5 best online paraphrasing tools that you can use while writing a blog

All the hard work that a writer puts in goes to waste if he does not focus on paraphrasing tasks in a proper manner. Content preparation is the first stage of writing any blog. As a writer, you have to plan a scope and set boundaries. After that, in accordance with the limitations set, information has to be searched. There are various online paraphrasing tools that you can use.

Information that is compiled cannot be delivered until it has been rewritten properly. What is the reason for this? To start with, the information published online is owned by the writer who prepared it from the start. Hence, in order to use it, paraphrasing is mandatory otherwise the content will be rated as plagiarized.

A lot depends on the paraphrasing tool picked

Do you know that a lot of tools do not even rewrite 50% of the content? Only few lines at the beginning and end are rewritten but everything in between is left unchanged. The writer on the other hand assumes that everything has been paraphrased.

Once he submits the blog or article, it is slammed with a plagiarism accusation. This is why it is always emphasized that writers should take their time and be careful while picking a paraphrasing tool. You can get a complete insight of how good or bad a tool is by checking the reviews being given by people.

Top 5 paraphrasing tools that stand out

Here are the best 5 paraphrasing alternatives you should seriously consider

1.      Tool by paraphrasetool.online

In terms of interface, this is a simple tool but the effectiveness and efficiency is top notch.  Professional content writers find it suitable since it is completely free. Hence, if you are a freelancer who has to produce top quality blogs for clients, opt for this paraphrasing tool and rewrite content with 100% correctness.

It eliminates the need of comparing the content with the original online source and then rewriting it manually.

As it is already mentioned above, the overall user interface is very simple. Two text boxes have been provided for output and input respectively. Once you enter the source text in the first box and click the paraphrasing button, the transformed version will be shown in the second text box. The tool suits blog writers who have to produce original content in bulk regularly.

2.      Prepostseo paraphrasing tool


This paraphrasing tool is equipped with top notch rewriting features which any writer would strongly prefer. You can use it easily use it online on tablets as well as smart phones. Here are some other features that it has.

  • Complete free usage

The budget you have to get a paraphrasing tool does not matter if you are using this one since it is completely free. Whether you rewrite one blog or thousands of them, you can be rest assured that no charges will be applied.

  • PDF and DOCX files supported

With this paraphrasing tool, you can upload the content files directly without opening them and copying the content. This is an additional step that can be avoided so that time is saved. You can opt for direct upload if the content file is in PDF, DOCX or TXT format.

  • Quick rewritten output with zero errors

Most writers have concerns about the time that the paraphrasing application will consume. Tools that take a long span are not considered by because blogs and articles have to be submitted according to a deadline. Therefore, paraphrasing tools that reproduce rewritten content at a quick pace work well. This application is fast and even lengthy chunks are reworded quickly.

3.      Paraphrasing application by paraphrasetool.biz


This application is ideal for writers as it produces 100% efficiency for each check performed.  The moment you are done with the writing stages of your blog, open the link to this tool and paste the content in the given text box. There is a strong rewriting algorithm implemented at the backend. Once you click the button to start the process, the content will be rewritten with complete efficiency in a short while.

  • If you talk about users who use this paraphrasing application, the types include blog writers, academic writers as well as students. Professional writers always have to keep an eye on the time they have left before the deadline. The use of this paraphrasing tool simply means that they do not have to worry about any rewriting work. Instead of several hours, all the paraphrasing tasks will be concluded in a span of minutes.

4.      Paraphrasing tool by rephrase-tool.com


This is another 100% free rewriting application and the users do not have to pay for anything. There are certain customization options that allow them to make selections to the suitability they have. For instance, there is an option to get recommendations for corrections. If you don’t select it, the tool would only highlight errors but not recommend the rectified versions. Thus, writers who do not have expert vocabulary levels would struggle.

  • Another option you can choose to work with this tool is choosing a dictionary option. You can either define your own set of words along with their meanings or pick one of the default dictionaries to complete the task.

5.      Rephraser.net paraphrasing tool


Apart from blog writers, academic writers who work on dissertations and research papers also find this tool fruitful. It is a free option that performs the check in a short while. Therefore if you are running out of time and the deadline is tight, use this tool to wrap things before time. The usage is very simple and the accuracy level is above expectations as well.


The use of paraphrasing tools makes life quite manageable for professional writers. To start with, they do not have to worry about producing plagiarized content and getting their reputation ruined. A good rewriting application takes of all these factors. From the writer’s perspective, he does not have to face any apprehensions or double check the content.

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