Promotional Items in Open House Events

The Top 10 Impactful Promotional Items in Open House Events

Making a memorable impression is key in the world of real estate, especially in capturing the attention of potential buyers. Open house events, in particular, offer a valuable opportunity to showcase your properties and services. To maximize the impact of your real estate open house, incorporating carefully chosen promotional items can transform a casual visit into a lasting connection.

Let’s explore each of these items in detail, understanding not just their practical use but also the psychological impact they can have on your attendees.

1. Reusable Tote Bags

Picture this: attendees at your open house event walking around with reusable tote bags proudly displaying your agency’s logo. These aren’t just bags; they are walking billboards for your brand. As visitors navigate the event, these bags become mobile advertisements, drawing the eyes of curious onlookers. The utility of these tote bags extends beyond the event—they transform into versatile companions for attendees, carrying property information packets and essentials. Every time these bags are used, your brand travels with them, reinforcing your agency’s image and creating a seamless connection between your services and their daily lives.

2. Custom Branded Promotional Cooler Bags

Custom-branded promotional cooler bags are the epitome of practicality and innovation. They offer attendees a convenient way to keep their refreshments cool, showcasing your agency’s attention to their comfort. But more than that, these bags become companions, accompanying visitors long after the event. As they use these bags in their daily lives, they carry your brand with them, creating a seamless integration of your agency into their routines.

3. Branded Stationery

Business cards are your first point of contact with potential clients. A well-designed card with striking visuals and essential information can leave a lasting impression. When paired with notepads and pens featuring your agency’s logo and slogan, you provide attendees with functional items that subtly reinforce your brand every time they jot down a note or scribble an idea.

4. Tech Gadgets

USB drives preloaded with property listings, photos, and virtual tours are like treasure troves of information for potential buyers. These tiny devices offer a convenient way for attendees to carry a wealth of property details with them, ensuring your properties are just a plug away. Coupled with smartphone stands, you make it effortless for visitors to engage with your digital content, showcasing your properties in the best light.

5. Refreshments and Snacks

Branded water bottles and refreshment cans not only satisfy thirst but also serve as excellent branding opportunities. Every sip reinforces your agency’s presence. Customized or even homemade cookies or snacks take personalization to the next level. Imagine the delight on a visitor’s face when they receive a cookie adorned with your agency’s logo—it’s not just a treat; it’s a memorable experience.

6. Home Décor Items

Mini-potted plants are powerful symbols of growth and potential, perfectly aligning with the concept of investing in real estate. These living souvenirs serve as constant reminders of your event and the properties you showcased. Customized picture frames add a touch of elegance, giving attendees a stylish way to display their memories, subtly etched with your agency’s branding.

7. Interactive Items

Engagement is the heart of any successful open house. Spin-to-win wheels add an element of excitement, encouraging visitors to interact actively with your booth. The thrill of winning a prize creates a positive emotional connection, associating that joy with your agency. QR code cards, leading to exclusive property videos or 360-degree tours, provide a virtual exploration experience, captivating potential buyers even after they leave the event.

8. Safety and Health Items

In today’s health-conscious climate, prioritizing attendees’ well-being is paramount. Branded face masks and hand sanitisers not only promote health but also showcase your agency’s commitment to safety. Including first aid kits with a guidebook and your agency’s contact information demonstrates your attention to detail and preparedness, ensuring attendees feel secure and cared for.

9. Follow-up Materials

The relationship doesn’t end when the event does. Brochures or booklets detailing your agency’s successful deals, team members, and services serve as informative keepsakes. They provide valuable insights, keeping your brand fresh in attendees’ minds as they make their decisions. Personalized thank-you cards with a discount voucher create a sense of appreciation, encouraging potential clients to consider your services seriously.

10. Customized Calendars

Customized calendars featuring property images, important dates, and your agency’s logo serve as practical, year-long reminders. Hung on walls or placed on desks, they ensure your brand remains a constant presence in the lives of potential clients. Every glance at the calendar reinforces the positive experience they had at your open house, making your agency their top choice.


The impact of these promotional items extends far beyond their practical use. Each item has been carefully curated not just for its utility but also for its ability to create emotional connections and lasting impressions. Incorporating these items into your real estate open house events enables you to transform mundane giveaways into powerful marketing tools. These items bridge the gap between a one-time event and a lifelong relationship, ensuring that your agency remains etched in the memories of potential clients. So, the next time you plan an open house, remember the transformative power of these items—they are the key to unlocking a world of opportunities for your real estate business.

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