Best real estate websites in India

Top 18 Real Estate Websites in India to Sell and Buy Properties [2024]

Indian real estate market is expected to touch $650 billion, representing 13% of India’s GDP by 2025 and $1 trillion by the end of 2030, which is bringing in much foreign as well as local investors to invest in major real estate websites and regional property sites. Source : Indian Brand Equity Foundation 

Since the domain “Real Estate websites” is easily penetrable many new players are coming in with a handful of investments to compete with established players.

Indian Real Estate Demand and Attractive Opportunities

There is a growing requirement for real estate space from major sectors like Health Care, Education, eCommerce and Logistics companies. The residential sector is expected to grow at a rapid pace as the government is aiming to build 20 million (2 crores) affordable houses in the country under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojan (PMAY) scheme. This will create a demand of space for commercial and retail office spaces.

Co-Living market size is expected to become double by 2025 – to reach $USD 14 billion. Indian real estate market also attracted US$ 5 billion institutional investments in 2020. Real Estate sector has 5 rewarding career opportunities as well.

top real estate companies and websites
top real estate companies and websites

Facts about Indian Real Estate Properties Websites

In India 75% of property buyers are going through online to find their dream property, means out of 100 seventy-five people making an online search before they finalize the property.

This number 75% includes duplicates, means the number 75 is not completely dependent on online portals but also finding in other mediums.

This number strongly indicates developers cannot miss out property portals in their campaign.

In some newbie property portals, the cost of advertising appears to be low but the return on investment for builders is also low or zero sometimes don’t get carried away with low cost.

Real estate marketers need to find the right platform before they spend a single penny on listings.

Listing your property on all platforms appears to be a right choice to create brand awareness but ultimately it increases your marketing cost.

With a limited budget, you have to find the best platform to list and sell sell property online faster.

Though it is wise to select the popular one based on their people’s reach advertisers need to know the why factor before selecting the real estate websites in India.

There is an overwhelming range of options available in the market. If you are looking for good property offline, then it is similar to shooting in the dark.

You need to consider many factors like space, building permits, parking, space, future development, and facilities before finalizing on the best property.

house for sale on real estate sites in india
house for sale on real estate sites in india

You also need to consider the hefty brokerage charges. The best way to avoid these charges is by using real estate websites. These real estate websites will help you in simplifying the entire process.

You can use these real estate websites for checking the property. This will ensure that you don’t need to travel during coronavirus pandemic. You can use your laptop for buying your next property.

After going through all the real estate websites in India that google indexed, I compiled this listicle for you.

Top 5 Property Websites in India

Below are the top 5 property websites in India as per the popularity stats (traffic driven to the sites) as per (as of March 2022). We will share the data of the top 10 property websites in India soon.

WebsiteGlobal RankIndian Rank
Top 5 Property Websites in India

Best Real Estate Websites in India to list your property online

There are hundreds of real estate websites in India. However, we need to consider the trustworthiness, number of listings, commission rates, website experience etc before we choose what is the best real estate website for either buying or selling properties.

 1. MagicBricks

India’s No.1 property site which could take your property to 11 million property seekers across the nation.

The advertising industry tycoon Times Group is the parent company of MagicBricks which is another reason for marketers to choose MagicBricks.

The US-based media measurement and analytics company Comscore measured that Magicbricks is having 51% more unique visitors than their main competitor in the real estate market Which makes sellers think of Magicbricks over any other players.

Out of 75% online property buyers, 52% of people are filtering their property on magicbricks (Reliable source) such a big number to be considered.

MagicBricks introduced an app called Propworth where you can find the right price of any property in eight major cities. Propworth also helps sellers to fix the price for their properties by keeping it as a benchmark.

Buyers can get free property advice and free access to tools like propworth calculator, EMI calculator and investment insights.

Though the website is responsive and well mobile optimized Magicbricks introduced its mobile app (Android, IOS, and windows) to keep sellers connected with buyers even on the go.

Virtual Reality in Real estate in India

Magicbricks being a pioneer in the real estate industry introduced the experience center, a physical innovative kiosk for developers to display their properties.

Here buyers can walk into their desired properties virtually using VR gadget. More than in selection it helps buyers to filter out the undesired properties.

Top real estate websites in India
Top real estate websites in India

It’s completely free to visit the kiosk and they charge a premium from developers to advertise their property.

Other than the Virtual reality they have 3D hologram display and LCD displays for developers to showcase their properties.

Magicbricks experience center is not a one-stop solution for developers it’s just a one of the innovative solutions.

Dream Home Festival

Dream Home Festival is an online real estate event organized by magicbricks every year during Diwali festive season to create an urgency in the real estate market.

Its  like Flipkart’s BigBillion Dollar sales or Amazon’s Great Indian sale where the builders announce lucrative offers for the end buyers which stays in the market for a limited period only.

Magicbricks in association with other print and advertisement media promotes this offers in the market very loudly and create a buzz among the property buyers.

Find Incredible real estate deals 

As said magicbricks being a pioneer in the online real estate listing they recently launched the exclusive section to display deals and offers in the real estate called Seal the deal.

An opportunity for the home buyer to close his property at better deals and an opportunity for builder/promoters to sell his properties faster in the market.

The concept is very simple, builders offer some lucrative offers and this offer stays in the market for a limited time. Within this time frame, a buyer either has to block the property or purchase it to avail the time framed offers.

Magicbrick’s Flagship product

Magicbricks is a pioneer in introducing innovative real estate advertisement solutions which is one of the top reasons for their continuing success in the industry.

Magicbricks recently launched an effective real estate remarketing tool to target the defined real estate buyers, it functions as a regular Google remarketing tool except the fact it targets real estate buyers in specific.

For example: if a property buyer searches for a property in Chennai then the advertiser can follow that particular buyer wherever he migrates online, it can be Instagram, Facebook or news reading sites like TOI, the builder ad follows vigorously for the next 10 to 20days.

Builders can set their TG (Targeted Audience) based on the city, locality, budget and can tap their competitor’s audience also.

Really a great tool to create a buzz in a shorter period.

Magicbricks iProspect

Magicbrick’s iProspect is an access to buyers database for builders/advertisers where builders can view the requirements posted by buyers.

For example: If I am a looking for property in a particular locality I post my requirement in Magicbricks, this data will be shown to builders/advertisers by hiding the contact details of the buyer.

To view the contact details of the buyer, the advertiser has to buy credits from magicbricks. The number of credits varies from the requirement to requirement.

But the drawback of this product is advertisers cannot differentiate original buyers from agents/brokers.

My Personal Experience of

I am personally looking for a new house for lease in Bangalore and tried various real estate sites including I found few numbers, most of them are agents. They charge 2% of commission which would be around 60k-70k INR – that is huge. They said they pay lot of money to site to get their contacts and properties listed out.

Also, most of the sites which are marked as “listed by owner” are actually listed by real estate agents.

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2. is the Chennai based real estate portal recognised under Startup India for buyers and renters to find brokerage free properties by connecting with direct owners and builders.This portal allows property owners to post free property ads and get unlimited enquiries till it gets sold.  

For buyers, findbhk is the best place to find best gated community plots in Chennai. They display a large collection of residential plots across localities with varying budgets from direct sellers. Findbhk focuses more on aggregating properties in developing localities of Chennai , any investor wanting to invest in emerging localities can easily find a good number of new flats in Madambakkam , OMR , ORR, Oragadam and Chengalpattu.

A simple user interface designed with customer privacy in mind, unlike other property portals you won’t be bombarded with spam calls.

3. 99acres

This company is in a neck to neck race with Magicbricks in terms of revenue generation not in user experience.

A well-known brand in the real estate industry owned by info-edge gaining millions of views from potential property seekers.

Though the website is not as attractive as Magicbricks they too have a considerable number of views for sellers to think of 99acres.

While analyzing all the real estate websites to create this simple useful listicle I found that Magicbricks is much better than any other real estate websites in India in any terms.

4. Housing

With its 3.5 million visitors, it will emerge as the competitor for Magicbricks in near future.

Proptiger (another property site) acquired and to become the India’s largest real estate property displayer with each website having their own USP.

Other than common website view, merged with Uber to take the buyers to the location in few clicks without leaving the site. introduced Housing Go a mobile app for buyers to flip through properties on the go.

This website focuses more on first-time buyers in the age group between 25-40 even in their TV commercials which is the one unique reason sellers has to think of choosing

5. Roof and Floor

Like MagicBricks which is backed by the industry tycoon Times Group, Hindu Group also introduced their online property portal roof and floor to takes its pie in real estate online advertising.

Though it is backed by the Hindu Group they entered the market very late.

Though roof and Floor claims the developer that whoever read The Hindu newspaper on weekends they will come to know about roof and floor. But what is in it for developers.

Already buyers are given many established options like Magicbricks and 99acres then why they have to again invest in roof and floor without any compulsive reason. In a simple words roof and floor is just one of the real estate websites online.

6. Sulekha Properties

Sulekha is an established online classified in India but they too have a footprint in the real estate market.

Property(dot)sulekha(dot)com is one of the online real estate websites which falls in the same business line with other online property sites.

The website looks clumsy and is not as professional as magicbricks or 99acres but having decent traction in the market.

Realtors having budget concern go with sulekha properties as it is the cheapest real estate portal in india comparatively.

Despite generating good turnover from sulekha properties,sulekha still depends on Google Ads which may distract and takes the real estate buyers out of the site and may end up in somewhere.

For example: Being a real estate promoter I am investing 1lakh in sulekha properties when buyers come and visit my property and they also show an ad which is out of context and it is based on the user cookies then there are more chances a buyer will leave the site and follow the ad.

Sulekha should think of removing this feature from their portal.

7. CommonFloor

Founded by IITians later acquired by an online classified Quickr which also acquired Grabhouse later(another property site).

Commonfloor listed more than 5lakh properties across 200 cities getting more than 70 lakhs website views in a month across the Globe.

Other than mere property listing website Commonfloor brought innovation in its user experience using Virtual Reality technology.

CommonFloor Retina the world’s first virtual reality innovation in the real estate sector where buyers can experience the live visit to the properties. They can access to kitchen, bathroom, dining, and bedroom of their future property virtually.

A research found that the potential buyer spends 6-12 months of time and travel an average of 300kms before they take a decision.

Commonfloor retina addresses this delay by helping buyers to visit properties in different locations in one place using virtual reality technique.

This technique will considerably reduce the time taken and the distance traveled by buyers.

The ultimate desire of all the seller is to sell his property as early as possible to reduce the interest paid to the bank. So Commonfloor retina is also the boon to sellers.

On Commonfloor under Live-in Tours, buyers can experience 360-degree property by simply dragging over the image.

8. IndiaProperty

This Chennai-based property site holding 6lakh + properties and 2lakh + satisfied buyers across the nation.

Their flagship feature Assisted Property provides end to end assistance before and after buying the property.

Like Commonfloor Indiaproperty also has built-in technology for 3D floor plans and virtual tours which ensure buyers get a personalized feel while visiting properties online.

I am a little confused about how this website is calling themselves as India’s No.1 property site with mere 3million unique visitors in a month.

9. Quikr Homes

Quikr, the largest online classified site in India started a vertical in real estate called quikr homes to make this sector further crowded.

Quikr which was early in advertising used products started many verticals like quikr easy, quikr bikes, quikr cars, quikr Bazaar, and quikr is just an another vertical.

Almost doing similar thing what other leading players are doing in the market, nothing different or new.

10. NoBroker

NoBroker is one of the online real estate websites which is popular for rental than a sale. It connects property owners directly with property seekers.

This business model works better in the rental segment because only in rental segment tenant gives brokerage whereas in buying segment developer will take care of agent brokerage not imposed on end buyer.

No broker’s revenue model is also completely different from other established portals.

In other real estate websites, advertisers (property owners) have to pay to list out their properties and the end user can contact them for free whereas in Nobroker property owners can list out their property for free and end user has to pay a premium to view contacts.

Really one of the popular and useful real estate websites for the rental segment.

11. Propertywala

Propertywala is just one of the real estate websites in India to list out your property like other leading portals. They offer one free listing for individuals like owners and paid service to builders and agents.

Listed thousands of properties across the country but doesn’t give the intuitive feeling to come to the website again.

12. Clicbrics


A new wave of Proptech startups brought a revolutionary property portal to the forefront called Clicbrics. Previously known as Redbrics ITES, Clicbrics is leaning deep into the new way of operating, virtually.

With a focus on becoming a one-stop solution for property buyers and sellers all across the country, Clicbrics’ dominance in the technology domain and expertise in real estate is peerless.

The founders of Clicbrics have already poured in close to a billion dollars in Indian real estate and continue to add to this number. Clicbrics’ mission is to create more transparency in the real estate marketplace and their projects reflect the same.

Their showcase project, Clicworth, is a tool for property owners, buyers, sellers, or even just property enthusiasts to find out the market value of any property with 90% accuracy.

The data backing Clicworth is government registered transaction pricing making it one of the most reliable property valuation tools in the country.

13. Homeshikari

You can find all the properties of TTK Property on this site. They are offering real estate properties across Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. If you want properties in these cities, then you should try this site.

All the properties listed on this site are owned by the TTK Property. You can easily check the listing on this website. The UI of this website is very simple. You can find properties according to your requirements. The site will also provide you the right information about paperwork and other property issues.

14. Nestaway

Nestaway is another amazing real estate website. It is currently operational in these cities- Pune, Hyderabad, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

If you are looking for properties in these cities, then this site is perfect for you. They are offering rental options to their users. You can choose between homes, private rooms, and shared rooms.

If you want to check the property visit, then you schedule a visit. This will ensure that you can check the property before buying it. Also, you can pay the token amount on this site. You don’t need to worry about doing the payment offline.

This website also has a refer and earn scheme.

You can earn points by referring this site to your family and friends. This feature is perfect for youths. They can earn a lot of points by inviting their friends to this site.

The best thing about this site is that it is beneficial for both the house owners and tenants. You can find complete information about the tenant. Also, house owners can earn a good amount of money by using this site.

You can find complete information about the houses and tenants listed on this site. Thus, you can find the perfect real estate property.

15. Indian Real Retail Estate 

This site is perfect for those people who are planning to buy properties. It offers information about properties and apartments. However, you won’t find any listings on this site. You can use this site for discussing properties.

This site is very important for the people that want to buy real estate properties. You can use this site for having discussions with experts.

They will tell you about how much money you should invest in real estate. Thus, they will help you in taking better decisions.

16. Propchill

If you want to invest your money in real estate, then you should check this site. There are various amazing tools available on this site. It will help you in comparing properties based on their costs, house design, conveniences, specifications, and location.

The main aim of the Propchill is to help people in analysing the properties that they are buying. Thus, it will ensure that you are making a wise decision.

17. Roomster

This site might be confusing for some people. You will see the prices in American Dollars. The listings will mostly use major currencies like dollar and euro.

However, you don’t need to worry about this. This is an international website. They are also offering properties in Indian cities. Thus, you can find various listings on this site.

You can use this site for selling, buying or renting a house. It will also help you in finding a shared room. You can even see the rates in Indian Rupees.

The accommodation price of this site is low. You can find shared rooms for Rs. 8000/month in Mumbai. The best thing about this site is that it will help you in finding roommates.

Thus, it will help you in splitting the cost of the property. This website is perfect for single men and women that want to decrease their rent expenses.

18. Nestoria

Nestoria is a search engine of real estate properties. You can use it for finding properties, builders and real estate agents. They are not directly leasing or selling these properties. However, they will act as a link between you and homeowners.

This is one of the best real estate websites in India. You can find very affordable apartments in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Thus, you can reduce your accommodation expenses.

Also, you can buy or rent property on this site. They will provide you information about the real estate agents and sellers. If you are looking for affordable apartments, then this site is perfect for you.

FYI : List of Free Property Listing Sites

1.    Magicbricks2.    99Acres
3.    CommonFloor4.    Quikr Homes
5.    OLX6.    Makaan
7.    Property wala8.    Property Bazaar
9.    Property Khazana10.  FreeIndiaProperty
11.   Sulekha12.   Housing
13.  Property wala14.   IndiaProperty
15.  RealEstateIndia16.   PropTiger
17.  Nobroker(for rental)18.   Zricks

Bonus tip to generate leads for your property

Spini, unlike other property portals spini is not a listing site but a lead generating platform.

For example, if my friend is looking for a property in Chennai, I post my friend’s contact number and name on Spini, they will do a background check to find the authenticity of the lead post.

Once it is confirmed they will share the lead to the respective builders.

How to find the best property sites in India?

These real estate websites will help you in finding the best property websites in india. However, you still need to ensure that you are selecting the best property. We are going to share some investment tips that will help you in selecting the best property.

  • Evaluate the neighborhood

You should check the neighborhood before buying any property. Make sure that the property is in the ideal location. If the neighborhood is nearby, then you should drive around and get a real feel of the surroundings. This will help you in evaluating the neighborhood.

You can also use Google for evaluating the neighborhood. Make sure that you are buying a property in a good neighborhood.

However, the definition of a good neighborhood will vary. You should first check for general factors like accessibility and good schools in the area.

Also, check if there are businesses and malls nearby. These factors will increase the value of your property.

  • Research the economic situation

Population growth and employment are two big factors that you should consider. If the employment and population growth is good, then the value of your property will increase with time.

You should look for cities with high population growth and job. This will ensure that your property value will increase rapidly.

  • Find comparable properties 

You should find comparable properties in the same area. This will help you in calculating the average price per foot. You can start by finding at least 3-4 properties that are of the same size and in the same location. Also, make sure that they are in the same physical condition.

For example, if you are looking for a property in Delhi, then you should first find 3-4 similar properties in Delhi. You should also consider features like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. These features can also increase the price of a property.

After selecting these properties, you should calculate the price per square foot. It is impossible to find 100% identical properties. Thus, you also need to make some adjustments to this price. This will give you a rough idea about the budget you need.

  • Check the specification of the house 

You should know about the type of house that you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a multi-storeyed apartment, then a row house won’t work for you. Thus, you should finalize the type of house before hunting for houses.

Also, second-hand homes are great if you want to save some money. If you are buying a second-hand home, then it will already have an established locality. However, there are also many advantages to buying a new property.

You should also check the number of bedrooms available in the house. For a medium-sized family, you should look for at least 2 BHK. Also, parking will play a major role. If you own a car, then make sure that your new house has an adequate parking facility.

How to choose the best real estate site to list out your property online?

In any product sales when buyers are given numerous choices buying process consume more time.

Ten years ago in real estate buyers are given limited choices and limited knowledge but the scenario in this decade is complete upside down end consumers are given numerous choices and real estate websites are feeding them more knowledge than required which is ultimately deferring the buying.

Study claims, buyers are spending an average of 6months to buy his first house.

When buyers are taking this much time developers also need to market their property for a longer duration.

Online is the one and only effective option developers are left with to advertise their property for a longer duration.

But when it comes to picking right real estate websites we need to know few metrics.

1. What is their monthly traffic in your project locality?

You can ask the sales guy to come up with the right figure of their searches per month, visitors per month and unique visitors per month in your project locality.

They do provide and obviously, you have to stick with the high traffic one.

2. How do online real estate websites generate leads?

There are two ways to generate leads for your project.

A.Organic and B. Inorganic

Real estate websites like Magicbricks and 99acres generate organic leads, they display your property to buyers and if the end buyer is interested in your project he/she will contact you.

The drawback of the organic method is you may get few inappropriate leads like bank agents, competitor portal’s sales guy, real estate agents and few who are contacting to get business from you.

Inorganic lead generation

Here real estate websites generate leads for one project and pass it on to others.

For example, 10 leads are generated for a project in the bracket of 60-80lakhs they call and verify those leads and pass it on to other projects falling in the same bracket.

The drawback is they share the same leads to all the projects lying in the same locality of that bracket.

3. Do they give any sale assurance?

If the answer is Yes, the salesman is just trying to close the order and escape.

I can assure you one thing, no advertisement platform can assure you sales it can be any medium.

4. How much to spend?

Money spending in any business is not a spend it’s an investment. So we can think of how much to invest in online portals.

The basic thumb rule in any advertising medium is “the more the subscribers the more the cost of advertising” because to bring that many subscribers their market spending is high.

So don’t ask the sales guy to suggest the lowest price product rather you can ask for the best product and negotiate on this.

And don’t select any portal because they are cheaper than the market leader. Stick with the market leader.

These are the four basic things to consider while choosing online real estate websites to advertise your property.

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