Chennai’s influencer RJ Balaji

RJ Balaji ,RJ is not his initial but his achievement more than being RJ he is rocking Chennai city and influencing youngster throughout his motivating action and inspiring talks.

People in Chennai may not be aware of all the stars from kollywood but everyone is his diehard fan for his humour not only that ,he lived in 19 different areas in Chennai so people can recognise him quickly.

RJB started his carrier as Radio jockey in Coimbatore Radio Mirchi after 3 years of experience in this domain he moved to Chennai and joined Big FM which gave him enough freedom to express his ideas his show cross talk is famous all over the world it’s been reported that audios uploaded in soundcloud has been listened and downloaded by people around the world following India United states scored maximum downloads.

He is not stopping himself as RJ but also live anchoring he is famous among college of engineering students for his show MR and MRs Techofes signature event of Techofes which later banned by madras high court. He anchored lot of charity events for free for the sake of the society.

RJB’s concern towards society is appraisable which made him further closer to Chennai people. Through his youtube channel “Punjumittai productions” he is releasing footage dealing with contemporary issues which is hitting more people and delivering the fruitful messages.

He is famous for making the content viral, he made a footage for heart transpalantion of a child the footage released in the name of “RJ Balaji abusing Sachin Tendulkar” though it doesn’t have any relationship with Sachin to make it went viral and grabbed more attention towards the child and eventually she got a donor.

2015 flood washed away many faces in political scenario and also gave the chance for the people of Tamilnadu to realise the true heroes he along with his friend Siddharth(Actor) came down the street and helped a lot, his celebrity image helped him to organise large volunteers and made the news to reach large people he did in the name of “Chennai Micro” .From then people of all age started admiring RJB and youngsters are inspired him.

His recent footage on Right to vote which was taken in his own style conveyed the message clearly to the right age, since he knows the pulse of the people the video starts like adult content but ends with right note.

His concern towards society and non-celebrity behaviour of him makes RJB a household name I still remember the entire mass is waiting for his show in Anna University at evening 10 which went more than audience expected.

We can say no other comedy actors can compete with his timing sense and he is very popular for counter attack and sarcastic dialogues. Before Simbu he introduced beep sound in his show cross talk.

He did diploma in Journalism in Coimbatore but soon he realised English got more than 26 letters so he scrolled journalism in the middle but he found that he is a good communicator and without knowing what is RJ he attended audition and managed to get into that .There are lot of people who still stick to the job or course which they are not interested and keep on complaining but he stand as an example for choosing the way your heart wishes. Find who you are then world will google you this is what RJB did, he found what talent he got.

Life is to enjoy but many of us including me obsess with the tough times but this gentleman with his humorous face keep smiling and making others to forget their worries it is stated that he scripted cross talk to make the office goers relax in the evening .Trying to make others laugh is the tough job and he is doing it successfully.

If we reach the celebrity status most of the people won’t go out and interact with common people inspite of being celeb he moves out and still interacting with common people on controversial issues.

He is an example of boldness and fearless he speaks what he feels right and never worry about the consequences if he is right. When Prakash Javadekar made a statement in parliament that legal action would be taken against RJs if they make fun of Members of Parliament,RJB replied to Deccan Chronicle  “When I was a teenager I would fight with my sister for a room. Today parliamentarians are doing the same thing, fighting like teenagers. How can I not make fun of them?” .But to retain the position or to gain a benefit we are simply supporting our lame boss.

He would have sat simply in his house and distributed some money to the affected people but that’s not what he did he understood his responsibilities and came down the street to help the victims which made viral and inspired many of the youngsters to get out of the comfort zone to help the people in uncomforted zones. As is the king so are the subjects people accepted him as the leader and followed him.

His modesty is next to superstar though he is a celebrity he bowed in front of the audience in Techofes for cheering him up throughout the show and during flood it was said RJB released 1crore relief fund but soon he appeared in the media to clarify he didn’t give any money rather I gave myself to Chennai people.

Till now he is making many videos and podcast on contradicting issues in society including ban on porn sites, Right to vote and so on. It’s been said leader is the one who not only care about his family but also the fellow followers, he wants to build the responsible society through his words.

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