5 things you should avoid in resume

Yes it really speaks for you, during interview you will be asked only from what you know or what you studied not more than that .Resume helps them to understand how skilful you are and help them to shoot suitable questions. But good resume will really help you to fetch good job.

1.Avoid old standard

Need not to list out the things like label for your job .If you list out everything one by one it takes more than two pages so avoid the obsolete way of preparing your resume.

Use more creativity you can include your professional photo at the top right, designing your resume like LinkedIn profile, enclosing it between tags if you are from CS or IT, instead of bulletins use gear icons if you are from faculty of mechanical engineering .

Add creativity they are bored with a standard and a normal resume for many years so creativity in your resume can help you to impress them.

Your friends may threat you if you do like this you won’t get job but don’t worry seriously this century need innovators than copycats.

2.Avoid unwanted information

Resume is only for you not for your entire family avoid writing father’s occupation, mother’s occupation, father’s date of birth and all if they are really interested in your family they will ask you at that time you can answer.

Only write what you know or have a complete knowledge on what you wrote never ever write anything to improve your resume. If you are writing about your projects 95% they will ask about your contribution in your project be ready to answer and have full knowledge.

Avoid merits like runner ups or third places display if you won something truly and got any awards don’t display simple participation information if it is competition. On the other hand if it is like workshops or interns do write.

3.Avoid more than two pages

They will never show interest on your resume if it is more than two pages .You can write a two page precise resume for Raghuram rajan or for Obama so don’t try to put all the information in your resume.

Spend two lines to write about your achievements, experience, interns which will inspire the reader .Like Thirukural put it in two lines don’t take more.

4.Avoid black and white photocopy

Don’t be stereotyped spend some money to have a good colour copy of your resume which will excites the interviewer. But don’t overdo with colours choose only two colours and play with it.

5.Avoid conclusion

It is not your cover letter so please avoid writing down place, date, yours faithfully, Thanking you and all.

There are lot of very good sample resumes in internet go through those or get a suggestions from others. Unwanted information will make you unwanted so please be sure before you include a dot in your resume.

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If you feel there are lot more to avoid in resume please comment down below we will make the list long.

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