What Is An E2 Visa Business Plan?

An E2 business plan is a necessary document for the E2 application process. The plan aims to showcase the validity of your business by proving that it is legitimate and will turn a profit. Ultimately you need to show that your business meets the requirements of E2 visas.

You want to spell out what your goals are, your methods for market research, and any other definitive plans for the success of your business. If your company has yet to begin, you must also prove that it has real potential to generate enough money to support its employees along with yourself and your dependents. Furthermore, your plan needs to demonstrate your investor capability and the positive influence it will have on the economy.

Your goal is to show that your business can benefit the US economy. While some of this plan will require your own research and creativity, there are certain fundamentals you’ll want to include, regardless. In this article, we describe what precisely an E2 visa business plan is and the basics of what you should include.

Your E2 Visa Plan Needs The Basics

It is essential that you ensure that your E2 visa business plan contains the basics needed to meet all of the requirements. No matter how unique and well-thought-out your plan is, you must meet the criteria to proceed further.

Below are some essentials you’ll want to have included in your plan.

  • A plan to create the funds you need over a five-year period
  • A projection of sales included in a table format for the same duration
  • Another table outlining available jobs and their descriptions, the salaries they reflect, and how you plan to hire individuals for various jobs
  • Include a table showcasing the income you take home from the business
  • Estimated income and balance data

Include The Templates For A Standard Plan

Your business plan should look no different from a standard business plan. You’ll include your objectives, mission statement, sales forecast, and other essential components of a traditional business plan. You can find summary examples online to receive more assistance with creating your E2 visa business plan in general.

Get A Professional On Board

To showcase your strong capability to successfully carry out your business and meet its goals, hiring professionals to help write your plan is something to consider seriously. If English is not your native language, consider hiring someone in the field to help you write your plan.

Look For Affordable Options

Look into companies that offer flexibility in their revision prices. Some companies include no limits to the revisions needed in the total cost. The formatting and grammar accuracy of your plan is also critical.

Hire Help For The Best Outcomes

Your E2 visa business plan is a significant component of your E2 visa application as it makes or breaks your acceptance and ability to live within the US based on these contingencies. For the best outcomes, contact a financial or business professional to get started writing your E2 visa business plan.

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