8 Qualities of An Exceptional Professor

Education is critical in building great economies by helping people grow and develop, and teachers serve as the backbone of this sector. Good teachers never stop learning and impacting the lives of their students by assisting them to develop and grow in their professional and personal lives.

Professors, in general, not only maintain academic standards but seek to improve them continuously. Professors also play their part in contributing to policy formation and management of academic staff.

Qualities of an Exceptional Professor

If providing high-level education to students is your passion and you wish to pursue a rewarding career, then you should know how to become a professor to pursue your passion. An ideal professor usually is an expert in their field, creating a positive learning environment for students to get involved with academics. In addition, an excellent professor ignites the spark of curiosity in students, encouraging them to ask questions to get a clear understanding of the subject.

Let’s discuss some qualities one must possess to become an exceptional professor.


When a professor is passionate about the subject they teach, they will put in extra effort to make it more interesting for their students. As a result, students will be more willing to learn as it creates curiosity and excites their minds. It will also help in raising their energy levels in the classroom.

On the contrary, when a professor is bored with the subject, students will also find it boring, and they will not learn. Hence, a professor needs to be passionate about what they are teaching, as it acts as a magnet for students to get involved in the learning process.


When you are teaching many students at once, you must have complete theoretical and practical knowledge and hands-on experience of the subject. You should thoroughly understand the concepts to be able to explain them in detail. In addition, you must know how to deliver the course content in an engaging way to students for better learning outcomes. An expert professor provides interactive activities to students by encouraging critical analysis and free debate on the lecture points.

When a professor lies or is unsure and does not come prepared to class, the students will lose their interest in the subject. Therefore, the professor must know the subject they teach to ensure students find it interesting enough to get involved.

Create a Positive Learning Environment

As an ideal professor, you should encourage all students to participate equally in class without being judgmental. This means you should not allow any of the students to dominate discussions or oppress other classmates. If you find such behavior in class, you must seek private conversations with those students to correct inappropriate behavior. This will help you create a positive learning environment that fosters student development and growth.

Excellent Mentors

The best professors are the best listeners. They listen to their student’s problems and help them solve those problems. They serve as a support system providing guidelines to students to pursue their passion. Professors serve as mentors by empowering the younger generation. They don’t spoon-feed the students but set a direction for them to solve their problems effectively. The best professors acknowledge their students’ efforts, which boosts their confidence. You can also share your experiences of success and failure with them, allowing them to embrace failure as a milestone in achieving success.


When professors are creative, they will think outside the box to solve problems. It is the best solution to cure boredom and increase the enthusiasm and morale in the class. Creativity helps professors approach students memorably and enjoyably. It’s okay to make mistakes, and you should create a more accepting environment where students know it’s okay to make mistakes. Unless they experiment, they will not learn independently. You can add words to assignments to enhance creative thinking. Words like “invent,” “create,” or “design” can result in increased creativity.

A Good Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor helps you avoid negative situations, creating a positive learning environment for students. It takes a lot of confidence to laugh at your own mistakes, and the best professors have this quality. In addition, it becomes easier to teach dry and complex concepts to students when you have a great sense of humor.

Fair and Student-centered

As an exceptional professor, you need to be fair in your dealings with students avoiding biases. If a student receives favor from your side, it must be solely based on their overall performance in the class. When you are student-centered, you don’t mind scheduling informal meetings with students outside classrooms to help them with understanding concepts or work on projects or assignments. This informal interaction allows you to evaluate your performance in class.

On the other hand, honest critical feedback from a committed and fair professor is always welcome by students, and they feel motivated to improve.

Respect Students

The best professors respect their students and receive respect in return. A professor needs to respect students’ privacy by speaking to them individually after class. This way, the students do not feel embarrassed. Professors also need to be sensitive to the students’ needs and feelings and focus their attention accordingly.


The education sector is constantly evolving, and it needs the best people to impart knowledge to the seekers effectively and efficiently. Since professors and teachers serve as a backbone in providing the best education to the students, they must have expertise in their subject matter. They should be passionate about what they teach to create excitement and curiosity in students to learn.

They create a positive learning environment by treating every student fairly. The best professors are creative, possess a good sense of humor, and serve as excellent mentors to students. They respect every student in their class and take out time for their students outside of the classroom to help them with their studies. There is no doubt that exceptional professors shape minds for the future.

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