5 Steps before you start a blog to work from home

Two lakhs users are searching for work from home jobs every month in Google but many of the techniques are ineffective and won’t fetch you money to survive. But blogging can bring you the money you want but you have to work hard and has to be patient .Here we are listing 5 steps before you start a blog to work from home.

1. Don’t quit your job to work from home

It sounds insane but don’t quit your job because you are going to focus full day on bringing a successful blog. Lot of people are starting a blog by quitting their job to write about startups, techstories or about new products .Yes you can make million but not from the first day. You may get $0.01 for one day so don’t rely on this income but start writing parallelly. Make your job as the main source and blog as future source of income.

2. Select specific niche

The main source of income from blog is by displaying google ads or displaying banner but your click through rate will be low if you select wide genre.

For example if you are starting a blog about Food and Travel AdSense will display ads relevant to your keywords or content of your site and the viewers also coming to your site to know about travel places .If Google displays relevant ad they may click the ad to visit the site so you can make money.

But if you are writing in wide genre like news and media websites AdSense displays ads which are common like ecommerce, play rummy etc. But you are not sure your viewers are interested. So they may not click the ad.

But apart from this based on the viewer’s history AdSense displays ad but it is wise to choose specific genre than wide genre.

3. Start a trial blog

Don’t start by buying host and domain, start by writing in blog websites like blogger or in Tumblr do this for two weeks and analyse whether you have time to write post consistently, think you have the enough knowledge on your niche. If it works then you can start installing WordPress and launch your very own blog but think twice if you cannot post regularly because Google will improve your page ranks if you post fresh contents regularly.

4. Learn basics of SEO

SEO is not dead, if you really want to make money from your blog you should learn the basics of SEO and how to optimize your site .If you are starting WordPress blog there are lot of useful plugins to improve your SEO score so it is important to go through few lessons on SEO.

5. Follow other money makers

Lot of people are making Billions from their blog so before starting your blog read on how they became popular? what strategy they followed to become popular?

For example Yourstory started as a blog in a night now it is under spot light Shradha Sharma shared her story in many interviews not only YourStory follow Amit Agarwal India’s first and only professional blogger making huge money from his blog labnol.

So it is important to learn the strategies that worked.

Please share your suggestions on blog writing as a main source of income to work from home.

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