How to make money in 2023 – Explained by the experts

Create a niche to monetize it

If you want to create profitable businesses from home, our recommendation is that you learn  SEO and explore the possibility of monetizing a niche SEO, recommends  Broadly speaking,  an SEO niche is a blog created from scratch on a topic that has great search potential. If you know how to correctly use Google positioning techniques, you will be able to attract traffic to that blog, with the aim of having visitors click on the advertisements or affiliate links that you have previously inserted

Sell second-hand products

the second-hand market is on the rise, as it is very attractive to many different types of people: from those who think about sustainability and the environment to giving a second chance to many products that would otherwise end up in the trash, to those who want to buy something but don’t want to pay the price of releasing it. To sell your products you must post content on your social media, that’s how you gain more YouTube subscribers.

Sell on social networks

There are many people who have turned a hobby into a profitable digital business by selling products on social networks, according to Shopify.

Legal advice on digital issues

According to, if you are a lawyer, or have studied a legal career, you can specialize in digital law, advising all types of companies and businesses on the Internet on issues such as data processing, privacy, the use of  cookies , the right to be forgotten, etc.

Position local businesses on Google My Business 

According to Shopify, for a local business —for example: restaurants, hairdressers, shoe stores, haberdasheries, massage therapists or podiatrists—, positioning in Google My Business is of vital importance. Even more so, if possible, since the Yellow Pages have disappeared from homes and instead people look for the site where they want to make an appointment directly from their smartphone, Shopify highlights.

Edit videos or podcasts

According to the site, another of the profitable businesses with the most demand in 2022 will be audiovisual production. If you are a pro user  of video editing software programs such  as Adobe Premier, Camtasia or DaVinci Resolve, you have a market full of possibilities among all those people who want to become  youtubers  but do not know how to edit the videos they record.

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