3 important keys to success followed by successful people : self development

Let me clear you one thing first this post “3 important keys to success followed by successful people” is not about becoming successful by making more money than your peers.

Here success is defined as “achieving your aim”.

Aim can be anything some wants to stop their receding hairline, some want to score more marks, few wants to live a healthy life, many wants to overcome their personal problem and obviously to become rich.

You might have read so many articles on key to success followed by successful people but most of them were talking about the external factors to be corrected but here we discuss three important internal factors to be successful in any venture.

Everybody has a dream in their life, I mean everybody but how many of them are really achieving it only a few isn’t?

For instance, many young intelligent guys want to quit their job and to start the business but only 2% of the wannapreneurs are becoming entrepreneurs. But why?

External factors can be many but the only internal factor is fear.

Fear is the supremo which constantly reminds him not to take a risk by inducing negativity in his subconscious mind. Successful people overcome this negative power by decreeing their subconscious mind in the right direction.

You are interested to know how isn’t? continue reading….

Keys to success followed by successful people

1.Successful people believe

Whatever your positive aim can be you should believe it is plausible and not harmful to you and anyone.

Everyone has the right to dream need not lessen it for any bad reason.

Whenever you think of achieving your dream say to buy a luxury car your mind will suddenly stop you there and tells “You cannot afford it because it is costly” and being a normal human being we accept the fact and move on. This “I cannot” thought is created by your conscious mind.

But successful people will decree their subconscious mind “I can buy it” they won’t listen to what their conscious mind says.

They are very much aware their financial condition is not suitable right now to afford the car but in near future, they will do.

Only if you believe your idea you will act to achieve it.

In the beginning, itself if you accept “I cannot” and 100% I am sure you cannot do it at any time.

You have the right to dream so dream big irrespective of your surrounding factors and believe you can do and you will achieve it like successful people.

Don’t think this is an overconfident statement. The confident level varies from people to people based on their believing capacity and perspective.

If an average ranked boy believes he could score the first rank it may sound over confident to others but for him it is confident.

2.Remind yourself every day

A mere belief is not going to help you achieve the dream you must constantly train your mind to realize what you dreamt.

In history, people had cured dangerous diseases without medications only through training their subconscious mind in the positive direction.

The real reason behind the success of your prayer is you are repetitively telling your mind what you want it can be any god. It’s not your prayer but your subconscious mind is doing miracles.

You might have heard successful people saying, always obsess about your dream during the day, night, lunch and at any time.

Some people advise followers to write your dream on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket. Whenever you feel low take the paper and read out or regularly everyday morning this is because to remind your mind to stick with the goals not to deviate.

Late Abdul kalam interpreted his famous saying, “Dream big” The dream which I meant will never allow you to sleep it will force you to follow your goals even while sleeping.

Remind yourself every day about your goal your mind will automatically create the situation as you imagined.

Some sports agencies hire after dinner sports speaker for their sports functions to enlighten, encourage and entertain the players. Karren Brady is one of the most prominent and succesful sports speaker with a great past record.

3.One of the important keys to success is to work on it.

Your subconscious mind will create the positive environment to realize your dream but you must work to achieve it.

The step two (Remind yourself every day) will give you energy in a tired mind and body to work. Without energy, you cannot do work.

But without work, your dream cannot be realized.

All successful people believed their idea, brought positivity in their mind and worked to make it real.

This is the main reason why successful people advise others to follow their passion because when you follow your passion you work longer time but never feel tired and you won’t even go to bed.

Passionate entrepreneurs work up to 3 am in the morning or wake up at 3 am in the morning to work on their idea it is not the desire to make money is driving them but the passion they have.

You can take any successful people they have the long day compared to common man means either they wake up early or go to bed very late. But still, they maintain their healthy lifestyle.

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Success is not unattainable by a positive mind which believes and works on her/his dream.

You too can become successful if you believe and work.

Even in your employment follow the rule “Love it or leave it” if you love the job stay there else leave it because you cannot become successful if you force yourself to work.

To learn about your subconscious mind in detail you can read the popular book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr.Joseph Murphy. You will also learn how people hypnotize others.

I believe these keys to success will also be yours and do share this to your dreaming friends.

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