Top 4 Legal Issues Where Business Litigation Attorneys Can Help

A litigation attorney can be a great resource for your business. They can help you with a variety of matters, from disputes with other companies or partners to contract negotiations. Litigation attorneys can also help you with legal issues involving your customers, as well as any concerns regarding intellectual property and business torts.

Here is a more detailed look at some of the top instances you might need the help of a business litigator.

1. Breach of Contract

If a dispute arises involving a breach of contract, experienced business litigation attorneys can negotiate on your behalf, helping to resolve the dispute outside of court.

However, if a dispute cannot be settled outside of court, litigation attorneys can represent you in court. Your litigation attorney will be there to advocate on your behalf, and may also assist you in drafting contracts that clearly state each party’s rights and obligations to avoid future disputes.

2. Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary duty is a legal responsibility. It requires one person or entity to act in the best interest of another person or entity, such as a business partner, a client, an employee, or a stockholder. In some cases, a fiduciary relationship can be legally established; in others, it may exist by virtue of the relationship between two parties.

A breach of fiduciary duty is a wrongful act that involves failure to live up to the standard of conduct required by law. It often involves acting for one’s own personal interests rather than for the benefit of those who the fiduciary represents. A breach can have serious consequences for the party whose trust has been violated.

3. Real Estate Litigation

Real estate is a large and complex field that covers a wide range of activities, including home sales, land use, construction, development and leasing. The types of issues that may arise include contract disputes, title issues, boundary line and easement disputes, landlord-tenant issues, environmental concerns and construction defects.

Real estate litigation can be expensive and time-consuming; however, legal advice from an experienced business attorney can help you avoid it or reach a timely solution.

4. Shareholder Litigation

Shareholders are the owners of a business, and disputes between them can be tricky. When there’s a disagreement about how the business is being run, the law allows shareholders to bring their concerns before the courts when other methods of resolving the issues have failed.

Shareholders might think that one or more directors on the board is acting in a way that hurts their interests. They may also believe that they’re being unfairly treated concerning shares or dividends.

Shareholder litigation can be complex, with plenty of room for disagreement. A qualified attorney will ensure that you get your day in court and that your rights are protected throughout the process.

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The Final Word

There are many issues that can affect a business, from internal issues to legal trouble. When it comes to legal problems, many business owners may not know where to turn for help or what to expect from a lawyer specializing in business litigation.

But with a business litigation attorney on your side, you won’t have to worry too much about any legal issues affecting your business.

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