6 Things to Know Before Hiring Bridal Makeup Artist

Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. If you have already selected the dress for your big day, then it is the perfect time to look for a makeup artist. You need to communicate openly with your bridal makeup artist and they must understand your expectations. 

It is not an easy task to find a perfect bridal makeup artist. Every makeup artist has their own style of doing makeup. Thus, it becomes more difficult for someone whose style matches your style.

In this article, we are going to share some tips which will help you in finding a perfect bridal makeup artist.

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1. Know your style 

Everyone knows what suits them best. Thus, you already know what you want for your big day. You should start your search by finding artists that are compatible with your style. Some makeup artists only stick with a special kind of style. However, most artists can work in various different styles. Some of the common buzzwords in makeup industry are:

  • Natural makeup: If you like a natural look, then this makeup is perfect for you. In this, you will look as natural as possible.
  • Airbrush makeup: This technique is mostly used on brides. If you want full coverage, then you should go for this makeup type. 
  • 3D makeup: This is a set of techniques that are used for a sculpted look. 
  • Glam Makeup: This will give you a glamorous look with highlighted lips and eyes. 

2. Check your artist portfolio

If there are some bridal makeup artists that you like, then you should check their portfolios. This will help you in clarifying your doubts. You can check the style of the makeup artist by checking their portfolio. Also, it will help you in finding little details that most people don’t notice.

You should stalk their Instagram accounts, websites, and pages. 

First, you should check the artist portfolio on their social media accounts and pages. Also, check if they are listed on any wedding website. This will ensure that they are legit.

You should also read some reviews about their service. This will help you in understanding the quality of their services. It is always a good idea to ask for a trial session. If you like their style, then you should book them.

3. Ask the right questions

There are various questions that you should ask a bridal makeup artist. These questions will help you in cracking a good deal. Some of the common questions that you should ask are:

i) Have you ever done the bridal makeup before?

You should check if your makeup artists have done the bridal makeup before. There is a big difference between the usual party look and the bride’s look. Thus, you should ensure that your artist is ready for this challenge. 

ii) What if you can’t make it to the wedding due to some emergency?

Anything can happen at a wedding. Thus, you must always be ready for emergencies. You should have a plan B for every situation. Most makeup artists will have a backup artist.

You should also get a trial session from their backup artist. This will ensure that you are ready for any situation.

iii) What techniques are you going to use on my skin type?

There are many different types of skin. You can’t use a single standard product on all the skin types. Thus, you should find the best style for your skin. Your makeup artist should do an analysis of your skin. They should help you in finding the perfect makeup technique for your skin.

iv) What is the specialty of your bridal package?

The bridal packages of makeup artists can vary. Some artists are offering only basic makeup services. However, some artists are also offering beauty treatments and hairstyling. You should compare the price of the artists. This will help you in finding the perfect package for your wedding.

v) Which products will you use?

If your makeup artist is using cheap products, then it can cause damage to your skin. Thus, you should ensure that they are going to use quality products only. If you are comfortable with a specific brand, then you should tell about them to your artist. 

4. Go for experience

It is always a good idea to hire an experienced makeup artist. Experienced artists are very good at their work. Also, they will work as professionals. Thus, they will take care of all your needs. You should ask your makeup artist if they have bridal makeup experience.

If you are going for a specific technique, then it is better to hire someone who is already an expert in that technique. It is not easy to work as a makeup artist at weddings. Your artist needs to take care of both the bride and the guests. Thus, they should be comfortable with working in weddings.

5. Ask for makeup trials

Many makeup artists provide trails to their new clients. You should define the look that you are looking for. After that, makeup artists will do their magic. You should check the products that they are using.

Also, make sure that they are following professionalism. If you like the makeup artist, then your mission is finally finished. You have found the perfect makeup artist for your big day. There are three types of looks that you can go for: Basic, Day and bridal makeup look.

6. Check if the artist is certified 

Most states require makeup artist to hold a cosmetologist license. They can’t work as a makeup artist without getting this license. Thus, you should ensure that your bridal makeup artist is licensed. This license will ensure that your artists have done some prior training.

In some states, makeup artists can work without getting a license. However, most of the professional makeup artists always have a license. You should check if your makeup artist is certified before booking them.

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