pdf files to make it SEO friendly.

Don’t use copied content

While writing content in your pdf files you should keep in mind that never ever add copied or plagiarized content. Because search engines don’t like copied content and this will effect your ranking negatively.

Use optimized images

Images are very important to be added in files to make the files more attractive and understandable. So always use optimized images. Optimized images are faster to load as compared to unoptimized ones. There is a bunch of helpfull tools over the network that can be used to manage your images such as It is effective in converting pics into PDF and compressing them afterwards. If the size of the PDF file is reduced to minimum it opens quicker and google ranks it higher. So always use optimized images for better SEO.


As you know Metadata is a very effective SEO ranking factor. Metadata helps a lot in doing better SEO. It should be written in pdf format and here we recommend a tool as well. One of its pages is speially designed to help users editing PDF metadata.

Compress the size of your pdf files

As we know larger files take large amount of time to load and smaller files take few nano seconds to load on websites. We already said above but it’s not a bad thing to mention again that you’d better always add smaller size pdf files to your site. is good to compress it. By using this tool you can easily do it without losing the quality of a file.

How you can manage pdf files (Recommendation)

For the lazy ones who don’t want to lose time reading the whole article here is our brief summary. SEO optimization of a PDF file takes few things: relevant text, inserted links, optimized images and detailed metadata. No doubts all content should be unique and a file itself compressed to a minimum size possible.

Now you ask: how am I able to get all these tasks completed? Easily, by visiting a single place. is such a website. Get your PDF pages SEO friendly without paying a penny and risking your data security. It is 100% safe.

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