Youtuber shraddha Sharma teaching us lesson

Lakhs of videos are uploading everyday millions of Youtube channels are out there some of them are starting to showcase their talents some of them to earn money from their channel some to become popular but unfortunately all of them are not tasting the success but one or two goes viral .Shraddha Sharma a youtuber who started her channel to showcase her talent in singing which was accepted by online Indians. There are few lessons we should learn from Youtuber Shraddha Sharma.

1.Youtuber Shraddha Sharma Exposed it

Shraddha Sharma at the age of 15 she started her youtube channel to showcase her singing talent which went viral later.

If you are knowledgeable in something expose it to the outside world it is important than having deeper knowledge in a field.You don’t know when you get an opportunity in big stage but to get a stage you should open up. Crying child gets milk.

2.Focus on your dream

Shraddha’s ultimate aim is to become a rockstar she started learning music from her childhood, mastered it and exposed it.

Choose only one destination create a path for it and start running on it to reach your destination struggles are like hurdles in a path but don’t mind. Don’t deviate from your dream someone achieve at early age like her some achieve later. Once you achieved your first destination fix the next.

3.Deliver what they want

Her youtube channel “Shraddharockin” is one of the most subscribed channel in India.She didn’t spend single penny to promote her page or channel.

It is easy for a stardom to get million views without spending a penny but not for common man. But she proved if you deliver what your audience want or if you deliver anything new to them which excites them which please them then people are ready to buy from or follow you.

If you feel there are some more lessons from please comment down we will add it up.



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