Key Strategies for Your Career Growth

4 Key Strategies to Elevate Your Career Growth (2023)

Are you looking for growth in your career but not sure why you are not able to achieve it? Are you not able to get promotions though you are working hard? There are a few things you need to learn that every successful employee follows for rapid career growth. Here are the 4 key strategies that will help you immensely in your career growth.

Storytelling is an art

The first thing is storytelling. I want you to understand that storytelling is an art and all of us should learn it irrespective of the kind of role we are doing. You may be a domain expert, you may be a technical expert or you may be a project manager or a management consultant – Storytelling is something that everyone needs to learn.

Storytelling is something that will not come to you overnight. This is coming out from a conversation that I was having yesterday with my goal network members, and one of those members told us that he was going and pitching for his own promotion in front of a panel, which was comprised of senior people, managing directors, CEOs and all of those people.

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So how do you go and pitch for yourself in the 5 to 6 minutes of time? That is where storytelling comes into the picture.

There are 3 parts to storytelling. It is a very vast subject – I am trying to explain it to you in a very, very crisp way. The first few seconds when you speak is your book where you need to capture the attention. So that is the first step.

The second step is when you deep dive into the story and talk about yourself. You have to always keep in mind that the audience is actually looking for something which they can relate to. So even if you are speaking about yourself, you have to save in such a fashion that they are able to derive value for themselves. There is always this element of what is in it for me so the audience gets to understand what is in it for them.

And last but not least when you conclude your speech, you have to summarize the entire thing. So there are three parts of a book, the main story and the summary.

For example, when you landed in this article, did you note how I captured your attention when I said the first line? So that’s one live example of how I have used the hook to grab your attention. Alright, so key takeaway for you. Storytelling is a very important skill. please invest time and effort to learn that now let’s move on to point number two.

Create your own Digital Presence

We are in 2023. And I want all of you to understand that creating your digital presence is an absolutely important thing. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating that on LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating that on YouTube, Instagram or your own blog, or something that is related to writing articles you need to create your own digital presence. It is an absolutely important part of your professional journey.

So I’m not telling you that you should go bonkers and do it two, or three times a week. I’m telling you to understand that it is important for you to have a digital presence. You decide your own frequency you decide your own platform, you decide your own format, but please work on it, please create your digital present. That was point number two.

Design Thinking

And the third thing which I want all of you to learn is design thinking design thinking is used a lot in product development, but I want you to learn that as a concept. It is not just about product development.

You can apply design thinking to your professional and personal problem-solving as well. Just to tell you quickly it has got five steps.

The first step is to empathize with the user who has a problem.

The second is to understand the problem in detail.

The third is to come up with all possible solutions that you can think of to solve the problem.

The fourth step is to prototype which is nothing but rough representations of all the solutions that you’ve heard of.

Last but not the least is test You have to try out each of the prototypes to see how it is working, gather feedback and be intimate, and then continuously improve on the solution.

So empathize. Define ideate prototype and test these are the five steps in the Design Thinking method and it is extremely helpful. I suppose you should apply this not just in your work but in your personal life as well.

Focus on efforts that give you results

A lot of times we get into doing a lot of things While it is okay to try a lot of things you need to understand that 80% of the results that you will get will come from the 20% of the efforts that you will make. So you also need to take a step back and understand what are those 20% things or efforts which are actually giving me 80% results and once you identify those 20% things then you need to do those 20% things more and avoid your concentration and effort on a lot of things which are not actually resulting into anything of significance.

So point number four is to focus on 20% of efforts which are giving you 80% of results. And remember, whatever I’m telling you is not something that will give you results overnight. If you have to love storytelling it will take time if you have to build a digital presence it will take time if you have to learn design thinking and implement it it will take time.

So please understand that these are things that will give you results in the long term this is not something that you should try or be short of this is cool to share this article in your WhatsApp Network.

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