Ladies Hand Bags – 7 Tips to Choose Right one

Handbags are one of the important things in a woman’s life. No matter what you buy, you would keep all of them in a handbag especially when you go out. People would notice your handbag after your beauty, dress and other ornaments.

Handbags are sometimes called as second attire of a woman in social gatherings. So it is always better to choose a good quality handbag which talks more about you and your stature.

Most women keep their eyes on the latest fashion trends and designs, many a times they end up buying bags which are of the latest models but may not suit their figure. This is one of the most common mistakes we do. Most designer handbags are tempting to buy if you are not really sure if it suits you or not.

Instead of buying a bag looking at the brand, designs and styles you should choose the right handbag that matches your body type, skin color etc. You don’t need to be a professional fashion designer to choose the best handbags for you.

Let us see some tips that can give you some focus on this.

Tips to Choose Right Hand Bags :
1. Right Size of the Handbag :

Choosing the right size of the handbag is the first thing you should consider before buying it. No matter how elegant and stylish a handbag you carry, it doesn’t look fashionable if it doesn’t suit your figure.

If you are petite and short, choose small handbags that works well with your outfit. Selecting big handbags will make you look smaller. If you are slim and tall, avoid these small bags. You can go for bulky, mid size and large handbags that will be best suit for your stature. Click here to check out some models.

Tips to Choose Ladies Hand Bags
2. Right Shape of the Handbag :

Choosing the right shape of the handbag is the first thing you should consider before buying it. It really helps to enhance and change your overall look.

Make sure that the shape of the handbag is opposite of your body type. If you are tall and slim, go for a rounded bag that best matches your look. If you are short, buy a rectangular and tall bag that makes your look elevated. Click here to check some bags of different shapes.

3. Right Color for your Outfit :

Its now time to choose the best color once you have selected the right shape and size of the handbag. Buy a handbag that has dominant colors that matches most of your clothes or you can go for a plain handbag with just one color.

Black is a neutral color and it always comes in fashion and style. White and Brown colors are also advisable as they can match with most of your clothes colors.


If you want to try something different you can go for see through bag, which can add some elegance to your looks and can make you look special in a group. Click here to check Guess See Thru Hand Bags.

Tips to Choose Ladies Hand Bags – See Thru Bags
HandBags Reflects Your Personality :

1. Its all about you : There are hundreds of varieties of handbags in the market but you have to choose the one which suits you the best and adds value to your overall appearance and represents own unique style.

2. Your Dress : The first thing you should consider is the dress you are going to wear especially if you are going for a night party or a function. The dress and handbag should be compatible with each other and should not outshine one another.

3. More about you : You should also consider your personality and skin color while choosing a good handbag like the way you choose the dress. Every dress and personality has a bag.

Tips to Choose Ladies Hand Bags

4. Main Purpose : Apart from the above points, you should also choose the handbags based on the purpose. What do you normally carry in handbag? How much time you spend for traveling? If you travel more, it is better to choose a bigger one to keep the necessary items, makeup stuff, sunscreen lotions, face wash etc. If you are going for a party near by, it is better to take a small and stylish looking one.

It is always better to have multiple handbags of different varieties especially if you are a social person and attends functions or parties quite often.

Latest Ladies Hand Bags Models in the market :

There are thousands of varieties of handbags available in the market and is impossible to talk about each and everyone. Click here to see all the latest ladies handbags in the market.

Brands like MK, Espelho, Baggit, Guess, American Tourister, Spice Art, Tortoiseare more popular in this segment.

Expensive Fashion Bags : While some women choose bags based on their budget, some women buy only designer handbags. Designer ladies handbags are very expensive but they view them as a fashion investment. They want to look more trendy and grabs public attention. Click here to see expensive ladies fashion handbags.

Best Place to Buy Latest Women Handbags :

The trend is online. Just browse hundreds of bags available on the net using your mouse. No need to hit the traffic, go to shop after shop and face awkward looks of the sales guys.

Do your window shopping through your windows operating system computer. Buy whatever you want and get them door delivered for FREE and with 30 days replacement warranty.

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Hope you will buy a good hand bag that suits you and impresses others as well. Come back and drop us a comment on your experience once you buy a new handbag. Check out the links I provided above for better discounts. All the Best !

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