How to name your blog posts?

Before your viewers dive into the post it is your title that attracts them and tells their subconscious to take the prime decision but how you are going to force your viewer’s brain. Here I am writing down five quick tips on how to name your blog posts.

1.People love lists

They love to read paragraphs in fictional stories but not in real tips. By bulleting your points it helps them to go through easily and to understand the subject. You can name it like.

“5 effective ways to name your blog posts” or “5 ways how content writer can boost your startup

Show the number of points in the title itself.

2.Use WH questions

People search in Google using WH questions so by using the same word in your post title it reflects as an answer to their query.

For example “How to name your blog posts” or “How to make people like, share or comment on your post”.

Or you can use Why in your title like this

“Why do bloggers need Picmonkey? “ or “Why should you pin this post on Pinterest?”.

Please pin this
3.Tell your experience

More than simply writing out tips, tell your own experience to your followers. This one will really fetch you a good amount of traffic.

For example “How I am increasing blog views?” or How I am doubling my page views every month”.

This tells them, that this post is real and doing the same they do can achieve it ultimately opening rate will be more.

4.Use powerful words

Rather than simply saying “5 ways to name your blog title “ you say like this “ 5 effective ways to title your blog “ so they believe that some effective ideas are in it and also you can influence them to open your post.

Use words like effective, ultimate, tricks, tips, ideas, easy, simple, useful, shortcuts etc.,

5.Target specific audience

This one will help you to stand out among the million blog posts. Tell to whom this article is more useful in your title.

For example

“How to drive more traffic to your old blog posts” or “ How to name your blog posts for new bloggers” or “ 5 tips to accelerate income for money making bloggers”

So the above title focussed specific groups experienced bloggers, new bloggers, and money making bloggers. This one is better than simply naming “ How to drive traffic to your blog posts”.

You can make people open your post by your title but you need good content to make them open again.

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