7 Ways to Earn Money Online during Covid – 19 Pandemic

Dear leaders, we have plunged with the evil now. We did not have any illusion about the covid 19 pandemics. We come across the worst situations around and even now trying to defeat the battle of the pandemic. Many of our lives went into puzzled and finding a way to bring them back into the normal picture.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, many were lost their jobs, many IT & MNC’s fired employees from the domain. This bought changes in families and started fluctuating their income level too. They found it difficult to run the family. In this regard, many of our family members were planned to do jobs or work online.

Adding to this, even students started to earn online. But the thing is that they were unaware of the righteous platform to work and earn money. So now we are here to guide you about how to earn money online during the pandemic?

Check out! Here and make sure you utilize this – 

1. Sell the pieces of stuff

You might be good at making handcrafts or some hand paintings and best from waste. This can unleash your talent and through this, you can start marketing online under your portfolio. Get the orders from customers through social media platforms, then sell them and earn a certain rate of amount.

2. Finding a part-time gig

Even though this was not soo glamorous to make money but, if you wanted to earn extra money then this workout well. You can store down some groceries or natural items and can sell them whenever there is a need in the market.

3. Childcare services

You can offer childcare services in your own space. Some of the parents who cannot take care of their children due to work pressure or work timings can admit their children to the childcare centers. Through this, you can take care of their children and can earn minimum fee pay.

4. Transferring skills and expertise

If you were good at your skills then start earning from your passion. Make use of your passion, teach or transfer it to the needy ones and start earning your income. Create the online learning platform, start getting your students who want to learn, and share your learnings with them. This brings not only income but can enrich your experience.

5. Investments

Online investments are now on-trend. Start investing in your savings and make them get doubled the amount. Invest wisely, don’t trust the fake sites blindly, and don’t be greedy too. Invest in stocks or shares could give you a better income.

6. Freelance jobs

This was going on vogue now. You can observe on social media platforms like LinkedIn, youtube, Instagram, and so on. That freelance had got wonderful opportunities, they were hunting with their passion and getting paid.

7. Filling the survey forms

Do you believe that filling the survey forms can earn extra money? Yes, you can. It takes hardly a few minutes to fill the questionnaires and for this, you get rewarded with a certain amount. Here you can expect the huge pay but some bonus points.


Finally, I think the above ideas gave you a rough idea of making money online even in a pandemic situation. Come on! Start earning now and reach your demands. “live independently, find happiness within you”.

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