Single tactic to make your post viral and SEO optimized

It’s not only the goal of independent bloggers but also for the professional one’s to increase more views which ultimately leads to good business either it can be through programs like Adsense, Affiliate marketing or through direct product sales.

Your path may be different to earn money but the ultimate aim is to bring huge traffic to your blog.

At least you will aim for one in ten posts to fetch some good returns but most of them in fail in making that.

Before revealing that single tactic, we should understand the difference between viral traffic and SEO traffic.

Viral traffic is not sustainable, things which are the buzz for some time will reach more people but faints in a maximum of one week and then it won’t fetch a decent number of traffic as it was.

But the traffic and business it brings in a shorter period of time are worthy.

So if you want fast growth in a shorter period of time you should plan to make your post viral.

The main source for viral traffic is social media.

viral and seo optimized post

On the other SEO optimized posts will fetch you a decent number of traffic daily and it is sustainable one but not all the SEO optimized posts go viral on social media.

So if you wished to have sustainable views for your work you should work on SEO.

The main source for SEO traffic is from search results.

How to get your post both Viral and SEO Optimized ?

The primary step to make your post viral is to make your “Title” catchy enough with related images.

But when you make your Title catchy you may miss the SEO score for the title but don’t worry about this now go and pick a catchy title and publish your post.

Share it on the social media as much as possible and concentrate on making it viral.

Once it had enough reach and you are satisfied with the outcome.Now go and change the title SEO optimized and update the post.

Make sure you follow the SEO rules to make your title if you are not sure about how to make your title optimize for SEO install Yost plugin on your WordPress blog and it will guide you to make it.

If you want you can change your cover picture also now.

But you should handle this tactic very cleverly because you want to make your post viral don’t put title irrelevant to your content, it should be relevant and need not follow SEO initially and later optimizes the title.

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