A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Property Manager!

A property managers job is more than just putting people in apartments. There are many aspects of property management that require time and attention, from marketing to tenant relations to accounting.  A real estate virtual assistant can help your property manager manage their time and tasks more effectively, freeing up valuable hours to focus on the most important things.

A property manager’s job is 80% back-office tasks that are done over the computer or over the phone. These can all be completed by a virtual assistant. If the property manager could now focus on the 20% of the tasks that are physical and customer-facing what could this do for the business? It could mean more satisfied tenants as the property manager has more time to take care of their needs and higher profits as more time is available to handle marketing and finding more renters for the property.

Let’s dig deeper into how a virtual assistant can help a property manager run things more efficiently for your real estate business’s growth.

1. A real estate virtual assistant helps to do more work in less time.

Virtual assistants are great because they take on the tasks that you need to be done without supervision. Need to send out 100 invitations for an open house? No problem. Need someone to call, interview, and screen prospective tenants? No problem. Need one last thing done before you leave work tonight? Your virtual assistant is there to make it happen for you.

By ensuring more work is done in less time, it ensures you’re on track with your goals and your property manager doesn’t have to postpone tasks that need to be completed right away.

2. A property manager gets enough time to focus on the core tasks of property management.

With a virtual assistant completing tasks in the background, your property manager will have more time to focus on the most important things for your business.

Let’s say a good portion of your property manager’s day is spent responding to tenants’ maintenance requests. Virtual assistants can help by taking over most of the back-office tasks that take away your property manager’s ability to focus on those maintenance requests.

A Virtual Assistant can take over messaging clients about future appointments, confirming with clients that they’ll be available during showings, taking messages for your property manager, etc. With a property managers having more time on their hands, they can therefore spend more time focused on the 20% of tasks that are most important for your real estate business. For your business, that means more time to focus on marketing strategies, attracting new renters for your properties, and increasing tenant retention rates.

3. A VA reduces operational costs for your business.

As a real estate business owner, you may be thinking of adding another property manager to help with the responsibilities of running that business. Instead of hiring another property manager, why not consider a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a fraction of the cost of hiring another property manager. Hiring a virtual manager also means savings on things like equipment, space, upkeep, and many others. That means less worries about overhead costs and more money for your real estate business.

And with top talent at a reduced cost, you’ll be able to afford more, giving your business the opportunity to grow even further.

4. VA customer service experience means more efficiency in customer handling.

In addition to completing tasks, your virtual assistant can provide a positive customer service experience for clients and prospects. Virtual assistants are trained in customer service. They’re familiar with the protocols of communication and can be counted on to follow up on a schedule you’ve outlined. By handling these tasks effectively, they boost your company’s productivity.

5.  World-class VA skills mean better ways of doing things.

A virtual assistant can also share their skills and knowledge with your property manager. Many of these professionals have years of experience in multiple areas.

Let’s take a virtual assistant with experience in social media as an example. If your property manager isn’t quite sure how to handle the promotion of your properties, your virtual assistant can help. They can go through all of the available social media outlets and identify the best

ones for you to use to promote your business. Even better, they can teach your property manager the best practices in the industry for doing so!

A real estate virtual assistant is a fantastic employee to have on your team. They can take care of various tasks for your property manager, saving time for the most important tasks in your business. Virtual assistants are professionals at handling customer service, they’re great for sharing their skills and knowledge with your property manager, and can even provide you with new insights on how to do things better!

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