Lessons we should learn from Tamilnadu election result

Change is the only constant amidst the changing world , Change is the key word placed in everyone’s manifesto except in AIADMK’s manifesto and in people’s mind. This election is not only teaching a lesson to other political leaders but also to common people.

1.Be a Brand

It’s not only political parties symbol make sure people are aware of what you are doing?, what you are all about? Create awareness about your brand, people are ready to try you if they know your brand.

Here comes a story

People who went to cast vote for DMK searched DMK’s logo in EVM but they couldn’t find it in one of the Constituencies because congress is contesting , so people voted for AIADMK only because they are familiar with them not with rest of the symbols.

Ground work is important when you are doing anything make sure people are aware about your products or services.

2.Be a team

If you are fighting for a cause or starting a business make sure you are coming to ground with a right team. Two or three people having same objective can team up to fight or bring out your product .One man show is possible but not successful.

Instead of competition between six teams, results would have been different if it was between two teams.

3.Be patient and knowledgeable

Everybody wants to become successful and rich though it is not a bad idea you need patience and knowledge in your respective field. Before you come out of the shell team up with right people having similar idea learn and be a responsible subordinate once you gained the confident find the right time to fly out.

4.Deliver what your audience want

Whether it is election’s manifesto or your business don’t manufacture a product and try to push to market, do deep analysis of your audience needs .Deliver a speech or product what they want it will make you interesting and successful.

Knowing the pulse of the Tamil people it is ADMK’s manifesto made them to come again.

5.Strike at right time

Though you are stronger than your opponent find your right time, follow your opponents move. Be wise in spending and finding your own time.

Though all the parties released their elections manifesto’s it was ADMK realised their opponent’s statements and released in the last moment near election period which was talkable later.

If you are learning some more lessons from this election please comment down below.

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