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Who is the mass actor in the World? (2024)

Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay is the man of the masses. He is famous as the mass actor in the world. The first name which comes to everyone’s mind when they think about the mass actor in the world is Vijay. However, do you know how he become the man of the mass? In this article, we are going to talk about the journey of the man of the mass.

Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay Biography 

Vijay’s real name is Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar. He is considered the most popular actor of this generation. The never-changing personality made Vijay the most beloved star. The only star that can compete with Vijay in terms of popularity is Rajnikanth.

Vijay was born in Chennai on the 22nd of 1974. He went to the Balalok Matriculation Higher Secondary School in childhood. Vijay acquired his bachelor’s degree in Visual communication. He went to Loyola College to complete this degree.

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How did Vijay become the mass actor in the world?

Mass Hero Vijay
Mass Hero Vijay

The path to becoming the mass actor in the world is not an easy path. Very few people get an opportunity to become famous. Only people who keep moving forward can achieve such a tag. Thalpathy Vijay also had a long line of flop films before he found real success.

Vijay gave back-to-back 4 flop movies. These movies were Theerpu, Sendhoorapandi, Rasigan, and Deva. Even the debut movie of Vijay flopped. Vijay finally achieved his success in 1996. The movie Poove Unakkaga took the industry by storm. Vijay finally became a rising star in the Kollywood industry.

He started his career with the Action movie genre first. Vijay also tried romantic films in 2003. The film was a massive success and Vijay quickly became very popular. This is considered to be a turning point in Vijay’s life and career. Vijay also worked with the famous Director Dahrani in Ghilli. This was an action movie. 

Vijay Career Turning Point

Ghilli changed the entire life of Vijay. This was a trump card for Vijay as it became a blockbuster. Vijay also gave amazing movies like Pokkiri (2007) and Thirupaachi (2005). Pokkiri also became the highest-grossing film in 2007. It is still considered one of the best movies done by Vijay. 

Vijay Mass Actor
Vijay Mass Actor

Vijay also worked with A. R. Murugadoss in 2014. They worked on an action drama film Kathti. The famous Samantha Ruth Prabhu was the co-star in this film. Neil Nitin Mukesh was also a co-star in this movie. This movie was an amazing success for Vijay. It was released on Diwali. This gave an extra push to the movie. The direction of this movie was also amazing. Kathti was the highest-grossing Tamil movie in 2014. 

Vijay shocked the entire industry with Theri (2016) movie. He has also performed in amazing movies like Mersal and Sarkar. 

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Vijay’s Social work

You can’t become a star by doing amazing movies only. If you want to become an actual star, then you also need to do social work. You need to give something back to society. 

Vijay is also a great social marker. He is connected with the local people. Thus, Vijay is known as the mass actor in the world. Vijay is also a sensitive man. You can always find some headings in the newspaper talking about the philanthropic ventures of Vijay. He established Vijay Makkal Iyakkam in 2009. This is a welfare community. He also helped in the 2018 floods which happened in Kerala. 

Vijay has also run various campaigns for public welfare. He has funded the education of thousands of students. M.G.R education and research institute praised Vijay with an honorary doctorate for his amazing social work.

Mass hero in the World

List of Mass Heroes in the world as per the Cinema Industry

Cinema IndustryMass Hero
HollywoodDwayne Johnson
BollywoodDilip Kumar
FrenchGérard Depardieu
ChineseJackie Chan
JapanesePat Morita
RussianRavil Isyanov
MarathiShreyas Talpade
GujaratiPratik Gandhi
PunjabiDiljit Dosanjh
List of Mass Heroes in the world

Mass Hero of the World Vijay’s Popular Movies List

Here is the list of the most popular movies of Vijay’s career.

S. NoMovie NameYear of Release
1Naalaiya Theerpu1992
2Badri 2001
3Minsaara kanna1999
4Nanban 2012
6Vettaikaaran 2009
10Mersal 2017
13Azhagiya Tamilmagan 2007
14Theri 2016
Mass Hero of the World Vijay’s Popular Hit Movies List

Who is a mass hero in the world?

Actor Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay is an actor from Kollywood Cinema. He is considered the mass hero in the world. Vijay has acted in various Tamil films. He started his career as a child artist. Thus, he has been connected with the film industry from childhood. If we want to identify a mass hero, then we need to check their movies. Their movies should be successful mass movies. Also, the fanbase of the actor should be big. We also need to consider their performance in the movie. Vijay has topped in all these categories. He is also a very good singer and dancer. Thus, Vijay has a lot of fans in the world.

Vijay is probably the most famous actor in the Tamil film industry after Rajinikanth. Small shops in Tamil Nadu are using Vijay pictures for attracting buyers. Vijay has very humble in nature. He is connected with the grass-root level. Many companies in South India have signed him as the brand ambassador. It is very difficult to beat Vijay in popularity. The main reason behind this popularity is his amazing attitude and films.

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How Vijay became mass hero in the world?

Vijay is the mass hero in the world. He has traveled a long way to achieve this title. Vijay has faced many flop movies in his career. The debut movie of Vijay was also a flop movie. These flop movies contain movies like Deva, Senthoorapandi, Rasigan, and Theerpu. Vijay started his career with action films. Slowly he transitioned to romantic movies. He has also given successful romantic movies. Thus, he became a very famous actor.

However, you can’t become a mass hero in the world by doing good movies only. You need to be a good person in real life also. Vijay has helped hundreds of people in his life. He has been always doing charity. The main aim of Vijay is to help as many people as he can. He is also running a charity. Vijay fans also get motivated by Vijay’s actions. They take part in blood donations every year. There is no other actor in India who has such dedicated fans. Vijay has also won hundreds of awards for his amazing performance. Thus, he is considered one of the best actors in India.

Who has more fans Vijay or Ajith?

Ormax Media Tamil Popular Heros Survey
Ormax Media Tamil Popular Heros Survey

According to the latest survey conducted by the media consulting firm Ormax Media, Tamil mass hero Vijay is the most popular Tamil hero and Ajith is the second most popular hero in Tamil Nadu.

Suriya, Dhanush and Vikram got the third, fourth and fifth places respectively. Kamal Haasan is at 8th place and the evergreen super start Rajinikanth got the 10th place.

“Vijay’s consistent box office performance and the openings irrespective of the previous movie result are the primary reasons why he got the first place”, the media told.

Vijay’s latest movie Varisu (Varasudu in Telugu) collected lot of money at the Tamil box although most critics called it a serial type of family drama and has more Telugu flavor (director, music director and producer are from Telugu industry). The movie collected higher that Ajith’s action drama “Thunivu”. This is one of the primary reasons Vijay is called the man of mass in world by his fans.

Why is Vijay Loved by the Masses?

Vijay started as small-range hero two decades ago and slowly started gathering fans, especially in the masses. There are multiple reasons why the masses love the Tamil Super Star Vijay much after the Rajinikanth.

  1. Most of Vijay’s songs are super hit songs with good beat music. This makes him reach the audience not only in Tamil Nadu but also in the rural areas of Kerala. His songs are famous among the Kerala rural people who can’t even understand the Tamil language.
  2. His dances are loved by children and masses as his moves are fast and match the pace of his songs.
  3. His unique style of moving hands, comedy timing, and story selection helped him in reaching the masses
  4. His off-screen presence, behavior in public functions, etc also got good appreciation from the public.

Final Words:

Do let me know if you agree that Vijay is a mass hero or not. Who is the mass hero of South Indian and Total Indian film industries in your opinion? Please comment below.

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