Top Industries for Remote Work

The world has recently seen a paradigm shift. In the past years, more and more industries have started offering home-based job opportunities that do not require employees to appear in the office. This change has opened doors for many people who previously could not get a job because they couldn’t leave their homes

If you are looking for remote work opportunities, you can look into the following industries:

Information Technology

The computer and IT worlds have been a trailblazer in providing remote working opportunities. More importantly, the tech industry focuses on technical skills such as adequate knowledge of the tasks and soft skills that improve critical thinking and understanding of the work at hand. People with general experience in using technology can use their minimal skills and now get a remote job. Some of the entry-level positions include customer support representatives and data entry operators.

Other more qualified job opportunities include systems administrator, quality analyst, and information technology specialists.


The medical field is commonly seen live in action on the hospital floors and operation theaters. While the industry is yet to bring multiple work-from-home opportunities but it still offers jobs like medical coding. Medical coding companies have offered professionals to work from the comfort of their homes. However, this option is more commonly available to medical coders with more experience on their resumes.

Since medical coders might not be able to access all medical locations, they can take the liberty to work from home and code all the information that is provided to them. Moreover, you can also find job opportunities such as research scientist, insurance representative, and medical transcriptionist as some of the more common remote opportunities.

Sales And Marketing

Since the world, at present, is avoiding one-on-one meetings, sales have moved to electronic channels. For example, salespersons can now sit at their homes and ring a call to their target audience without having to go anywhere. It does not take much to work as a salesperson, and you need soft skills such as persuasion to make sure that the customer is engaged in what you have to offer and agrees to pay for it.

It is the best opportunity for people who have some experience in sales. The most common job titles include social media handling, lead generation, and business development.

Finance And Accounting

To manage someone’s book, you don’t really have to go over to them. Instead, you can easily do that on call or via email. Accounting and finance are opening new avenues for people who want to work remotely. However, not just anyone can take up a career in accounting and finance. You must have at least a bachelor’s degree to be able to start working.

Licensed accountants are also welcome to join opportunities that allow them to work from the comfort of their homes. Some of the common job options include bookkeeping, accountant, finance manager, and auditor.


Education is a vast field that has allowed many individuals to consider working from home. E-learning is a new and upcoming concept that can help educationists of all levels and fields use their knowledge. Education is not typically an easy field, but it allows learners and educationists to gather on online platforms to exchange knowledge.

However, educationists must have a degree that permits them to teach the demographic they want. There are several remote job opportunities you can look into, such as coaching, teaching, instructors, and so on.

Consultation Services

Consulting is in itself a vast field. Nowadays you can get a consultation for anything you want. For instance, you can get consultation for your business, traveling abroad, and whatnot. Consultants don’t really help you in the physical aspects of helping. They review your case and use their expertise to come up with the best advice possible. All of these can be done remotely. Consultation services can be provided across different fields such as executive trainer, business solutions analyst, and coach.


Social media and social networking are some of the most booming industries where you can play several roles, such as marketing different products and services. You may also get to distribute the products by networking and connecting with potential customers. This field is also related to sales and marketing and generates many remote working opportunities.

To work in the remote e-commerce industry, you don’t really need professional degrees. Instead, you just need to make sure the company you’re applying to caters to your educational background. Some of the job opportunities include website designers, marketers, and operations managers.


To write, you typically need a workstation and a laptop. You can easily find that in your home, which makes writing a perfect job to do remotely. There are several types of writing jobs you can try your hand at. For instance, you can be a copywriter or work as a journalist. There are many other job opportunities, such as content managers, editors, and even bloggers, all of which are ideal for remote work.

Remote working is becoming a growing trend, and sooner or later, many industries will have to come up with remote working opportunities to accommodate people from different locations and lifestyles.

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