Opportunity in Digital marketing

Advent of cheap smartphones making everyone in social medias which is considered as the better platform for a manufacturer to sell or showcase his product social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus .As per statistical report from statista.

Facebook      1.59 billion active users/month

Twitter           305 million active users/month

Google plus   300 million active users/month

LinkedIn        414 million active users/month

Business owners find this as an excellent opportunity to advertise their products to the users worldwide and the cost involved in inbound marketing is lesser than the outbound marketing ROI (Return on Investment) is also high in case of digital marketing.

There are two types of marketing

Inbound marketing and outbound marketing

In Inbound marketing the marketer focus on targeted customers whereas in outbound marketing is to create a brand awareness it address wide customers not specific.

Since social Medias are providing options to showing the ads only to the selected potential customers at low cost digital marketing field is in peak.

It’s not only giving opportunity for business owners but also the job seeker to try the emerging field almost all the companies are providing job opportunities for the digital marketer with package varies from 2.5 to 4.5 depends on your experience and exposure to the field.

It’s creating an opportunity more for youths who are already addicted to social platforms and who will say no to this kind of job.

It’s also creating an opportunity to start a training institutions in digital marketing where the seeker can attain a six months course and get a certification  which will add some weightage in their resume. For this institutions are charging from 10k to 20 k based on the reputations and company contacts with them.

If you don’t want certificate lot of YouTube channels are providing excellent lectures in digital marketing all you have to need is time and passion to learn.

Digital marketing is a package of small concepts like SEO, SEM, SMM, Content writing, Blogging, Email marketing .The United states based search engine Google has a market share of 96.47 percent in India which is the highest in the world so Indian marketers try to list their page in google’s first page so a marketer need to have handful of knowledge about SEO you can take Google’s free certificate exam to showcase your talent.

Blog writing will help people to understand your product better and also increase the number of pages which will help SEO.

Email marketing will help you to attack the potential customers by building the potential email list.

So put together you need a complete knowledge in digital marketing to get a good return because even your competitor has digital marketer in his office.

Digital marketing will be the effective future tool for all the companies so grabbing the opportunity in the beginning stage will help you to have secure place.

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