Influence of Social Media on Teens

Social media is a digital tool that allows people to create and share content with the public. Social media is just a term. It consists of an insane amount of applications and websites. For example, in the application of twitter, people share news, links, and short written messages. Whereas on Instagram and Facebook, you will see long videos, photos, and written content in almost anything. What makes social media so unique is its’s broad and uncensored (to some extent) content. People even earn from these various social media platforms in different ways.

There are two main types,

·         Social networks

Applications like Twitter and Facebook come into consideration over here. A place where people share thoughts, ideas, interest, and taste.

·         Media Networks

The media networks distribute content like videos and paragraphs, for example, YouTube and Instagram. When a content creator uploads something on YouTube, people have the option to like or dislike it and comment under it.

Influence of social media

Social media allows teenagers to create online identities that help them communicate with others in society. Social media provides a child with support, entertainment, and self-expression. It helps them grow in a positive way, as they learn new things and explore and work on it through the internet and social media.

·         Promoting friendship

Research shows that nowadays, when the phones and technology are cheap and easily available, children make more friends online. Additionally, some reports also show that children of this era feel less lonely than the children of the past. Teenagers make friends online, which helps them grow, and as they learn to trust others, it makes the child happy and busy. He interacts with different kinds of people and learns from them.

·         Working for a good cause

Now, you can see more teenagers supporting various causes on the internet through social media. One such example is the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. Teenagers support these types of causes to promote good and create a society where people treat each other equally. So, social media helps in promoting a good cause, and teenagers nowadays play a very major role in doing so.

·         Learning new things

When a child discovers a skill in himself, he decides to build and develop it further. He will browse social media and ask for help. When he has achieved something, he is sure to post it online to show it to his friends. Therefore, the child becomes goal-orientated, and social media becomes his tool to succeed.

·         Way to earn money

Some companies sell likes and subscriptions for channels at a very low cost, like getting tik tok views from SMM world. SMM world provides all sorts of social media subscriptions. These include likes and upvotes so that you can grow your channel without spending too much money and time on shoutouts. This way, teenagers can get more followers and likes on their posts and videos. And it increases their popularity, thus maximizing their chances of getting paid promotions.

Additionally, this also generates a feeling of accomplishment in the child. As he believes he’s earning and doing what he likes, he becomes more motivated.

Disadvantages and Dangers of Social Media

However, along with all the good influences, social media does have a few bad influences on children. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • A child may grow out of control and become too attached to the platform and may lag in his studies and other activities.
  • Exposure to cyber-bullying and rumor spreading is common nowadays. Bad and uncensored content sometimes makes its way towards the internet and is not safe for children at all
  • Social media also causes depression and mental illness among teens. Surveys show that teenagers using social media report being.

Consequently, keeping an eye on your child is mandatory if you have given him the facility of the internet and social media. Undoubtedly, it does help them grow positively, but regulation is always necessary.

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