Lessons we should learn from Shradha Sharma

Every story deserves to be told and heard – the line behind why she started Yourstory.com a platform for emerging entrepreneurs to share their business stories. You need not spend lakhs to reach people if you have an interesting story then Yourstory is ready to reach you more. Shradha Sharma founder and CEO of Yourstory not only got many stories to tell us but also some lessons we should learn from her.

1.Make use of opportunity

When she was working in a private television network  she found many youngsters with their own interesting startup’s stories but didn’t find any platform or networks to listen to them she made the situation favor to her and the first one to listen to their stories who are all not even familiar to outside world.

Every day in every happenings life is giving us some opportunity but we are indifference to that whether it is negative or positive happening to you it is an opportunity think what you can make from it.

2.Believe in your idea

When she shared her idea of starting Yourstory.com her colleagues felt there was no advertising opportunity in collecting stories of unknown entrepreneurs.

But she felt and believed in her own idea coupled with confidence she started Yourstory now it is making unknown entrepreneurs popular.

You can get a suggestion from your friends but you have to take final decision many great ideas are left in the idea stage itself simply because of suggestions from our circle remember one thing recognized ideas are failing nowadays.

3.Start small and grow big

She started it as a small blog at night, with patience and continues effort she made it big after seven years.

Everyone wants to become rich and famous nothing wrong in it but to reach that one day be patient and start from the basic.

4.Work relentlessly

There was no work-life balance even after her married life she explained “it was a traumatic experience for her husband to be with her” she worked in day and night relentlessly with only one objective in mind.

Nothing comes easy the big you dream the hard you have to work ,We dream in a night and work for one week if we don’t get any fruitful result we will give up but it was not the case with her she worked hard when Yourstory was an infant and now it is a superhero.

5.Ladies don’t step out

Shradha Sharma and her husband never worked together they respect each other’s independence in their work. Even after marriage, she pursued her passion didn’t give up like a normal woman.

Mostly women step back from her interest to save her marriage and future family.

Marriage is just an event you are getting an additional support from a man to support your interest, don’t give up because you are married. Make your children and husband proud of you.

We feel these are the five important learnings from the story of Yourstory founder ,If you feel some more are there please comment down below we will add it up.

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