World Cinema Out.. China Cinema Hit

There will be no country that has not cursed China in the last six months. It is well known that the country is the birthplace of the Corona virus that has engulfed the world. There are allegations that the virus was developed by China and released to the world as part of the Bio War. 

The truth of the matter is that many countries have been shaken by this virus which came from China. All businesses in those countries were hit. The loss to the film industry, in particular, was in the billions. Many theaters around the world have been closed for the past six months. In some places, even though theaters opened two months ago, the movies did not play as expected.

The highly anticipated Christopher Nolan movie dared to release Tenet last month and the box office have received a disappointing result. Nolan Cinema is supposed to make $ 500 million. But with 250 million, the film did not even reach the break-even mark. Nothing to say about the rest of the movies. This is how China indirectly destroyed world cinema. 

At this time, China released its top film in the world. Released on the 21st of August 2020, the Chinese movie The Eight Hundred was a huge success in China. Released elsewhere, the film grossed a total of $ 427 million and is set to become the world’s highest grosser by 2020. 

The film broke the $ 424 million Hollywood movie record set earlier this year. China is now happily immersed in film entertainment that is igniting the world.

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