Top Tech Sectors in 2024 – Cutting Edge Innovation

Top Tech Sectors in 2024 – Cutting-Edge Innovation

The digital development train keeps on rolling, delivering innovative solutions for businesses and organisations; the 1960s saw technicians start using ones and zeros to send data and we never looked back. Today, we are using web3.0 which delivers rich 4k content in high resolution, and with that in mind, here are the top tech sectors to watch for in 2024.

  • Blockchain – Definitely the top sector, blockchain is an open-ledger network that is decentralised, with complete transparency and 100% security. Check out Australia’s leading blockchain solutions company who have a team of blockchain developers that love a challenge. If you would like to learn more about building a private blockchain network, there are the people to make it happen. Many benefits include transparency, security, trustworthiness and speed, with a single record of each transaction. Tailored solutions give you a scalable secure blockchain network that makes your business more efficient.
  • AI – Unlimited potential, Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer; the software learns on the job and the more data it processes, the smarter it becomes. AI managed macro systems already and machine learning can be applied to every industry. There are AI systems that read X-ray images and have a higher rate of successful diagnosis than the best human doctors! Some experts are concerned because there is no regulatory body to oversee AI development. The 21st century factory is AI-managed and combined with state-of-the-art robotics, fully automated production is achievable. Design is one field that benefits greatly from AI; simply feed it gigabytes of data and it will develop amazing designs.
  • Robotics – Have you seen the video of Boston Dynamics robots that can backflip; they even have robots to spar with pro boxers. Manufacturing is becoming totally automated; a large factory might contain 12 employees! AI systems run everything and robots don’t need toilet breaks, don’t eat and work 24/7! Experts say in 2030, you can buy a humanoid helper; they have both genders and a choice of personalities. Aside from taking out the trash, washing the dishes and mowing the lawn, your home robot understands your sense of humour and will happily enquire about your day while preparing your favourite cocktail!
  • Drones – Ongoing development sees numerous passenger drones currently being tested for airworthiness; imagine using your smartphone to order a drone taxi! These devices are already delivering freight and with heavy regulation, you need to register a drone with the government, while the agriculture sector is using drones to spray crops, monitor livestock and other tasks. On the topic of vehicles, check out the supercar of the future.

The world is changing fast and as we move into a new dimension of digital connectivity, your business could benefit from the above. Blockchain is very attractive for many reasons and a leading Australian developer can help you do a needs assessment and then design and build a secure network to host your business data.

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