5 Effective Group Discussion Tips

You can prepare in a week to clear the first written round but a week preparation cannot make you a good communicator. Communication skill is the most expected skill in corporates. Group discussion is a tool to test your communication skill it’s not only about how fluent you are in English actually some companies allowing people to speak in their native languages it’s all about how you are using the 10 or 20 minutes it’s a test to test your wisdom not only fluency. Here I am jotting down 5 effective group discussion tips to crack the interview.

1.Write before you speak

Don’t get nervous in GD they give you time to prepare for your topic when I attended they gave me 5 minutes time to prepare on a topic Digital India. Simply jot down the points in a paper don’t be tensed three effective points are more than enough need not be lengthy.

Actually your GD includes this 5 minutes also they will have eyes on you and watch how you are preparing so be careful and please write down the points you may forget or you will get along with your friends.

2.Try to start

You know how it began it was like race, we were ready with the points and waiting for a signal from interviewer he started count down and said start .Suddenly everyone started and created loud noise one by stopped even I stopped but one guy continued.

It is important to start a discussion but don’t do if someone else started let him speak and listen.

3.Don’t speak

Yes don’t speak when some is discussing don’t interrupt him let him finish and then submit your valid point it can either be the continuation of what he said or different but don’t deviate from the given topic.

Don’t speak continuously just listen what others are saying even if you don’t want just pretend like listening your interviewer will be watching you.

4.Make others to speak

Don’t dominate the session, there was a guy dominating everyone in our 10 minute session but he didn’t make it. Complete your statement and let others to speak, motivate fellow candidates to open up don’t discourage anyone and don’t go against any points openly accept and tell it in a soft voice.


Try to conclude the session by summering important notes discussed but don’t do two conclusion when I concluded the session another guy opposite to me gave another conclusion. It seriously creates negative impact on you they may think you are not listening the session.

We were 10 candidates to discuss in a given 10 minutes so it’s not only about speaking also about how well you are managing the given time.

You cannot prepare anything if you don’t understand the topic so follow trending news and keep you updated.

This GD tips is not only for interview but also put it in your company GD.

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