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Ways to Leverage Digital Marketing to Grow Your Real Estate Business In 2022

The real estate business has been on a downward spiral for a while. However, the COVID-19 pandemic may have hurt it even further.

Due to economic distress, your everyday consumer is focused on securing food and other necessities. As a result, purchasing a high capital commodity, such as property, may not seem feasible. On the other hand, those with sufficient disposable incomes are witnessing this period as a unique opportunity to snag a good deal. However, with government-imposed lockdowns and restrictions on movement, it can be tough to host open houses or book site visits.

So, what can you do as a real estate agent?

Fortunately, learning how to create a video or operate a social media account can help your business flourish even in these troubling times!

Here is an elaborate guide on how you can leverage digital marketing to grow your business:

Get on Social Media

If your business does not have an online presence yet, then it is as good as non-existent. Hence, the first course of action would be to set up an online page for your real estate company. While it may not be necessary to invest in building a website, you can definitely spend the time creating social media pages for your organization.

Typically, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are perfect for real estate marketing. These websites heavily depend on visual elements to engage and delight their users. So make sure that you are building on a robust visual content strategy.

Create your profile, list your contact details, and breathe life into the page. These are just the preliminary steps to help you get started with digital marketing. And while you’re at it, take the time to create a professional-looking LinkedIn profile.

Organize Virtual Events

As stated above, open houses and in-person showings may not be possible in the current scenario. Luckily, you can conduct virtual events to keep your prospects hooked. While photos can bait the interested parties, you will have to reel them in by offering virtual tours of the property. 

Check out www.videocreek.com/make/promo-video-maker and may come across excellent ideas for creating virtual tours. Apart from live streaming the property tour, you can even record high-quality videos and upload them to your social media page. The 360-degree view can be an excellent substitute for physically visiting the home.

If your budget allows, go all out and offer the ultimate VR (Virtual Reality) experience by creating 3D tours for your prospects!

Conduct a Webinar

Buying property is not cheap. Hence, purchasers would want a real estate agent who they can trust. As someone who aims to earn this trust, you should try to establish yourself as an expert on the matter. The best way to display your expertise would be through sharing knowledge and industry-related insights.

Webinars are the hottest trending topics in the field of digital marketing. It will help you attain the status of an industry expert as well. You can start by conducting a survey on the possible topics around which you host the webinar. Accordingly, you can decide on the schedule for the webinar, create a script, collect valuable information from trusted resources, shortlist a few questions, and cover everything in the webinar.

Create and Publish Videos

The strategy of marketing your real estate business through videos has been a practice even before the Coronavirus struck. However, the pandemic drove the high adoption of this strategy. 

Due to quarantine and self-isolation, individuals are confined to their homes. As a result, they have more than the usual amount of time at their disposal, which brings them to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Thus, posting video content over such channels would be the best way to get more engagement on the content.

Now that you have your target audience exactly where you want them, you can get a hold of YouTube intro maker and play around with it. In the process, you will gain practical exposure in video creation and editing, and it is all about publishing your videos! Post your videos over multiple platforms and cross-post them from one platform to another. In this way, you can gain higher visibility on your videos.

Generate a Mixed Bag of Content

While videos are the hero of your digital marketing strategy, don’t just bank on them to carry your campaign on its back. Publishing the same kind of content over and over again could lead to viewer fatigue. To overcome the same, you need to develop a balanced strategy with a little bit of everything – blogs, images, quotes, infographics, videos, interactive content, and more.

Make use of a trial and error method to identify what kind of content generates better responses from your audience. Accordingly, assign a ratio for all of them and post content accordingly. Do make it a point to review this strategy periodically as the preferences may change over time.

Optimize Your Content

Merely posting content is not enough to get it seen. Optimization is a crucial part of marketing that offers visibility to your content.

Start by identifying the main words that your users may search while looking for services like the ones that you offer. Include them as tags, keywords, and hashtags, respectively. Use it in your titles, your metadata, and other information that molds the content’s identity.

You must also optimize your website, videos, and other content to display comfortably over small screens. Optimizing your content for mobile users aids in capturing a wider audience base while also ranking high on search engines.

Finally, optimize all your profiles by including tags and other crucial information that will help you get discovered. Keep your pages active to lend authenticity to them.


The year 2020 is marked by the COVID-19 outbreak, and it continues to be the most defining event amongst all the other disasters. Fortunately, your business can overcome the disruptions and emerge victorious using the tips outlined above. Even if nobody purchases in these tough times, these tips will help you position your business favorably.

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