A Brief Guide to Your PTE Exam

PTE Exam is one of the most important exams in your life as a non-English native student. The test will help you prepare and cope up with the university settings.  You might be looking for a PTE Exam Guide.

It is a computer-based exam and is evaluated by a computer too. Most say that it is a tough one, but still, many choose the PTE test over other English exams. The people that found it tough said they had better chances once they enrolled in a PTE course online. This PTE exam guide will help you in learning everything about the PTE Exam.

PTE Exam Format 

1. Speaking Module

  • You will be judged on the ability to speak with clarity in this section. 
  • It has five parts:
    • Read aloud
    • Repeat sentences
    • Describe image
    • Re-tell lecture
    • Answering short questions.
  • You will also be required to introduce yourself, and the score you will get in this portion will be included in the entire exam score. 

2. Writing Module 

  • There are two types of tasks here; one is a written summary and the other being the essay writing. 
  • You will be scored on the quality of your writing. 

3. Listening Module 

  • This section will require you to listen or watch a series of video and audio clips. You would then have to write a summary with a specific number of words, about what you have seen or heard.
  • The listening section is also composed of a test in the form of fill-in-the-blanks, highlighting correct summaries, a multiple-choice, wherein you’re allowed only to choose a single right answer and selecting missing words. Also, highlighting correct words, and writing from dictation, wherein you are required to write what has been dictated. 

4. Reading Module 

  • There are five active types of the test here: fill-in-the-blanks with questions will be given to you. You will be required to listen carefully to an audio clip, and then you will fill the missing words in the passage. 

This was just an overview of what the exam is. It will be a real advantage if you take PTE courses online. Taking up the course will make you have an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the test. It will also guide you step by step towards your desired score.

Besides, PTE course online will also build your confidence in taking the exam. 

Why Take PTE Test 

  • First and foremost, it is recognized by universities all over the world. Wherever you decide to take your schooling to, the higher your chance will be of being accepted. 
  • PTE is an ideal test to pick for English proficiency. It may seem a bit complicated compared to other exams, but it will train you well and prepare you for university life.
  • Speaking and Writing section, as claimed by many, is a lot easier to manage compared to other tests.

Unlike the other exams, there will be no hassle for you to wait for an extended period for your test result. PTE result typically comes out in three to five days. With this, you have the advantage of deciding what to do next after passing or failing the test. 

Having a serious command of the English language is something that everyone who dreams of massive career growth in the future should consider. Or if not for your career then maybe you have dreams of travelling the world someday? Either way, it is a universal language; a skill that will never be not useful.

So, if you’re into your goal of getting your required score, you better start taking PTE course online! 

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