5 things you should do in your college to get job

Increase in population not only increases unemployment but also increases demand for the consumption. Do you think there are less number of jobs in the market? No. there are enough number of jobs in the outside world. Companies are ready to give you job but are you fit for that? Here we are listing out 5 things you should do in your college to get job.

1.Don’t study too hard

You need not to be a topper in your campus to get the job but maintain your records without any backlogs and try to maintain a decent grade in all semesters. Whatever you study, understand the basics and study – you will realize it at the time of interview.

2. Be outside your classroom

Your classrooms are not going to teach to get job or to understand this world. They merely helps you to clear your papers. Participate in your college club activities, choose the field in which you are interested and work on it. Build your contacts through club activities and other festivals.

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3. Choose your domain

You have to select in which niche you are going to get the job. For example, if you want to work in designing, start doing courses and add more value to your certificates. Whatever field it may be, keep experimenting and show your creativity.

4. Do internships

It’s better than your classrooms and labs. Doing internships in startups and established businesses helps you to learn the business fundamentals better than your classmates. It gives you an idea of working culture and helps you to take wise decision while choosing companies during placements. You can also add it in your resume.

5. Improve communication and analytical skills

You can showcase your merit certificates to employer only if you clear the first two rounds of written and group discussion. Improve your communication skills. Companies badly want you to be the good communicator improve on it. Improve on your analytical skills and logical thinking to clear the first round.

Be active on LinkedIn than Facebook. Facebook is only for memes, not for your growth. Create a good LinkedIn profile and follow professionals and companies to know the updates.

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