Why businesses should use inexpensive appointment reminders to reach out to customers vs. phone calls

If you are debating whether to call your clients to remind them of their upcoming appointment, maybe you should consider not doing so. Not only can getting bombarded with various phone calls be annoying to the customers, but chances are they are busy. Either they are working at their full-time job or they are in school. Whatever the case may be, they are probably too busy to take your call or listen to your voicemail – in this case, how can you remind your customers of their upcoming appointments without being nagging?

The best way that you can remind customers of upcoming meetings or appointments is by using inexpensive appointment reminders. This technique is the best way that you can make sure your customer sees the information, digests what you are saying to them, and you can avoid being “annoying” in the process.

Let’s see a few more reasons why you should consider using inexpensive appointment reminders instead of calling your clients!

 The main benefits of using inexpensive appointment reminders vs. phone calls – stop bugging your customers!

If you are a new business that has never used customer outreach methods before – or you are stuck in your old ways of other marketing methods – you might be wondering, why should I use inexpensive appointment reminders? If you are a traditionalist who enjoys calling people, leaving voicemails, sending long emails, or writing letters, then you might be in for a surprise. You are currently using marketing methods that are not as effective as the latest technologies – by staying up to date with what is working and what is not, you can increase your clientele base and ensure customers keep coming back to your business!

By using inexpensive appointment reminders, you can ensure that people will see your message and your reminder. When it comes to calls, the customer will have to answer the phone and speak with you. The other option is that you will have to leave a voicemail and they will have to listen to it. When it comes to phone calls, people are answering their phones less and less – instead, text messaging and digital methods are taking over.

Instead of calling people and listening to voicemail, customers are much more likely to check their phone messages – did you know that people check their phones over 50 times a day? You can use inexpensive appointment reminders to make sure that during one of these 50 times, they see the reminder!


As you can see, using inexpensive appointment reminders is the best method to use when compared to other marketing tactics. If you’re debating leaving a voicemail for your customers about their upcoming appointment next week, reconsider – if you constantly are calling their phones and leaving voicemails, this can be annoying and intrusive. Instead, use inexpensive appointment reminders to casually and quickly tell customers about their impending date. Not only is it easier to date, quicker to send, and easier for your employees, but it is better for customer loyalty and client satisfaction!

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