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Wanna Become a Cloud Architect? Here’s the Complete Pathway

Architecture is a formal discipline within the field of computing concerned with designing, composing and orchestrating. Similar to the other types of architecture, IT architecture is considered as both an art and a science, and it’s about understanding and accommodating the people who make use of computing and the services it can deliver.

With the growth in technology, the IT sector has also become more dynamic, and many new types of jobs in IT architects are evolving with time and out of many ones is Cloud Architect.

Among many kinds of jobs including enterprise architect, application architect, storage architect and database architect, jobs in cloud architect is gaining wider popularity and is being considered as one of the most important roles across that entire class.

What is Cloud Computing?

Before we understand what the role of a cloud architect is, we need to understand what cloud computing technology is. Cloud computing is a kind of computing which involves the sharing of computer resources on the cloud instead of using local servers or dedicated devices for processing.

In easier words, cloud computing means to store the most used data on different servers that can be accessed easily on the Internet.

Today, Cloud computing is becoming a business standard and is adopted by most of the businesses; as it offers virtual storage space to the user which could be used without bothering about the details of the complete mechanism.

Cloud computing architecture means the components and subcomponents needed for cloud computing. All these components, when combined, make up cloud computing architecture.

There are various universities and colleges in the country that offer specialisation in cloud computing; you need to do well in JEE Main as securing higher marks in the exam is the admission criteria at NITs, IIITs, CFTIs.

Bachelor in Cloud Technology

B.Tech. in Cloud Technology is a 4- year UG course which is designed to educate the students about the internet-based computing, where different kinds of services like servers, storage, and applications are delivered to organisations’ computers and devices through the internet.

Admission in Cloud Computing, which is used to deliver personalised information, is done through JEE Main (for getting admission to the UG programs offered by NITs, IIITs, CFTIs) exam.

Some other popular exams apart from JEE Main which is conducted by different universities and colleges for admission to various cloud computing courses including JEE Advanced, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, IPU CET, MHT CET.

List of Colleges Offering Cloud Technology Degree

Some of the colleges that offer a degree in Cloud Technology include:

  • Amity University- Noida
  • Indian Institute of Technology
    (IIT) – Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology
    (IIT) – Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Technology
    (IIT) – Kanpur
  • Delhi Technical University (DTU) –
  • Indian Institute of Technology
    (IIT) – Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology
    (IIT) – Madras
  • Birla Institute of Technology
    & Science (BITS PILANI) – Pilani
  • Netaji Subhas Institute of
    Technology (NSIT) – Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
    – Bangalore etc

Key Skills for Cloud Architects

Cloud architects need to develop a sizable collection of skills, and it is one kind of role where soft skills also play an important role alongside technical skills. Some of the skills needed by the professionals:

Strong Backgrounds in Enterprise Computing: Aspirants should have a degree in computer science, MIS, informatics or something similar that offers a great understanding of how enterprises use information technology for a wide range of purposes and applications.

Strong Technical Skills in Enterprise Computing: Cloud architects need to understand the different building blocks of IT, which consist of client systems and applications, data centres, web tools, among many others. Cloud architect should also have an upper hand on complex tasks such as SharePoint Migration to Azure and SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online Migration etc.

Communication: IT cloud architects need to have good communication skills, which include their ability to communicate, directly, and in an influential way. Cloud architects should also be able to run meetings and deal with all kinds of people, high-level executives, managers, customers, and stakeholders as well.

Leadership: Cloud architects should have strong and effective leadership skills as they have to communicate with different groups and stakeholders and make them aware of the benefits of using cloud computing technology.

Asking the Right Questions: It is another important key skill for a cloud architect, they must have the ability to ask right questions and listen carefully to the answers before designing the right kind of system and solutions for the businesses. Designing the right system or solution means having a complete understanding of what users and stakeholders want so that they can come with more reliable and productive solutions for their clients.

Planning and Organizing: Cloud Architects must have strong planning and organising skills, and they should have the ability to manage action plans for projects more systematically and professionally.

Some other skills, such as DevOps, software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, automation, agile and software-defined network, are important which help the professionals in getting good jobs.

Keeping these skills in mind, there are different job profiles, including Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Enterprise Architect and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer for the aspirants who have completed the course in cloud computing technology.

Becoming a Cloud Architect

To become a cloud architect, a person should have a combination of knowledge and understanding of cloud computing and its roles and uses in the marketplace.

It means looking for new and innovative technologies including virtualisation, network infrastructures, physical and virtual storage, disaster recovery etc. which can deliver better results to the companies.

With an increase in the number of Cloud computing jobs all over the world, the international cloud computing market is anticipated to increase significantly in the future.

According to a report, India is forecasted to see more than a million cloud computing job roles by 2022, as more businesses shift their operations to the cloud infrastructure.

Some of the popular Cloud computing-related jobs which the professionals can opt for include:

  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Cloud Project Manager
  • Business Analyst in Cloud
  • Cloud Network Architect/Planner
  • Sales Executive in Cloud
  • Cloud Developer/Programmer
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Systems Engineer
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Network Engineer

The demand for professionals who have detailed knowledge of Cloud Computing is expected to rise exponentially as the growing number of national and international companies are implementing this technology.

Due to this, even the institutes offering cloud computing courses to the aspiring candidates are increasing. So start preparing for JEE Main, which is a gateway to get admission in the cloud computing course at IIT that opens doors to various professional avenues for successful graduates.

Cloud Architect Jobs and Salaries

Due to the growing popularity of cloud computing technology, the need for cloud architect jobs is also growing rapidly. Though the average salary for architects varies according to his/her expertise, experience and industry, IT cloud architects are the professionals who earn well above six figures.

In India, the salary of an entry-level cloud professional ranges from INR 5 lakh to INR 7 lakh per annum, which is even higher than an IT engineer who gets INR 3 lakh to INR lakh as starting package.

However, the salary for an associate working in the cloud with less than five years of experience can get anywhere between INR 12 to INR lakh, while a mid-level manager can easily get more than INR 20 lakh per annum.

Cloud architecture is a relatively newer concept with its roots in software development. The modern cloud architects plan and design cloud environments and offer complete assistance throughout the life of a cloud-based development or deployment project.

A cloud architect needs to understand the concepts and moving parts that are involved in continuous integration and continuous delivery in the cloud, offering their expertise in cloud-based infrastructure and build-and-release strategies to development teams.

Cloud Architects are in high demand, and there are endless opportunities that the professionals can explore post completing their course.

Becoming a Certified Cloud Architect is a step in the right direction which not only will allow you to explore different career opportunities ahead but will make you aware of new and exciting technologies that are bound to emerge in the cloud arena.

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