Why you should and should not join College of Engineering Guindy

When I was trolling through my timeline suddenly a message popped up with a sound directly he asked me “Bro I got 198.5 cut off people are advising not to take CEG rather prefer PSG “He wanted my suggestion he was a complete stranger then I explained him why he should join CEG.PSG is also a good campus but the reason people prefer PSG over CEG is not acceptable. So here we are putting down negatives and positives of CEG.

Why you should join College of Engineering Guindy ?

1.If you are dreamer then it is suitable for you here you get a chance to experiment your dream if you want to become a singer you have a platform ,If you want to become a entrepreneur there is an opportunity for you to experiment your ideas. There are lot of clubs headed by students right from Rotract to Twister(dance forum) so you have wide chance to realize your dreams.

2.You have a freedom to express your views almost all the professors are students friendly they help you to a great extent .At anytime you can approach them to discuss with your career or projects lot of good and experienced professors are there even Dean is also student friendly.

3.Since it is 200+ years old University holding huge alumni members across the globe that too in top positions, there are forums to help you connect with your seniors where you can get help from them in your domain.

4.No stress to study,unlike other colleges or your schools they won’t force you to study .It is your responsibility to study don’t expect spoon feeding in colleges.

5.You won’t find silly and meaningless restrictions inside the campus like in other private colleges.

6.If you want a job then you have to simply choose CEG, before you leave the campus you get a job for sure on a condition you don’t have any arrears. All the top companies in all departments recruit students with a decent packages.

Why you should not join College of Engineering Guindy ?

1.If you expect your professor to come to class and teach you every day then it is not a campus for you. Half of the professors send research fellows to handle lectures they will simply come and read the text you cannot learn anything from it.

2.If you want to achieve in Sports then it is better to find other campuses they won’t give much importance to sports though they celebrates sports day its all for name sake. Sometimes they prevent you in entering ground.

3.There is a restriction in timing and other unwanted rules in hostels so if you want to enjoy your hostel life it won’t help you. Even they give authority to watchman to take action against you.

4.Poor technologies ,they don’t even provide proper Wi-Fi connection to hostels most of the time it is unavailable for use. They have Computing centre inside campus but most of the sites are blocked .

5.Its typical Government organisation like Thaluk office if you want any bonafide certificate or late fee payment you have to get sign from many and have to spend more hours outside their room.

There are many small things which will irritate you to the core but less compared to other campuses.

If you feel we left some kindly comment down we will add it up.





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