27 Most Useful Websites on Internet (2022)

Here are the 27 most useful websites on Internet that will make you smarter and help you learn new skills. Take advantage of these and become a better person than your colleagues and friends.

Most Useful Websites on Internet

1. autodraw.com : a new drawing tool that magically converts freehand drawings to create anything visual, fast using latest machine learning techniques

2. fast.com : check the speed of your internet connection. An alternative to speedtest.net

3. reverse.photos : Upload an image and find simliar ones on the internet along with the sources

4. codeacademy.com : one of the best places on internet to learn coding

5. wettransfer.com : share really big size files online

6. hundredzeros.com : download kindle books for free here

7. tinychat.com : setup your own private room very quickly

8. domains.google.com : search for domain names quickly

9. urbandictionary.com : find meanings of informal words and internet slangs here

10. minutes.io : quickly capture minutes of the meetings (notes during meetings)

11. headspace.com : reduce your stress, learn the art of meditation and how to sleep better

12. class-central.com : a repository of online courses offered by universities worldwide. Read free online courses

13. duckduckgo.com : alternative to google – they will not track you

14. zerodollarmovies.com : huge collection of free movies selected from youtube. Only full length movies, no trailers, no rentals or partial uploads

15. thunkable.com : build your own Android and iOS apps by dragging and dropping blocks. No coding knowledge required

16. googleartproject.com : discover famous painting, art treasures and mueseums from all around the world

17. powtoon.com : create awesome whiteboard animation videos with your own voiceovers

18. typingweb.com : teach and learn typing for free here. Tens of thousands of schools use that every year

19. snopes.com : find if the offer you received in email is real or scam

20. faxzero.com : send an online fax for free

21. similarsites.com : find websites similar to the ones you already like

22. getnotify.com : know whether your emails are read by receivers or not. It also provides recipient’s location, browser, IP address, and more

23. stickk.com : helps you stick to your goals and reach them

24. boxoh.com : track status of any shipment package on google maps

25. picmonkey.com : touch up your images with different fonts, designs and effects to your images. A great tool to create Facebook covers and pinterest pins

26. memrise.com : learn new things in small byte sized packages in a fancy way. Gaming combined with memory improvement techniques makes this a great resource

27. privnote.com : create and share notes with others that self destructs once read

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