Get Your Domain Registered Successfully: Here are 4 Essential Tips

An excellent marketing channel is a key driver of any kind of business. A website is the best method to market your product or service. An informative website attracts customers, and it makes your business unique. The very first step towards developing a great website is the domain registration,whichprotect your website from copying or other misuses. Before registering your domain, you have to find out a recognisable domain name for your website as it is an identity of your services. A domain name is an extension of your website name. 

Many domain names are available. You have to search for the most recognisable and common domain name and check its availability for your website. Registering a domain and finding the best domain name is not easy as it represents a brand. To register domain, you can approach any reliable registrar that can suit your business or personal needs. Here are some important things that you need to remember before registering a domain. 

1. Always go for .com

Many top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .org, .net, etc., are popularly used. Among this .com is the most common one. People are familiar with the .com extension that when they type the URL by default they use .com. It will be advisable to have .com as an extension for your business website if it is available. Otherwise, you can go for the other options.

You can select extension name according to the purpose of your website. If it is a commercial organisation, you can use .com and if it is for educational institution, you can choose .edu. If your target customers are in New Zealand, you can choose .nz or its variations like  

2. Choose a brandable name

Branding is crucial for the long-term existence of a business. If you are using a branded name for your website, it helps to escalate your brand value.  A brand name makes your business unique. As the name is more familiar, it will be easy to pronounce. Most customers prefer easy-to-remember brand names.

3. Have a short and simple domain name

When you choose a domain name for registration, you have to be very careful in selecting simple and short domain names. People are more comfortable in using simple names. Try to limit to 8-10 characters in a domain name. Avoid hyphens as it is very difficult to remember and pronounce. Choose simple domain names which attract people.

4. Research your domain name

Before you register a domain, try to find out whether any other registered business is using the same domain name. If you are choosing a name without doing research and if somebody is using the same name, it may badly affect your business. It may also lead to legal issues. To avoid such a situation, select a unique domain name for your business.

You can also try to find a reliable registrar as there are many online services available. If your registrar is not trustworthy, then it may affect your business when you renew your domain name as he may charge you very high for it.

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