5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Startup Business Growth

The most difficult challenge for a startup business is defining and communicating with its target audience. You must answer the two most important questions: the two most important questions you must answer are how to actively engage with your target audience and how to grow your following.

Don’t mix up engagement and likes or followers. You need active viewers who interact with you on social media, share your content with their network, and eventually become customers who contribute to your bottom line.

This blog will assist you in growing your startup by implementing 5 video marketing techniques.

Increase Participation in Online Competitions

Everyone enjoys answering a simple question or tagging a few friends in order to win a fantastic prize in a contest. Examples of popular social media contests include:

  • Requesting that participants leave a comment on a blog post
  • Create an intriguing caption for a post.
  • Multiple-choice answers are provided for trivia questions.
  • Submit a photo using a specific theme and technique.

To ensure the success of such activities, you must:

  • Encourage participation by publicizing the contest on your social media platforms, website, and through promotional emails.
  • To ensure customer conversion, prizes should be related to your product or service. If you are a financial services company, for example, you could offer a one-year free subscription to your financial planning services as a prize.
  • Send product mailers with exclusive offers to all participants, including those who did not win. Make it a habit to thank everyone who has helped them feel appreciated.
  • To get the best results from video marketing, learn the rules of each platform. Don’t make a single video and share it across all social media platforms. The concept of one size fits all does not apply here. 

Increase Your Visibility by Responding Actively.

If you ignore a potential customer, you will lose them forever. All of your marketing and creativity will be futile if you do not respond to your viewers’ questions or comments.

You must respond within a few minutes or within a day. Your response should not sound computer generated, and the tone should be relevant to the viewer’s question or comment.

Make it a habit to thank and acknowledge people who participate in your social media platform. When viewers see their names on your platform, they feel more connected and engage more.

In this way, you can increase your brand’s visibility and customer base.

Offer Your Audience Value

If you believe that automated posts on various social media platforms will increase your followers, you are mistaken. Because the demands and needs of various social media platforms differ, you must tailor your content accordingly.

You must share the experiences of current customers who have benefited from your products. Share actual photos because visuals have a higher potential for engagement than plain text messages.

For your target audience to return to your channel, your content must add value to their lives. Each social media platform should have its own digital marketing strategy.

Provide Variation and Excitement

If your banners, photos, or posts are repetitive and lack new ideas, your following will stagnate and eventually decline. Viewers want variety, whether it’s in your profile photo or your landing page banner.

To keep the viewer’s interest, keep updating and upgrading your profile photos, banners, and posts.

Investigate current trends that your followers are interested in, and then create engaging posts that subtly highlight your brand. A behind-the-scenes video of your staff or a photo of you while on vacation will likely pique their interest.

Using the image to videos feature provided by video-making platforms, you can turn all of your travel photos into an exciting movie.

Use Eye-Catching Visuals to Draw Attention

When visiting a social media page, viewers are always looking for eye-catching and vibrant visuals. You increase your chances of attracting more followers by using stunning visuals and informative text to complement the visual.


Video marketing is a powerful tool for introducing yourself to your target audience and expanding your startup. There are video-creation platforms that provide a plethora of templates, animation, and music to help you create a professional-looking video in less than 5 minutes. Make your startup famous by creating a video!

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