How to find the best content writers in Chennai?

Actually, why do you need to find the best content Writers to promote your brand? Is it that much important? Yes. Data says, 93% of buying journey starts searching online and 71% of buyers prefer to buy from the business which provides the solution, not the sales pitch.

To appear as a thought leader content marketing is one of the best cheap solutions available for small business to gain the customer loyalty.

If you are a bootstrapped business you may think why do I need the best content writers, why can’t I? Continue reading to know why.

Reading online is different from reading for pleasure”, in online people look for specific content what they are searching for. Only 20% of the content is read and remaining 80% is skimmed.

Online readers need a different treatment than pleasure readers. To give a special treatment we need an expert in the field. To be an expert or to find an expert we need to know something and the importance of the field.

You might have come across the popular saying, “How do you recruit people for the job if you have never done the job before”. So this post is created with an agenda of helping small business owners to find best content writers in Chennai not to notify where to find them.

Content marketing has become the critical online marketing strategy for any brands to tell their stories. Specifically, online content marketing has become the vital tool for small business owners to communicate with their audience.

Big brands with big pocket look for branding so they prefer outbound content marketing like newspaper advertisements, hoardings, and Television commercials their idea is to generate both brand visibility and leads whereas the small business owners need leads to run their business not branding.

Because it is cost effective and easy to operate bootstrapped businesses are completely relied on online content marketing strategy.

Content can be in any form images, videos, text, infographic, etc., a media file you create to tell your story is content.

Based on your vision and mission you need to choose the right medium to tell your story. Ideally, I would suggest making use of all the formats to cover your dispersed audience.

After reading many articles and visualizing the success rates of the blog start-ups started adopting blogging as a vital way to promote their content. Thanks to WordPress.

Blogging is chosen to secure a rank in the search page result for a selected keyword. But in 20xx you cannot say that your audience is searching only on Google, nowadays people started searching on Youtube as the second largest search engine. Searchers using exactly the same phrase to search on Youtube and willing to learn visually. Why don’t you make a Youtube channel?

It’s not only Google SRP and Youtube other social media platforms are also equally important to cover up the targeted eyeballs like Slideshare, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and many.

Both Slideshare and Pinterest are the under-estimated marketing tool by Indian digital marketers. Actually the lifetime of your content on Pinterest is higher than any other medium which means the higher ROI.

If you are willing to open a Pinterest business account then this small ebook “Pin on Pinterest” where the importance of Pinterest, Aiding tools, Tips and Tricks are discussed with examples will be helpful for you.

Ideally, I would suggest you to have a presence in all the media at least it helps in getting your business index in search result page. By default Pinterest boards, Slideshare presentation, Facebook Pages are indexed by Google for the keywords related to your business.

Below is the most famous social networking sites worldwide rankedby active users (in millions) by Statista.

most popular social network sites

The motto behind the creation of any online content is to make people share your content so that you get the maximum out of it. But to make the content shareable it has to address your customer’s grievances or satisfies their expectation or funny or educating.

As I mentioned earlier online readers are different from pleasure readers they need a different treatment from a different master.

Many saas companies understood the importance of content writers so they started a separate editorial team to write and community managers to manage the account.

If you are a small business owner you might have already worn hats with multiple feathers, please don’t add one more feather to your hat. Find the best content writers or hire an agency.

When it comes to finding freelancers or agencies for any job, commonly we will go through their portfolio and testimonials.

But here in this post, we discuss the traits of best content writers so that you can find the best content writers in Chennai, it’s not about where to find.

Traits of the best content writers

1.”Readers don’t mind how your vocabulary is” You might have read some articles in the newspaper or in online blogs which you cannot understand the sentence without the help of a dictionary. Referring the dictionary frequently will spoil the mood of reading the passage.

Actually using tough words never going to boost your brand image or it solves the idea of content creation.

Research says your content should be as simple as the 11th-grade student should able to read and understand the business communication.

It is the content writer’s mindset that using complex sentences will give them elite stature though it is, the best content writers try to communicate it in a simple language.

2. Best content writers know SEO, you are hiring them to write for the web. The return on investment of your content will be higher when it is crafted with SEO.

SEO people will look for one related keyword and design the content around the specific keyword, though it doesn’t reflect on your search traffic immediately, in the long run, it will effect.

Having a long-term plan in the mind is very important in any investment you make, believe me, content writers with SEO knowledge can deliver that.

SEO is vast and SEO content optimization is just a leaf. I am not an SEO expert but super strong in optimizing a content that’s the reason many of my articles hit Google first page for many competitive keywords which ultimately brings me more business through sponsored content.

3.Subject knowledge of the content writers, they may be good in picking and organizing the right words to make the content readable but if your content fails to educate the audience then you will lose the chances of being a thought leader.

For example, if you are a real estate company you need the best content writers with in-depth real estate knowledge, only then you can top the game.

Listening to what is happening on the internet is important to adhere to the trend.

Tips for Successful content marketing  

 1.Measure the effort

It’s not only content marketing in any marketing you need to define the purpose, measure the effort and evaluate it.

best content writers in chennai

Check whether your contents are yielding the best result as per your definition.

2.Plan for Long-term

Always have a longer vision in your marketing plans that too especially in content marketing.

For example, if you are looking for best content writers to curate a content for your blog, this content will take many months to yield the result but you have to wait patiently.

3. Enjoy doing content marketing

Don’t push yourself and invest in content marketing because your competitors are doing just enjoy the pleasure of educating your audience through the piece of content.

The reader may not be your immediate client but for sure in future.

4.Engage with individuals on their own terms

Don’t create content for what you want to say create content for what your consumers want to hear or read.

Don’t copy the message from your competitors create content based on the interaction with real buyers.

5.Be channel specific

You cannot share the same content on all the platforms. Each platform need different treatments, a blogging content needs to be detailed and one-stop solution for what your customers are searching for.

A social media post should be crisp and address the current trend in your business.

Be specific for what you are creating.

Are you looking for the best content writers in Chennai or anywhere across? Drop your details we connect you with the best content writers in Chennai. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us on Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.

4 Essential real estate agent tools to improve productivity

Tools are deployed in our daily activities to make the human job easier either hardware or software. No more physical hard-work is required by human creatures to complete the task rather we need an intellectual mind to pick the right tool for the right job in any field.

Technology is revolutionizing every field to make the process easier and faster and real estate is not counted out.

Real estate is an exception which allows an unknown third person to sell the property and get the commission cut. A lot of opportunities for individuals to earn huge from a single transaction.

It’s not only in primary sale, real estate agents participation is more in a secondary and rental transaction where the supply and demand are in harmony.

A lot of individuals are doing this business as a freelancer and making a good fortune but there are few agents who do this business with office setup and telesales team, completely professional.

This article “Essential real estate agent tools” is applicable to individual or a team.

Being in real estate industry for more than three years I found many successful real estate agents using marketing tools to make the process easier and efficient and they are very successful.

Enough Said…….

Let’s dive into the topic 4 Essential Real Estate Agent Tools

1.Demand Finder

It’s not only in real estate in any business if you pool your investment without primary research it will end up in the capital lock.

Real estate agent business is more of marketing business than manufacturing segment. Here an agent won’t build a property but acts as a channel partner and help the builder in selling the property. He works on commission basis.

Since he is working on commission basis he won’t get any capital support from the respective builder to start the marketing campaign.

He needs to invest from his own pocket, the risk involved is high. So before signing up with any builder a real estate agent should study the demand and supply of the market.

Property articles or locality reviews in dailies will help to a certain extent but won’t give you a live or very recent demand in the locality.

Magicbricks Demand Heatmap

In India builders, real estate agents or investors can study the locality demand on Magicbricks.

real estate agent tools
Magicbricks Demand Heat Map

For example:

If I want to know the property( sale/ rental) demand in Andheri, just go to Magicbricks select Buy/Rent and make a search for Andheri.

You will end up seeing the properties listed out in magicbricks, this search result shows you the supply in the locality Andheri, but how do you find the demand in the locality.

Simple, In the desktop version on the right side you will find the map view, just click the map view, your screen will change accordingly then under Heat Map select Demand.

A demand heat map will be displayed based on the demand in the Andheri and nearby locality.

This data will really help you to find the right locality to invest in. Based on the demand number you can allocate the marketing spend.

This is an important real estate agent tool to forecast the market demand.

2.Project Finder

It’s the second most important tool for real estate agent.

Once the demand in a locality is identified he needs to approach the projects in the particular locality to tie up with builders.

Again with the help of online portals you can easily identify the best projects.

Login to magicbricks or 99acres you will find many numbers of projects with contact details simply contact them.

Things to be considered before you choose the project

1.Visit the project in person and understand the neighborhood there are a lot of unsold stocks available in the market because of the neighborhood and amenities.

If you invest in those properties you cannot get a return.

2.Make sure the builder is quoting the locality price.

If the price per sqft is much higher than the locality average price then it will be near impossible to sell a single unit.

I know a promoter personally who spent lakhs in marketing a project with higher per sqft rate and ended up in the loss and still the project is unsold.

3.Make sure both you and builder are not promoting the same project in the same medium.

For example: if you both are advertising the project in online portals you both may end up in getting the same lead and the confusion prevails.

If you are an agent from Chennai you can list out your business on – A Chennai based one-stop solution for product or services need. Here individual owner of the property or builders can post their requirements to find the agents.

3.Real estate agent tools for advertising

A potential property buyer will never take a bike and roam street by street to find where the construction is happening to find a right property.

Technology enabled real estate buyers to choose the property of their choice from the comfort of home.

There are a lot of ways to advertise your property but only a few ways are found lucrative with high ROI.

For example:

A traditional way of keeping hoardings in streets will only help the renowned developers to generate leads, not for unpopular developers. A buyer won’t roam in the street to find the banners.

Giving advertisement in a newspaper is one of the potential outbound ways to generate quality leads but the cost of advertisement is comparatively higher than the online marketing.

In papers, if you spend few thousands for one day you will end up in ten to twenty calls but if you spend only thousand per day in online you will get hundreds of leads.

When it comes to online targeted advertisement its wise for agents to choose the leading online portals like Magicbricks rather than approaching independent digital marketing agencies.

4.Lead Nurturing tools for real estate agents

Lead nurturing is as equally important as lead generation.

The job of your sales team actually begins when they start nurturing the leads.

Leads can be generated from online portals or through any outbound methods but if you don’t put a right individual or team to follow the cases then all your marketing expenditures go waste.

There are many lead management tools for agents to manage their leads like Magicbrick’s SmartDiary, a mobile CRM which capture the leads from magicbricks and help you to follow it up in an effective way.

You can use ZOHO CRM to capture and nurture the leads up to 10 users it is completely free for small-scale businesses.

You can use ZOHO CRM to store the customer details, integrate with Twitter, Facebook or with other online portals to capture the lead directly to CRM and from there you can assign the lead to the individual.

From a single dashboard, you can follow the activities happening in any of your sales team accounts.

Do you want to suggest any tools? Comment down below.

4 luxury real estate marketing ideas

Luxury real estate marketing is the most challenging segment for real estate marketers to take their product to the right individual.

Like budget segment you know who your potential customer for the project is but unlike budget segment, it is not easy to reach them.

Why is this segment audience so difficult to reach?

For example, a builder promoting a flat in the price bracket of 50lakhs to one crore can easily advertise his property in online portals like Magicbricks and 99acres or through hoardings and many ways are there.

He knows his potential customers are working class segment who all affords to pay the loan. This corporate working class segment will easily share their numbers and they don’t worry about getting promotional calls.

But when the same builder promotes a property worth 5cr-10cr he knows the potential buyers are top corporate executives and entrepreneurs who don’t need a loan to purchase this property.

The main challenge with this people is they don’t share their contact number easily.

The reason behind why they don’t share their number is, we can do a lot of business with the number.

Just imagine you can call him for insurance, you can call him to sell a luxury car, you can call him to become a club member and we can sell many things.

In my experience, I have witnessed proprietors of 5crore turnover business is also hesitating to disclose his contact number to the outside world then think of 500 or 1000crore turnover people.

Then when do they share their contact?

They will share their contact when your offering matches their requirements.

In a luxury real estate marketing, builders instead waiting for buyers to contact they need to make sure their number reaches potential people.

So in luxury real estate marketing, an outbound kind of marketing ideas are much appreciated. Here outbound means not hoardings and pamphlets but the selective medium like print and television.

Being in this industry for few years I found some mechanism that works well for luxury real estate marketing.

If you have any contradictions please comment down below.

1.Selective print medium for luxury real estate marketing

In metro cities at peak traffic, you might have noticed one common thing top executives are doing inside their car.


Yes, they read a newspaper that too specifically business articles in detail.

When it comes to an advertisement on newspaper common real estate marketers promote their product in property segments like property plus or Times properties but in luxury real estate marketing you need to promote your property in the business article page.

The core concept of any advertisement is to cover maximum eyeballs. If your audience eyeballs are reading business pages then you should obviously promote your property on the page.

You have two options in print medium either promote it in a regular business segment or promote it in exclusive business papers like Economic Times and Business Line.

Though the cost of advertising is higher the visibility and advantages are also equally in higher side.

If you have a big pocket you can choose front full-page advertisement for higher visibility.

In this way, you can take your contact number to buyers.

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2.Buy verified leads 

You might have come across the database packages small-scale builders buy and do tele-calling where the rate of conversion is very very low.Out of 100 calls, they might end up in one site visit.

Most of these leads are collected in trade fairs where 90% are window shoppers. It is collected in such a way that to enter the event hall it is mandatory to leave their contact number and email address.

But the lead I am suggesting to buy for luxury real estate marketing is verified and high quality one where the rate of conversion is high and closing time is also minimal.

Where to buy?

There are few online reputed portals like magicbricks where these people post their requirements along with contact details.

But to access these contact details builders need to subscribe to a package of verified leads (different names in different portals).It works on a credit basis in some portals.

For example you can buy 50 credits for one month. Whenever you contact the builder either through SMS or email a credit from your subscription will be deducted.

luxury real estate marketing
This how verified leads work

All the reputed portals have access to this details with the concern of buyers.

3.First in industry experience centers

It is the first time in an industry that magicbricks introduced a real-time experience center to display your luxury property to high net worth income people.

An innovative artificial intelligence solution targeted exclusively HNIs put up in an airport and high-end malls where top executives walk in and spend ample time viewing your property.

For example, an experience center in Bangalore targeted purely business people traveling across the cities where they can spend enough time with your property after checking in.

Like Magicbricks experience center there are many property displayers across the country but only a few are targeting luxury class and magicbricks experience center is the one.

To know more about experience center please go through this video.

This experience center is not the one-stop solution for luxury real estate marketing but it is one of the solutions without a doubt.

These are the three high ROI luxury real estate marketing ideas to my knowledge if you any please comment down we will add it up.

4.Remarketing is one of the best ways to do luxury real estate marketing.

Hope you have the basic understanding of remarketing concept. If not

What is remarketing: For example, you are logging into Amazon and viewing a product to buy but in between, you are dropping the idea of buying now because of any reason and closing the amazon window.

The moment you viewed the product, Amazon dropped a cookie in your system and wherever you go outside amazon that particular product banner will start following for a specific duration.

Amazon retargets their leads to convert them into customers.

You can find such kind of remarketing from all the established e-commerce portals.

The same concept can be applied to luxury real estate marketing also.

There are two ways you can do remarketing in real estate.

Option A: Google remarketing

To do Google remarketing you need to bring the audience to your website and from then your ad starts following them.

But the challenge here is how you bring potential buyers to your website which talks only about your projects.

There is no any strong reason why a buyer has to search your site and land on.

You are not creating a value or a reason to visit your site.

So implementing Google remarketing is not advisable.

Option B: Magicbricks iFollow – A remarketing tool for real estate

Magicbricks remarketing tool is an innovative concept which is designed in such a way to tap your competitor’s leads and locality-based potential buyers.

Magicbricks is affiliated with 500+ high traffic websites where your ads will keep following them.

How does Magicbricks iFollow work?

For example, You have property worth 10cr in Thane and you want to target people who are all interested in that budget.

So once you activated magicbricks iFollow, whenever buyers go to magicbricks and view your competitor’s projects in that budget range and locality, your ad will start following them.

Buyers will see your banner on 500+ sites like Facebook, Economic Times, The Hindu, IRCTC, Times of India, Tinder and many.

This will keep your property on top of mind of the potential buyers.

Magicbricks iFollow is really an excellent product for luxury real estate marketing.

It comes with two variants either you target your competitor’s projects or locality based.

When you activate locality based iFollow buyers looking for projects in your project’s locality will start seeing your ad. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us on Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.


Effective ways to do free advertising online 2018

Everyone is looking for some kind of popularity in this world.It is obvious if people follow money follows you. No matter what you do to attract an audience.

The same applicable to business, to create more footprints you need more footfalls but to invite more footfalls you need to take your brand to people where they are going.

Advertisers can choose either outbound or inbound advertising and sometimes both based on their expected outcome.

Outbound marketing will create brand impact but unfortunately, there are no strong tool or ways to measure the ROI.

Whereas inbound marketing on another hand can be measured and drive more sales compared to outbound.

Advertisers having big pocket will go for outbound marketing whereas the bootstrap one will pick an inbound way to drive sales.

Advertisement can take any media to achieve its needs. Advertisers are left with multiple options like TV, Print Media, the internet (mobile and desktop), hoardings, pamphlets, events and many.

According to Statista around 35.5% of the total spent is spent on television due to consumer preference and 18.9% spent on internet marketing for both mobile and desktop.

Free advertising online

The spent on the mobile advertisement is forecasted to increase over a period of time across the globe and it will capture more shares in the global advertising market.

It is in the blood of all marketers to get high ROI in any form of advertisement. Apparently when it comes to high returns online will be the first choice over any other medium.

For example: A simple calculation even a layman could easily understand, A property developer to advertise his property on Print media which has a circulation of 5lakhs costs you 25thousand or two days, so for 8 days they need to invest one lakh.

But when the same property developer displays his property on an online leading portal like Magicbricks, he gets more visibility for continuous one month at a competitive price.

You get calls from buyers only on the day of advertisement in print media whereas in online buyers can contact you anytime seeing your presence.

Like this, we can keep on piling up the advantages of online medium over tradition media.

Due to overwhelming responses and increasing traffic day over a day online portals also started charging high to deliver a countable number of leads. Though some leading portals provide freemium services the end result of any free services are not delivering like premium.

Brands with high cash flows can invest more in advertising but bootstrapped start-ups and small organizations need some effective ways to do free advertising online.

This post is compiled for the sake of businesses which fall into that category of doing free advertising online.

List of effective ways to do free advertising online


The main source of revenue for any small or established print media is only through advertisement and classifieds takes a major share in that.

You might have seen an annexure with the dailies in the weekend where ads are classified based on the locations and categories.

As the internet grows many websites are started to display advertisements exclusively where buyers can drop in to find the seller, it can be both individuals and small businesses.

The typical business model of any classified website is, it allows users to post their requirements for free but to top the listing advertisers need to pay a premium.

To advertise your business at the competitive price, list out your business on – A Chennai based one-stop solution for product or service search needs.

The cost of advertisement of any portal depends upon the respective site traffic rate.

For example, The cost of advertisement on MagicBricks is higher than 99acres because of their high traffic rate. As the number of users is high the chances of getting leads is also high for advertisers.

Most local and global classifieds are offering free services to post your requirements and products but to get some add-ons you need to pay little.

These portals only generate you handful of leads and the conversion of leads into prospect lies with the advertiser, not with the portals. But it is one of the best ways to do free advertising online.


2.Get free online PR

Putting your business name on any popular magazine for free is almost mere impossible but you can do it on popular websites which got more subscribers than the leading magazines.

You can send any kind of press releases like new product launches, new product features, organization structural changes or about your CSR activities to publish in the PR sites which will take the words to the outside world.

Few of the free PR websites which may be useful for your business.

1.1888 Press release 2.24-7 press release
3.Click Press 4.Free Press Release . com
5.Free Press release center . info 6.Newswire . com
7.indiaPRwire . com 8.newsWireToday . com
9.PR . com 10.PressExposure . com
11.Pressbox .co .uk 12.Briefingwire . com
13.DirectionsMag . com 14.DirectionsMag . com
15.onlinePRNews . com 16.PressReleasePoint . com
17.Scoopasia . com 18.FreePrnow . com


Craft an informative press release and send it to multiple sites to get notified by masses.

3.Find a niche blog

SocialMediaExaminer reported that 45% of marketers rely on blogging as the important piece of their content strategy.

Hubspot reported that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts.

B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t use.

Find out the popular blog in your niche and write a compelling proposal for a guest post. Do some basic research on the blog before start writing proposal.

Look for authoritative blogs which influence its readers through its words. It is difficult and competitive to get your article accepted but be patient if you get a green signal then you could actually do SEO wonders.

Parallelly try contacting mid-segment bloggers with a decent number of views and followers, it is easy to get consent from these bloggers.

I am receiving a lot of requests from businesses to publish an article on Socialtalky.I accept quality contents for free without any backlink and to post with backlink we charge a premium.

Follow some formal dialogue in your proposal, for example, look at the below proposal I received very recently.

free advertising online

You can write to to publish your article on socialtalky.

Just try this method it will definitely bring a good number of footfalls to your business.

4.Social Media Advertising

Being a marketer you might have read more about social media marketing and the impact it creates. I am not going to repeat it but putting some important facts.

Facebook is still the most widely used social media across the globe. It got 75% of male internet users and 83% of female internet users.22% of the world populations use Facebook.

Instagram got 38% of female users and 26% of male users.Female users are more on Instagram than men.

81% of millennials check twitter at least once per day(src: wordstream).

Rather than simply promoting your business posters and updates start sharing engaging contents like puzzles, memes, videos, fact sheets related your business.

Adopt and lead the trend in social media periodically. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us in Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.

5 valid points why print media is important for your campaign

Before start writing this post I just made a Google search to understand the present scenario of the print media in the digital world.

When I started typing why print media Google started suggesting related keywords “ Why print media is important ”,” Why print media is dying”, ”Why print media will never die”,” Why print media is still relevant in digital age”.

By looking at the search pattern I could realize that internet user’s subconscious mind telling them that print media is going to die soon and the replacer is an online medium which is against the reality.

Though Government and private institutions are pooling huge investments in making India digital it’s not going to happen tomorrow It takes more than a century to vanish the print media completely.

In fact, if you look at the statistics of any print media sales you can find the number of circulations in any given area is keep on increasing not decreasing or stagnant.

In both, the segment content is the king, the more and relevant content they publish the more the number of visitors or subscribers happen. The number of subscribers will bring many marketers to advertise their product on the magazine or website.

The main source of income of any content industry is advertisement either it is a blog or popular daily. This is the reason why monthly subscription charge is low for dailies and magazines.

The same concept is applicable to blog and TV industry more the visitors more the income.

The two important setbacks of print media claimed by the digital marketers are

1.Outbound marketing is not targeted and won’t drive sales and only to create brand awareness.

2.Print media doesn’t have tools to measure the effectiveness of the campaign which means ROI.

Though both seem to be technically right, marketers found meaningful statements to overcome this drawback.

Being in an advertising industry I feel there are many valid points to prove print media is important for your campaign and few are important.

5 Reasons why Print is important

1.The statement saying print media is not targeted one is completely wrong.

Print media is not only to create brand awareness it will also reach potential buyers.

For example a potential buyer who is looking for property in a locality never strict himself with online property portals but also go through advertisements on newspapers.

If he finds any property he will take the snapshot or save the page for his reference.

If hundred people are reading the newspaper and ten are potential buyers of the property they will save the paper and for remaining ninety people they created a brand awareness.

When these ninety people think of buying the property in future this brand will strike their mind and helps in easy conversion.

So there is a double benefit in print media 1.Sale and 2.Brand Impact.

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2.There are no ad blockers for Print media

Marketers following the market closely know how much damage adblocker is doing for the online advertising industry.

The growth of adblocker is in increasing phase in 2017, 27.5% of online users in the US have already installed ad blockers and in 2018 it is expected to be 30.1% and it will grow in future.

This increasing installation of adblockers urged Google to come up with their own adblockers which allow only ads adhere to the policy and blocks the rest.

If your potential buyer has installed adblockers then how can you target or reach him?

The only way is print media or any outbound marketing. There are no adblockers designed for offline advertisements.

Between, choosing the right channel for your product is very important for the successful campaign.

3.It is the right way to reach creamy layer

If you are a luxury property developer worth crore then your potential buyers are entrepreneurs or from top management.

Usually, these people won’t browse more though they do there will be adblocker installed because they don’t want ads to spoil their browsing experience.

But all these creamy layer people do one thing in common, they do read quality newspapers to keep an update of the market.

So, the product which targets creamy layer then print media is the best solution lying in front of them.

Pin On Pinterest

4.Improves your brand credibility

The cost of online marketing is much cheaper than outbound marketing.

The cost of displaying a front page full-size ad in the leading newspaper in the city will cost you from 90L to 1cr and half page size ad on any page cost you 40-50L and quarter page size ad cost you 20-30L for one day.

But with this budget, you can make millions of impressions on online advertisements for more than one day.

This cost factor made the online market open to anyone to advertise online whether your product is 100years old or 100hours old it doesn’t matter you can promote it.

Based on the keywords Google display ads on any website or videos irrespective of the quality of the content.

When you click on online ads few banners will land you up on spam page (not promoted by Google) which reduces the authenticity of online advertisements among users.

But on the other hand, in print media, advertisers can pick the medium based on the credibility, quality and the popularity of the media.

When people find your ads on the respective papers the trust and confidence on your brand will improve.

5.People living outside the box of internet

As per InternetLiveStats only 46.1% of world population are internet users and remaining 44% is not exposed to the internet.

As per stats from IMRB International, only 48% of people from rural India are using the internet and only 60% of the Urban population is using the internet. Which means 40% in Urban India are not internet users.

Because they are not using the internet it doesn’t mean they are not your customer. If they have need and money to buy your product then they are also your potential buyers.

To sell your product to that population you don’t have any other go than print media.

You might have found a question “How do you come to know about us? With few options” in after sale form. This is the standard method marketers are using to measure the performance of the outdoor advertising.

In this 50-50 world, both online and offline medium is important to drive sales. You cannot abandon one and adopt the second one completely. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us in Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.


14 Cheap ways to market your business

In this era, pretty much every person wants to run his or her own business. But the problem with that is there is too much competition in the market and every day people come with new techniques to market their business. Some work out, some don’t.

Either way, it is becoming increasingly important to be clever about the way you market your business. However, it can become really overwhelming at times especially if you have a limited amount to spend. So if your budget is tighter than the crack James Franco fell in the movie 127 hours, then here are some tips on how you can market your business without having to spend too much money.

Post amazing content on your blog

The value you provide your potential customers determines how many leads you get. So working on your site’s blog is always a great place to start because then your potential customers will start seeing you as someone credible and worthy of their time. Your blog can be termed as the foundation of all of your marketing efforts. This is how visitors are directed to rest of the areas on your site.

Create a Google My Business account

By creating a Google My Business account, you will ensure that your business shows up on Google maps and on Google+, which makes it way easier for your potential customers to reach out to you. The likelihood of getting customers at your doorstep increases significantly when you have your business on Google Maps.

Get free publicity with HARO

By signing up for HARO you can respond to media queries related to your business and get free publicity. This may sound like a lot of work but this is perhaps the easiest way of getting free publicity.

Get an email list

Email lists although usually come for a price, there are free ones you can get as well. Usually, the free ones are not as big as the paid ones but if you do have to go for the paid ones then there are cheap options available as well to get you started. Email lists are proactive and they allow you to get in touch with prospective customers which are willing to listen to you.

Contribute articles to industry magazines

Contributing articles is a great way to get the right exposure. While advertising in magazines may cost you a lot of money, contributing an article is absolutely free, which makes it even more important for you to consider contributing an article to an industry magazine.

Go to networking events

Networking events are a great way to make connections. You are there to market your business yourself which is a huge plus because it is all dependent upon you how you talk about your business which reflects upon your business. So search on different websites which have a list of relevant events and add them to your calendar because they will do your business a huge favor.

Host a contest

Hosting contests is a great way to reach out to your target market because when a prize is involved, people take way more interest in an event. So if you do it then there is a high chance that you will get a lot of people to participate. If you can’t afford to hold a contest alone then you can reach out to a relevant business and co-host a contest which would give you a really great networking opportunity as well.

For digital products set an affiliate program

Affiliate programs are great ways to ensure that your digital products get sold. Once you successfully sell a product you just have to give a percentage of the total amount to the person through which you get the buyer. The amount is usually not that high so you can’t go wrong with this.

Guest post on high ranking sites

Guest posting is a great way to optimize your site for search engines as well as market your business. You can provide valuable articles for sites and at the end, you can mention a little bit about your firm. But make sure to not make the whole article about yourself as such posts neither get accepted nor get read.  So create high-quality articles and contact high authority sites to publish your content.

Comment on other articles

A thoughtful yet effective way of marketing your own business is through leaving comments on other people’s blogs. Not only will you get noticed but you will also be able to make connections and expand your network.

Conduct webinars on your site

While webinars can be expensive, for starters you can host your webinar on Google Hangouts which is free. Once you get a hang of it and many people start attending your webinars, you can move to the other better options.

Create a Facebook group

Unlike Facebook pages in the past, the trends have shifted towards Facebook groups these days. The benefits of Facebook groups are enormous, from notifying the members whenever someone posts something to creating a community. Therefore you should consider harnessing the power of Facebook groups for your business.

Create infographics

Infographics are cheap to create but fun to read so it’s a win-win for you and your prospective customers. To create an infographic, you can use a variety of tools which are available online. Creating an infographic is not difficult anymore.

Host a local class or lesson

A great way to attract locals is to host a class or a lesson. You can easily get people to sign up for it and then just select a venue to conduct it. You can also conduct it on the internet if it would be hard for you to do it at a specific location.

Bonus Tip

If you are a Chennai based business you can list out your business on – A Chennai based one stop solution for product or service search needs.


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5 important sales skills to be taught to your sales executive

A creature born as a human being in this planet is sales manager by birth they need not separate classroom training to master sales skills.

If you closely observe your day to day activities you will find a sales manager and surprisingly a purchase manager lying inside you.

A mother trying to sell his cooked food to his children, A husband trying to sell his love, A teacher selling his knowledge and a student purchasing the knowledge by paying the tuition fee.

Everything is a sale and purchase processes. In a business transaction, we use the money to trade but in private transactions, we do trade for intangible love and knowledge.

In commercial world whenever we hear of the word sales executive, we get a typical idea they are annoying and will manipulate to sell their products.

I was turned down by many numbers of gatekeepers than decision makers. Because they think by repelling a sales executive they could save their company from a hazard.

Nevertheless, few sales executives are crashing the gate perfectly and winning the order. These sales executives are not gifted with some special selling powers by birth but they developed it later.

In sales, WILL is important than SKILL. Skill can be learned but WILL can’t be taught from outside, it is intrinsic –  mentioned in the book You Can Sell.

In each company, there is always a top performer who kills the numbers and a puny who struggles a lot to add a new account in a month.

In my sales experience and reading some books I found a sales executive should be taught these 5 important sales skills to nail it.

5 sales skills to be taught to your sales executives

1.Believe the product and profession

Before you teach anything about the product it’s a sales training manager’s job to make the executive feel proud of his profession.

Some sales executives feel small inside to tell the profession outside because it was procrastinated as the least reputed profession among all.

Even during my initial days, I felt the same. I felt timid to share my day to day activities with my friends and families which faded away as the time grown.

Outsiders think because we didn’t get any job we have chosen this profession.

Everybody can become a sales executive but only few could become a successful sales executive those who become successful believe their profession is noble like an engineer, teacher, and doctor.

It’s not only the growth of your company but the growth of the nation is also on your hand. Only if you sell more or create a market your company can produce more, only if your company produces more unemployment rate reduce which ultimately improve the societies livelihood.

If you don’t feel proud about your profession then you are not eligible to be a sales executive.

It is the duty of training manager to make their sales executives feel proud. But in most of the companies, it is happening upside down.

Instead of encouraging the employee by increasing incentives few companies give job threat.

It’s not only about the profession, sales executive should believe the product or service he is selling. Only if he believes he could sell more else his subconscious mind reminds him he is manipulating customers.

Amway dealers and insurance agents buy and use the product first before they recommend it to others. They approach more number of people irrespective of the rejections because they believe their product is worth recommending.

In my previous organization, three sales executives didn’t believe the product what they are selling even when they had own requirement they didn’t buy from their own company.

It is the duty of the organization to convince the sales team before they convince the buyers.


Every sales person should be taught the basics of psychology.

All the companies are putting more efforts to recruit sales executives with good communication skills or training their own executives to improve their communication skills.

We often read this line in the Job description that candidates are expected to have good communication skills. But what is communication?

A research conducted by the private organization found that fifty-five percent of communication is nonverbal, thirty-eight percent is the only tone of the voice like hmmm, haha, oh and remaining seven percent is only verbal.

What is the point of grooming your sales executive for only seven percent of the conversation? You should make him ready for 100%.

To understand nonverbal communication, they should be taught at least little psychology.

Sales executives should know what is the meaning if the listener bends forward, what is the meaning if he has cross hands, what is the meaning if he leans back and listens.

Only if they know these signs they could understand and change the presentation style.

I personally suggest Psychology is one of the important sales skills to be taught.

I was given a special session on Psychology by my training manager it was useful and still, I remember the signs he taught.

3.Give them adequate materials

A study says when you spend five to seven hours a week to learn about your field you will become an expert in that respective field in three to five years.

Rather than expecting experts to join the organization at high-cost companies can nurture their existing employees to become experts in three to four years at low cost.

Feeding enough product knowledge will not only help your sales executives to solve buyer’s queries but also gives your company a status of a thought leader.

Some top IT companies are dedicating a session in a week to nurture their employees but this habit has to be adopted by brick and mortar companies also.

4.To handle stress

They should be trained to handle both internal and external stress.

Internal stress is due to target and external stress is from customers.

In manufacturing industries, the internal pressure is the major concern whereas in service industry both internal and external pressure is a concern.

External stress can be reduced if we learn how to handle the customer efficiently.

A human being is a complicated creature in the world we cannot predict how it reacts and responds. But who masters the skill of handling humans could easily build numbers.

A good product needs only ordinary sales executives but an ordinary product needs extraordinary sales executive to increase the sales volume.

Companies must analyze their market position before they impose an unimaginable number as a target. But most of them are not.

In a race to grab the market share companies hiring more sales executives and setting high targets. Setting the unattainable target is a silent warning of job threat.

All the creatures by nature find the least resistance path to overcome. When you put more pressure, your sales executive will find the least resistant company for sure.

This training is very important for freshers or inexperienced sales executives to handle rejections. Most of the time they take rejection as dejection.

In my early days, I did the same whenever a client turns down the deal I lost the hope and shared the experience with my manager but that gentleman simply encouraged.

5.Ethical Behaviour

This is the first and foremost habit you should inculcate in your team. If your sales executive is not ethical it will have an adverse effect on your brand name.

As a buyer, I had many worst experiences from few unethical sales executives. They had given me many wrong commitments to sell the product.

Their aim was to close the deal by pushing the product to me so whatever I asked they said YES and closed the deal. But nothing was there as committed.

Whenever I talk about this incident in public forum I am not referring the sales executive’s name but the brand name.

Companies should teach their executives to play fair game irrespective of the situation.

These are the five sales skills to be taught to your sales executives. If you contradict or to better on this post you can comment down your suggestions. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

Top 10 real estate websites in India 2018 to sell and buy properties

Indian real estate market is expected to touch $180 billion by 2020 which is bringing in much foreign as well as local investors to invest in major real estate websites and regional property sites.

Since the domain “Real Estate websites” is easily penetrable many new players are coming in with a handful of investments to compete with established players.

In India 75% of property buyers are going through online to find their dream property, means out of 100 seventy-five people making an online search before they finalize the property.

This number 75% includes duplicates, means the number 75 is not completely dependent on online portals but also finding in other mediums.

This number strongly indicates developers cannot miss out property portals in their campaign.

In some newbie property portals, the cost of advertising appears to be low but the return on investment for builders is also low or zero sometimes don’t get carried away with low cost.

Real estate marketers need to find the right platform before they spend a single penny on listings.

Listing your property on all platforms appears to be a right choice to create brand awareness but ultimately it increases your marketing cost.

With a limited budget, you have to find the best platform to list and sell your property faster.

Though it is wise to select the popular one based on their people’s reach advertisers need to know the why factor before selecting the real estate websites in India.

After going through all the real estate websites in India that google indexed, I compiled this listicle for you.

Best real estate websites in India to list your property online

 1. MagicBricks

India’s No.1 property site which could take your property to 11 million property seekers across the nation.

The advertising industry tycoon Times Group is the parent company of MagicBricks which is another reason for marketers to choose MagicBricks.

The US-based media measurement and analytics company Comscore measured that Magicbricks is having 51% more unique visitors than their main competitor in the real estate market Which makes sellers think of Magicbricks over any other players.

Out of 75% online property buyers, 52% of people are filtering their property on magicbricks (Reliable source) such a big number to be considered.

MagicBricks in association with stateBank displaying SBI approved projects to help customers to get an easy home loan.

MagicBricks introduced an app called Propworth where you can find the right price of any property in eight major cities. Propworth also helps sellers to fix the price for their properties by keeping it as a benchmark.

Buyers can get free property advice and free access to tools like propworth calculator, EMI calculator and investment insights.

Though the website is responsive and well mobile optimized Magicbricks introduced its mobile app (Android, IOS, and windows) to keep sellers connected with buyers even on the go.

Virtual Reality in Real estate in India

Magicbricks being a pioneer in the real estate industry introduced the experience center, a physical innovative kiosk for developers to display their properties.

Here buyers can walk into their desired properties virtually using VR gadget. More than in selection it helps buyers to filter out the undesired properties.

It’s completely free to visit the kiosk and they charge a premium from developers to advertise their property.

Other than the Virtual reality they have 3D hologram display and LCD displays for developers to showcase their properties.

Magicbricks experience center is not a one-stop solution for developers it’s just a one of the innovative solutions.


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2. CommonFloor

Founded by IITians later acquired by an online classified Quickr which also acquired Grabhouse later(another property site).

Commonfloor listed more than 5lakh properties across 200 cities getting more than 70 lakhs website views in a month across the Globe.

Other than mere property listing Commonfloor brought innovation in its user experience using Virtual Reality technology.

CommonFloor Retina the world’s first virtual reality innovation in real estate sector where buyers can experience the live visit to the properties. They can access to kitchen, bathroom, dining and bedroom of their future property virtually.

A research found that the potential buyer spends 6-12 months of time and travel an average of 300kms before they take a decision.

Commonfloor retina addresses this delay by helping buyers to visit properties in different locations in one place using virtual reality technique.

This technique will considerably reduce the time taken and distance traveled by buyers.

The ultimate desire of all the seller is to sell his property as early as possible to reduce the interest paid to the bank. So Commonfloor retina is also the boon to sellers.

On Commonfloor under Live-in Tours, buyers can experience 360-degree property by simply dragging over the image.

3. IndiaProperty

This Chennai-based property site holding 6lakh + properties and 2lakh + satisfied buyers across the nation.

Their flagship feature Assisted Property provides end to end assistance before and after buying the property.

Like Commonfloor Indiaproperty also having built-in technology for 3D floor plans and virtual tours which ensure buyers get a personalized feel while visiting properties online.

I am little confused how this website is calling themselves as India’s No.1 property site with mere 3million unique visitors in a month.

4. Housing

With its 3.5 million visitors, it will emerge as the competitor for Magicbricks in near future.

Proptiger (another property site) acquired and to become the India’s largest real estate property displayer with each website having their own USP.

Other than common website view, merged with Uber to take the buyers to the location in few clicks without leaving the site. introduced Housing Go a mobile app for buyers to flip through properties on the go.

This website focuses more on first-time buyers in the age group between 25-40 even in their TV commercials which is the one unique reason sellers has to think of choosing

5. 99acres

This company is in a neck to neck race with Magicbricks in terms of revenue generation not in user experience.

A well-known brand in the real estate industry owned by info-edge gaining millions of views from potential property seekers.

Though the website is not as attractive as Magicbricks they too have a considerable number of views for sellers to think of 99acres.

While analyzing all the real estate websites to create this simple useful listicle I found that Magicbricks is much better than any other real estate websites in India in any terms.

6.Sulekha Properties

Sulekha is an established online classified in India but they too have a footprint in the real estate market.

Property(dot)sulekha(dot)com is one of the online real estate websites which falls in the same business line with other online property sites.

The website looks clumsy and is not as professional as magicbricks or 99acres but having decent traction in the market.

Realtors having budget concern go with sulekha properties as it is the cheapest real estate portals comparatively.

Despite generating good turnover from sulekha properties,sulekha still depends on Google Ads which may distract and takes the real estate buyers out of the site and may end up in somewhere.

For example: Being a real estate promoter I am investing 1lakh in sulekha properties when buyers come and visit my property and they also show an ad which is out of context and it is based on the user cookies then there are more chances a buyer will leave the site and follow the ad.

Sulekha should think of removing this feature from their portal.

7. Roof and Floor

Like MagicBricks which is backed by the industry tycoon Times Group, Hindu Group also introduced their online property portal roof and floor to takes its pie in real estate online advertising.

Though it is backed by the Hindu Group they entered the market very late.

Though roof and Floor claims the developer that whoever read The Hindu newspaper on weekends they will come to know about roof and floor. But what is in it for developers.

Already buyers are given many established options like Magicbricks and 99acres then why they have to again invest in roof and floor without any compulsive reason. In a simple words roof and floor is just one of the real estate websites online.


NoBroker is one of the online real estate websites which is popular for rental than a sale. It connects property owners directly with property seekers.

This business model works better in the rental segment because only in rental segment tenant gives brokerage whereas in buying segment developer will take care of agent brokerage not imposed on end buyer.

No broker’s revenue model is also completely different from other established portals.

In other real estate websites, advertisers (property owners) have to pay to list out their properties and the end user can contact them for free whereas in Nobroker property owners can list out their property for free and end user has to pay a premium to view contacts.

real estate sites

Really one of the popular and useful real estate websites for the rental segment.


Propertywala is just one of the real estate websites in India to list out your property like other leading portals. Propertywala offers one free listing for individuals like owners and paid service to builders and agents.

Listed thousands of properties across the country but doesn’t give the intuitive feeling to come to the website again

10.Quikr Homes

Quikr, the largest online classified site in India started a vertical in real estate called quikr homes to make this sector further crowded.

Quikr which was early in advertising used products started many verticals like quikr easy, quikr bikes, quikr cars, quikr Bazaar, and quikr is just an another vertical.

Almost doing similar thing what other leading players are doing in the market, nothing different or new.

FYI : List of Free Property Listing Sites

1.    Magicbricks 2.    99Acres
3.    CommonFloor 4.    Quikr Homes
5.    OLX 6.    Makaan
7.    Property wala 8.    Property Bazaar
9.    Property Khazana 10.  FreeIndiaProperty
11.   Sulekha 12.   Housing
13.  Property wala 14.   IndiaProperty
15.  RealEstateIndia 16.   PropTiger
17.  Nobroker(for rental) 18.   Zricks

Bonus tip to generate leads for your property

Spini, unlike other property portals spini is not a listing site but a lead generating platform.

For example, if my friend is looking for a property in Chennai, I post my friend’s contact number and name on Spini, they will do a background check to find the authenticity of the lead post.

Once it is confirmed they will share the lead to the respective builders.

How to choose the best real estate site to list out your property online?

In any product sales when buyers are given numerous choices buying process consume more time.

Ten years ago in real estate buyers are given limited choices and limited knowledge but the scenario in this decade is completely upside down end consumers are given numerous choices and real estate websites are feeding them more knowledge than required which is ultimately deferring the buying.

Study claims, buyers are spending an average of 6months to buy his first house.

When buyers are taking this much time developers also need to market their property for a longer duration.

Online is the one and only effective option developers are left with to advertise their property for a longer duration.

But when it comes to picking right real estate websites we need to know few metrics.

1.What is their monthly traffic in your project locality?

You can ask the sales guy to come up with the right figure of their searches per month, visitors per month and unique visitors per month in your project locality.

They do provide and obviously, you have to stick with the high traffic one.

2.How do online real estate websites generate leads?

There are two ways to generate leads for your project.

A.Organic and B. Inorganic

Real estate websites like Magicbricks and 99acres generate organic leads, they display your property to buyers and if the end buyer is interested in your project he/she will contact you.

The drawback of the organic method is you may get few inappropriate leads like bank agents, competitor portal’s sales guy, real estate agents and few who are contacting to get business from you.

Inorganic lead generation

Here real estate websites generate leads for one project and pass it on to others.

For example 10 leads are generated for a project in the bracket of 60-80lakhs they call and verify those leads and pass it on to other projects falling in the same bracket.

The drawback is they share the same leads to all the projects lying in the same locality of that bracket.

3.Do they give any sale assurance?

If the answer is Yes, the salesman is just trying to close the order and escape.

I can assure you one thing, no advertisement platform can assure you sales it can be any medium.

4.How much to spend?

Money spending in any business is not a spend it’s an investment. So we can think of how much to invest in online portals.

The basic thumb rule in any advertising medium is “the more the subscribers the more the cost of advertising” because to bring that many subscribers their market spending is high.

So don’t ask the sales guy to suggest the lowest price product rather you can ask for the best product and negotiate on this.

And don’t select any portal because they are cheaper than the market leader. Stick with the market leader.

These are the four basic things to consider while choosing online real estate websites to advertise your property. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.


Hiver to turn Gmail into helpdesk

A proactive business always wanted to retain its existing customers more than acquiring a new customer. They are aware that cost of acquiring a new customer is double than retaining the existing customer.

But day by day new businesses are lining up in your niche and startups are providing attractive deals to conquer your own customers.

Despite all the short-term deal dramas when your relationship with the customer is strong nobody cannot drag him away but it’s not easy to build a relationship quickly.

All the businesses are spending more money on improving customer experience with the product or service through timely assistance.

Sticking to classical technologies won’t help businesses to retain customers, you need to incorporate modern technologies to improvise your support team effectiveness.

Helpdesks are one of the technologies to solve customer complaints faster and smarter.

Amidst a lot of complex helpdesks in the market, hiver is one of the best helpdesk tools online.

The best part of hiver is you need not a separate window or id to operate just simply turn your Gmail into helpdesk.

For example: If john writes a mail to your and Ben writes to you can bring both the mail to your Gmail account and write a reply from there.

Like other helpdesks, you can also add agents to attend specific function related complaints.

Sales related query can be forwarded to your sales agent and if the customer needs tech support you can forward it your tech team.

More than simply assigning the task here you can monitor what your assigned agents are doing with the ticket, how much time they are taking and the status of the ticket like pending or completed.

Besides you can also guide your agents to provide a right solution or add two or more skilled agents or urge them to take swift action by simply adding comments without disturbing the customer’s statement.

Unlike other helpdesks Hiver is simple to use and install. No hours of special instruction needed for your agents to work on hiver it is self-explanatory and understandable easily.

One click to install hiver

How to install hiver

Just go to their website” and click “Install Hiver for Gmail

To install Hiver

You will be asked to install chrome extension just click ok

Once you are done with the installation now you need to create an account and add shared mailboxes details.

Fill company details

Hiver side window will be appearing on your Gmail once are done with account creation.

Hiver window on Gmail

A small chat like a window on your Gmail implies successful installation of hiver.

Henceforth whenever you receive a mail from your customer to or you will start receiving on your Gmail under Unassigned on your right side which can be later assigned to the respective agent.

Once the mail is assigned it will be copied to your teammate’s mailbox and disappeared from Unassigned.

Add a number of users based on your plan later by clicking settings->Add User.

Hiver works fine in mobile also hence save your business on the go.

Shared email templates

Exclusive templates can be created and shared among your teammates. You can use this email templates while composing or replying to an email in Gmail.

Shared Labels

Sharing labels with your teams power up the hiver usage. Emails with shared labels will be delivered to agents in the same pool.

Though hiver provides limited features it is a fit for small businesses and startups. Join for free trial no credit card required.

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Why you should not build mobile app for your startup?

Programmers with advanced skill on the website or mobile app development creating some portals and calling themselves as founders and co-founders though they don’t have a full business set up and many of them are not registered.

But we cannot simply ignore their passion for doing business, among millions of programmers only a few wants to build their own business others want to contribute.

The very first step a wannapreneur who wants to start a business will look for a programmer as a co-founder that too specifically a mobile app developer.

Because nowadays everyone has a mindset if we are going to start a business then a mobile app is mandatory irrespective of whatever business it is going to be.

Even the word technology in 2kXX means a mobile app or website which is not the right definition.

Before we go and find a mobile app developer we should be aware of some numbers and facts which could guide us to take wise decision in our next business move.

Globally mobile usage increases 58% year over year, 80% of internet users own smartphones and 90% of the time on mobile is spent on Apps. The conversion rate of smartphones is also 3.48% (src: smart insights).

dont build mobile app
Image Credit : SmartInsight

From the above figure, we get an idea that mobile app is the future of any upcoming startup and without apps, they cannot call themselves as a startup.

Don’t come to a point have an open mind and continue reading…

Yahoo stated that 90% of the time on mobile is spent on Apps but what types of apps is the question here.

Data from Flurry Analytics says

Medium Percentage of time spent
Facebook 19
Messaging/social 12
Youtube 3
Entertainment 17
Gaming 15
Utilities 8
Productivity 4
News 2
Browsing 10
Others 10


(Out of 900 billion hours on Android apps India tops with 150 billion hours leaving Brazil second)

Now you must find where your business model lies in the above table.

There is also another interesting fact from Statista

dont build mobile apps
Image credit :Statista

From December 2009 to December 2016 number of android apps on Google play store surpassed 2.5 million.

dont build mobile app

Games tops the category with 41.2% leaving Social apps to the bottom with 5.4% of device installs.

The above numbers are sexy and making you believe that apps are going to be the future of startups isn’t? Don’t be misguided.

Now put the numbers aside and let’s think practically.

Open your smartphone and see how many apps you have installed. Don’t count the default one.

Between Flipkart and Amazon, you might have chosen Amazon, between Uber and Ola you might have chosen Uber, between Grofers and Big Basket you might have chosen Big Basket since we have the love for SRK.

There are more than 400 hyperlocal startups in India but you are choosing between any two and those two startups spent huge money in advertising to become an established one and still trying to make profit business model.

As Peter Theil (PayPal co-founder) said a business with monopoly model reaps the benefit quicker and easier than it’s followers in his book Zero to One(Every entrepreneur must read this book before he thinks of starting any business), business came first reaps more.

In the name of Globalisation, entrepreneurs started copying a business model from a foreign country and paste it in their country and in the name Regional Startup a business model in one metro city is copied and pasted in another city in India.

If you do some lighter research you can find it easily lot of hyperlocal startups are operating in different regions with the same model under different name board.

In a race to increase the number of app downloads, funded founders are throwing some flashy deals and offers but clever end users install the app, get benefits and uninstall it.

To keep your app on their phone you must keep on giving offers but when you keep on giving offers you will never make a profit and soon you have to shut down the business as happened to the Mumbai-based startup founded by IITians.

There is always a well-funded unicorn in your niche who delivers deals every week to hold the people with them when you try competing with them you will burn your money.

One more case is, if a newcomer enters into your market in a similar niche to increase his downloads he will repeat what you did in the beginning and in this competition both of you have to compromise with the profit and end up not even achieving breakeven.

A Bangalore-based funded hyperlocal startup founded by IIM alumni’s announced an offer one kg onion one rupee to boost its app downloads but after few months they completely changed their business model and now they are into B2B. What happened to the money spent on to increase downloads?

Economic survey of India 2016 said there are 19,000 recognized startups in India and most of them are tech based product and service. In this 19k all the service startups are having their own app but how many apps end users are having on their phone.

As said before each category is dominated by well-funded unicorns with a huge number of downloads being an end user I will never prefer two different apps in the same niche.

Obviously, I go with the established one.

So emerging startups should spend their money on developing interactive and responsive websites with high SEO rank, should spend more on improving service quality and spend more on inbound marketing to establish your brand.

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Once you started gaining momentum with quality service or product people will seek your mobile app for sure that’s what happened for TNM. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.