How To Download Facebook Video Using Third-Party App?

 In this age of Virtual reality, Facebook no doubt is one of the leading social media platforms along with other platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram under the parent company Meta Platform, INC. At present, there are 2.91 billion monthly active users on this platform. Facebook which was first developed with the prenotion of developing a convenient communicating platform now being used to share memes, increase productivity, promotion of political ideologies, offer life advice and others.

When you download a video from Facebook, you get your copy of that video on your phone or computer. You can easily utilise or share it with your network without having to scroll through your newsfeed. You can only download a video from Facebook if it is set in public mode.

Presently, the users get illusions when it comes to downloading videos from Facebook as this platform does not provide any links or download options to download the video the user wishes for. People get confused with the “Save Button “option of Facebook. By clicking this, the users get to save Facebook video his/her social media playlist rather than on the device. The regular Facebook app does not allow you to download videos to your phone or computer, but there is a wide array of third-party apps that permit you to save Facebook videos directly to your phone’s Camera Roll.

Now here are the simple ways by which one can download videos from Facebook easily. There is a site “ Facebook Video Downloader “ with this one can download and save any video from Facebook on PC, Laptop, IOS, Android without any additional app, extension. “Facebook Video Downloader “ is a cloud-based tool that requires only pasting the link of the content one wants to save and by clicking on the option “Download “ one can save Facebook video on his/her device.

Most apps, tools which offer this service do not pay any attention to the actual uploaded file’s quality. This tool not only downloads and saves Facebook video to a computer, Laptop, smartphone but also it does not require one to compromise the picture quality of the downloaded file. It is completely safe and legal as Facebook allows all content that is in the public domain, non-private accounts can be downloaded by the users.

How to Use the Video Downloader Tool?

The Video Download tool is very user friendly and convenient to use. By these three required steps, any user can download any content from the platform.

1. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the content, the user wants to download and save.

2. Click on the “Copy Link” option and paste the above on the “Facebook Video Downloader”

3. Click on the “Download “option and here the user has to select the folder for saving the downloaded content on the device.

The “Facebook Video Downloader” tool does not need any installation as it is an online cloud-based tool. One only has to paste the content’s link to the field of the downloader, and they save it for free on their device.

The Downloader saves the best quality of the video possible. It can also download Full HD, 4K Format videos from the platform if it was so uploaded. The user has to choose the video quality by clicking in the lower right corner of the tool. The tool can be used conveniently in any device and system-from Mac to Xiaomi, from IOS to Android, from Windows to Macintosh.

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