Free advertising online
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Effective ways to do free advertising online 2019

Everyone is looking for some kind of popularity in this world.It is obvious if people follow money follows you. No matter what you do to attract an audience. The same applicable to business, to create more footprints you need more footfalls but to invite more footfalls you need to take your brand to people where […]

Why print media is important
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5 valid points why print media is important for your campaign

Before start writing this post I just made a Google search to understand the present scenario of the print media in the digital world. When I started typing why print media Google started suggesting related keywords “ Why print media is important ”,” Why print media is dying”, ”Why print media will never die”,” Why print […]

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14 Cheap ways to market your business

In this era, pretty much every person wants to run his or her own business. But the problem with that is there is too much competition in the market and every day people come with new techniques to market their business. Some work out, some don’t. Either way, it is becoming increasingly important to be […]

sales skills
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5 important sales skills to be taught to your sales executive

A creature born as a human being in this planet is sales manager by birth they need not separate classroom training to master sales skills. If you closely observe your day to day activities you will find a sales manager and surprisingly a purchase manager lying inside you. A mother trying to sell his cooked […]

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Hiver to turn Gmail into helpdesk

A proactive business always wanted to retain its existing customers more than acquiring a new customer. They are aware that cost of acquiring a new customer is double than retaining the existing customer. But day by day new businesses are lining up in your niche and startups are providing attractive deals to conquer your own customers. […]

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Why you should not build mobile app for your startup?

Programmers with advanced skill on the website or mobile app development creating some portals and calling themselves as founders and co-founders though they don’t have a full business set up and many of them are not registered. But we cannot simply ignore their passion for doing business, among millions of programmers only a few wants […]

Free social media management tools
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5+ Free social media management tools

Social commerce the subset of e-commerce is playing a crucial role in helping brands to connect with people and helping people to understand their brands better. A few years ago people visited brand’s website to know about them now they are scrutinizing their social profiles before taking a purchasing decision. 55% of buyers turn to […]

free payment gateways
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Free payment Gateways for your business

Here listed free payment gateways hold no setup cost but include other transactional charges as per your Government set up. All businesses are coming online, the guy who had a physical store day before yesterday is now selling from his home through online .He completely cut down the operation cost by moving Online. E-commerce software […]

ways to promote your business
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50 ways to promote your business

You need an initial promotion for your product or service irrespective of how good your service or product. There are a lot of ways to promote your business irrespective of the size, Thanks to social Medias for making it cost effective. In this technology equipped century you need to be competitive in all means both […]