Lessons we should learn from Ratan Tata

He was the Chairman of 150 years old group Tata group in India which is contributing 2% in India’s overall GDP. Ratan Tata son of Naval Tata is not only making India robust nation but also teaching us how you have to be in your personal and business life.

1.Start from bottom

Though he was graduated from Harvard he didn’t start from lucrative job he started as blue collar and slowly learned everything and climbed up as the Chairman of Tata Sons.

Don’t make your son or daughter as CEO or head of the function because he/she completed her degree let them start from the scratch or learn from outside organisation once they experienced handover your business to them which is good for both of you.

2.Talents first

When Ratan Tata was raised to the position Chairman of the Tata Sons he faced resistance from his experienced company heads but TATA made them to resign by setting retirement and gave chance to Young people and innovative ideas.

Whether it is a start-up or established business make sure everyone accepts top management decisions and work as a team. If you find any bugs remove it immediately to save your business. If you are given authority don’t do favour to your loved ones only be stable and think for the future of your company. Put innovative ideas first.

3.Find a problem

Ratan Tata believes ideas comes from a problem find a problem invest your energy and time to create a venture providing solution to a problem is the best solution for your entrepreneur dream.

If you want to become successful don’t copy from foreign and paste it in India though some goes well most of them doesn’t suit here so find the problem what your customers are facing and provide them solution. Don’t start a business because it is sexy and everyone is speaking about if you don’t know in what you are different from the existing one don’t start it.

4.Motivate yourself

When Ratan Tata was an employee at Jamshedpur he went to his bosses with lot of innovative ideas but it was not heard by them and advised to continue what he was doing .But he didn’t give up he continued his lateral thinking and became like this.

It happens to all the passionate employees we share our ideas but our bosses not even reply to the mail so we stop doing suggesting. Don’t stop the young creator from thinking send your valuable ideas to them until they understand the importance of you in the business.

5.Be simple

Even though he is the richest person in India he respects young people, respects his nation and leading a simple .He travel in economy class also.

If you feel there are some more things we should learn from him please comment down we will add it up.








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