How to earn money from my class notes?

One of the best and appreciable ways for college students to earn pocket money during their study. Though you won’t get full money for college fee at least it helps you to earn some money for your books, snacks and hangouts with your friends.

Yes you can sell your class notes to other students who are in need of it for some money all you have to do is to attend the class and get some notes and put it in paper neatly.

How to sell my note?

There are lot of websites which act as mediator between writers and seekers you can create your profile in the respective websites,fix the price and put it for sale .Nostegen, Noteutopia, Stuvia, Nexus notes are some of the websites you can put up your notes the good news is some websites wont charge anything from sellers you can  create free account.

What is the criteria to sell my note?

1.It should be your original notes don’t take others and sell it.

2.It should be legible for the reader to read and understand it well.


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Tips to increase notes sale

1.Fix a decent price don’t sell it for huge amount remember one thing buyers also college students surviving with pocket money.

2.Try simple words don’t use tough words and make it easy to understand.

3.Don’t copy from any book write mixing your class lectures and books.

4.Use more diagrams to make the concepts simple.

5.Use social media pages to promote your notes.

6.If you are from reputed institution mention your campus name in your profile .

7.Add some curricular grades in your profile to create value for your notes.

8.Better form a team with toppers from all departments upload more notes and share the income with your teammates.

How much you can earn by selling notes?

It depends on how many notes you are publishing and your selling price don’t make the price big. Go through some of the other notes prices that will help you to fix the price. Be consistent in uploading.

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