Why Guest Posting is the best Marketing Strategy

Guest posting has become one of the best SEO practices for online websites. The biggest challenge that online business faces are getting their message to their potential leads. A good social media strategy can help you in finding potential leads. However, you might need to invest a lot of time in building your social. This is where guest posting can save your online business. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of guest posting.

What is Guest posting?

Guest posting simply means that you will be writing content for other websites. According to newbreedrevenue.com,

Guest blogging also called “guest posting” is the act of writing content for another company’s website. Almost always, guest blogging offers mutual benefits for both the guest blogger and the website hosting the guest content.

This might seem like a waste of time as you are writing articles for other sites. However, guest blogging is a two-way street. You can write for other top blogs and get good backlinks from them. Also, other guest bloggers can write good content for you. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Why is Guest Posting important for your online presence? 

Guest posting offers various benefits to online businesses. If you are sharing your expertise on other websites, then you can establish yourself as an expert or an authority figure. You can build relationships by posting on other sites. 

According to a survey from Optinmonster, more than 63% of readers think that blogs with multiple authors are credible. Thus, you should also consider posting guest posts on your own site. This will help you in adding great content to your website. 

Some of the most important benefits of guest posting are:

1. Get access to a new crowd 

Writing guest posts for other blogs will give you access to a new crowd. This will help you in raising your brand awareness. You can generate potential leads from this new traffic. 

According to a report from Neil Patel, Guest posting can help you in attracting 36,700 new email subscribers. Ryan Stewart used this strategy to attract about 90% of his customers by using the guest posting technique. Guest posting can help you in targeting specific traffic. This will eventually help you in generating more leads.

2. Improve your brand trust 

If you are providing quality content to your readers, then they will come back to your site. This is a simple rule that you need to follow. You need to build customer trust first if you want to build authority. Guest posting on other sites will help you in showing the depth of your knowledge. This will help you in improving your brand trust. 

3. More traffic 

You can’t generate leads until you are getting a website on your traffic. If you are guest posting on a good website, then you can get good traffic from them. Your guest post will generate traffic for years. This will depend on the popularity of the site. 

According to a report from BloggerJet, you can get over 100 visits from every guest publication. Guest posts will also help you in targeting a specific audience. Thus, you can easily convert these visitors into regular visitors. 

4. Backlinks 

This is probably the most important advantage of guest posting. Guest posting will help you in getting a backlink to your website. Backlinks play a major role in your site’s SEO ranking. If you have good backlinks, then you can easily boost your site rankings and traffic. 

Backlinks are considered the lifeblood of SEO. You can’t rank your website until you have good backlinks. Your site ranking will depend on the number of backlinks your website have. Also, the site ranking will depend on the quality of your backlinks. 

According to a report from Adsy, guest blogging can boost your ranking thanks to the 5x weighty backlinks from guest posting. It can boost your traffic by up to 80%. The weightage of guest blogging has increased due to recent Google updates. Google is giving better rankings to sites that have good backlinks. Thus, you should consider posting guest blogs on other sites. Even a single backlink from a good website can boost your site ranking.

5. Improve your content marketing skills 

You need to do content research for posting good content. Thus, guest posting will help you in improving your content marketing skills. The best way to learn content marketing is by writing yourself. You can’t learn all the content marketing tactics by reading about them. Guest posting will help you in testing your content marketing tactics.

6. Grow your social media accounts 

Guest posting can also help you in boosting your social media follower count. It will also help you in accelerating your lead-generation efforts. If you are posting your guest posts on a good block, then you are getting a vouch for your brand. Thus, you can attract their followers to your social medial accounts.

Most websites will also allow you to customize your profile. You can include your social media account links in your profile. Guest posts will help you in winning the trust of your target audience. You can easily convert them into loyal social media followers. 

7. Get feedback from the community 

This is another advantage of staying active in the community. You will receive insightful feedback from the community. Other blog owners will give you some tips that you can use for boosting your site presence.

Quick tips for outreach

You can follow these tips for outreaching other sites:

  • You should start by creating a list of 10-50 sites where you want to guest post.
  • Check if these sites are accepting guest posts. 
  • Look for related blogs that are accepting your guest posts.
  • Send your pitch to these blog owners.
  • Use guest post networking sites for connecting to blog owners.


Guest blogging is a very important step for online marketing success. A good marketing strategy will always contain guest posting. There are various benefits of guest posting. You will understand these benefits once you give them a shot. Try to write good content for other blogs. This will surely help you in getting better backlinks and more traffic. The best thing about this traffic is that it is targeted. Thus, you can easily convert it.

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