for music lovers and creators

So music lovers and creators now you have one more option to upload your creativity and listen to fresh music giving an opportunity for music creators to upload your music to reach music lovers in an efficient way it is a platform where creators and likers meet so it is the best way to promote your song.

All music that plays on is exclusively created for doo-doo and you cannot listen anywhere else even in video giant. Creators own their rights which enable them to earn a royalty every time we listen.

Doopaadoo for music lovers
What is the gain for uploaders?

They help you to collaborate to create your own music and helps you to earn from your own creativity so you can turn from hobby to full time .Since they help you to monetize your music you can carry on your passion without looking for the second opportunity for money sake.

They also get a review for your music from industry stalwarts to benchmark and build confidence in newcomers and aspirants.

What is the gain for listeners?

Do you believe they pay for you if you listen to songs? Yes, they are paying you in coins Create your account and listen to any songs completely and check your e-wallet you get coins in that.

Doopaadoo pays for listening, preview, collaborate, create, share, review, like, follow so if you spend your free time you get a chance to earn.

Confusing  doopaadoo

Since it is a beta version it needs to improve a lot we created our account and test the doopaadoo but many things we don’t understand

1.How to upload my song?

2.What can I do with coins?

3.Is the reward coins in rupees?

4.Though given options for language ,getting Tamil as the default option couldn’t change it.

5.Lacks many more detailed procedures for creators in terms of monetization.

Overall Doopaadoo is a good platform for who wants to earn from their passion it will address the monetary issues facing by the small and middle-class musician.

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