Talk fusion multi-level marketing a scam or boon to invest

This post is not to sell Talk fusion products and I never attached any signup forms at the bottom so please keep your mind open and read the article carefully.

Very recently I was pinged by my friend asking, “Can you attend a video presentation on Talk fusion?” since he is my best friend, I said ok.

Talk fusion is an online business marketing tool to promote your business in an interactive way using videos.

Unlike other software companies, they don’t spend on digital marketing, outbound marketing and affiliate marketing their marketing strategy is different.

They share their profit with you. I think you got my point. Yes, they are doing Multi-level marketing.

You might have been approached by many of your friends, acquaintance, relatives, and social media friends to join in their network. isn’t?  I am getting at least one request per week from my connections on LinkedIn. You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.

There are many multi-level marketing companies operating successfully like Amway, Avon, Beach body and Omnilife. Though this is one of the best strategies for companies to accelerate their sales there are many flipsides are there.

In general multi-level marketers focus more on adding members to their network than on the quality of the product or service they sell. Their revenue depends on the number of people they add to their network.

If you notice closely even in their product presentation they attract an audience by explaining how much money you can make by enlarging your team in five to six years.

They use the magic words believe, faith and success and they never forget to unveil some successful people in the business on the stage to motivate the leads.

They utilize the common human being’s desire to become rich in a shorter period with less effort. They will induce your hunger to become rich.

Enough said, let’s talk about Talk fusion

Talk fusion helps business to create video emails, newsletter videos, Live online meeting up to 500 people, Video chat and sign up forms. Hundreds of premade templates are available to create and send attractive promotional contents. Three different packages Executive ($250), Elite ($750) and Pro ($1500) with added features.

Talk fusion is not only for business but also for individuals to record the wishes and send it over mail to the loved ones.

You can enjoy the free trial version up to 30 days without entering credit card details and to continue the service you need to upgrade to the premium service after 30 days.

Talk fusion compensation plan is designed in such a way that only an associate can build the network by adding members and to become an associate you should buy the product first, experience it and recommends it to others.

The important aspect of any multilevel marketing is the attractive incentives and talk fusion is not inferior to anyone in this segment. They encourage top performers with five-star vacations, Rolex watches, Gold or Diamond rings and Mercedes.

Incentives and compensation plans are attractive than the product itself. Watch the video to understand their compensation plan better.

Before becoming a member, we need to ask few questions to ourselves about the product.

Are there any advanced alternative online tools available from major software producers? Are there any free alternate products? Are there any proved numbers behind their claims?

For example, Video Newsletter is one of their products claiming to be the best source for businesses to send an interactive newsletter.

But many major companies stopped sending newsletters only a few SMEs are still following. Even for these businesses many free online newsletter templates like Litmus, Zurb ink,99designs are available.

Video chat is another product from Talk fusion for which you must pay to use the service but there are already many advanced free online tools like skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Hangouts are available on the internet for commercial uses.

Video Conference tool sounds as a useful product, indeed. But there are free alternatives like LiveMeeting, Join, and Screen Leap which benefits the business more than paid service from Talk fusion.

SignUp form tool is important to collect valuable email ids but a lot of free signups forms like jotform, mysignup, signupgenius are available for commercial uses even for WordPress sites many free plugins are available.

As said, Multi-level marketing ideas are not built on the product but on people. The more people you add the more profit company makes.

It depends on you whether to invest in Talk fusion or not. if you have the confidence to sell than it is the right opportunity for you but be aware there are many free alternatives are available.

Talk fusion doing business across 140 countries and thousands of associates are already there and few are making good money from this program hence talk fusion is not a scam to fear. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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